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Topic Announcing our "Masked" Story Competition
Posted 22 May 2018 18:33

It's paid for, and it gets the job done. LOL All I really use it for is my second grammar check. It's different enough that I catch things running a story through there that I miss in the Wordperfect grammar check.

I'm accustomed to having to manually insert the italics. I have to use a different format on every site. The only difference with Lush is I can't have a saved, pre-formatted version that I can copy and paste. I have to do the formatting in the submission window.

No problem for an initial submission. If anything needs tweaked afterward, it crosses my line of "too much trouble" to do it a second time.

There are a couple I still may change, where I wasn't particularly happy with the original category choice. I'm not going to go change most of my Group Sex stories to the Threesome category, though.

2002? confused1 That's halfway between the Reagan administration (the Commodore 64 era) and now. 5 years before the first smart phone!

Topic Announcing our "Masked" Story Competition
Posted 22 May 2018 17:32

2002 SP3.

And I take it back, upon testing it again, I remembered that the issue pasting from word with the word button was completely different. Yes, it will retain the italics. The problem is, it inserts those extra wide carriage returns. I thought it was double, but it's actually just double wide.

Fixing that is more of a pain in the ass than adding the italics, and creates the very problem that was the issue in the first place.

Topic Announcing our "Masked" Story Competition
Posted 22 May 2018 05:15

No such luck. I've even gone so far as to paste something into Wordpad, strip all the formatting from Wordperfect out of it by saving it as a plain .txt file, then opening that in Word, putting my italics in, and pasting with the Paste From Word button.

No italics.

Probably because I still use an ancient version of Word.

I've had to manually insert my italics at the point of submission since day 1. I spent a couple of hours one night with one short story, trying every possible combination of program and paste button, to no avail.

If you single space paragraph your Word document, copy it all, and then use the 'Paste from Word' function on the story submission screen it works fine. No double spacing and the text formatting is retained.

Topic Announcing our "Masked" Story Competition
Posted 22 May 2018 04:20

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. No matter what program I paste from, or what button I use, it loses my italics. Even if a find/replace worked to eliminate the extra carriage return, I'd then have to go through and put back in my italics one by one.

I've changed category on a couple where I felt it better fit the story, but as soon as I see that extra carriage return in one I'm considering, it's nope! Too much work for something already published, even if the category is no longer the best possible fit, thanks to new ones.

Good luck on getting it done RR!

Re the double space issue, couldn't you simply copy the story, put it into a flat file format, then do a find / replace on the spaces?

I'll ask Gav about this, as there may be a way to go through the entire story database, and do the same with the find / replace trick. May be super complicated to program, I have no idea.

Thanks for the bump also!

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 20 May 2018 23:32

Yes, I was speaking generally about the whole thread.

It's not about intelligence, it's about emotional state.

The thread repeatedly loses specifics and drifts into generality. Even in some posts where incel is specifically mentioned, it will drift into "If you can't get sex, you're just a loser, or mentally defective." For long stretches, the specific label never even comes up, or isn't particularly visible. It's just "those people".

In a vulnerable emotional state, it doesn't take more than a few posts of that nature to start feeling like people are talking about you, or at least lumping you in through the flavor of the day, guilt by association , which is on display on the news and social media 24/7.

Imagine some bill collector calling the house about a debt your grandfather owed on the day you buried him.

I doubt it's being done intentionally, but it's on display. I really didn't want to call out specific examples, but it appears that's going to be necessary.

Getting sex isn’t hard, not if you have a lick of intelligence and confidence.

I find the fundamental premise of 'involuntary' completely bogus, they either have serious mental and emotional problems or they are just assholes.

That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. I'm sure both were meant to be targeted at this specific group, but they're not . Everyone take a moment and think before you hit the post button. Is what you just typed about people spewing hate for women or threatening/engaging in violence? Or is it just a slight against people who want to be in relationships and have sex, but are too socially backward to seal the deal?

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 20 May 2018 14:58

They're not all victims, and those who are leading the charge are the least likely to be so. Those who resort to violence even less so than that. Most who identify themselves with this label have also likely surrendered their claim to victimhood by getting in deep enough that they're now victimizing others.

Regardless of initial intentions, that's not where this thread has strayed numerous times. It's not centered on one internet hate group, or splinter groups. It's broadly suggesting that anyone who is too shy to get a date is more or less as mentally defective as the nutjobs who go on shooting rampages because they can't get their dick wet, and hates/blames women for their own psychosis.

There are a lot of posts basically saying, "Stop being a loser pussy." It's the same thing as telling a depressed person to "Cheer up and get over it." The thread title itself is a provocation, even though that wasn't your intention, and despite the post contained within narrowing it down to a specific group and set of circumstances. I'm sure most of those other posts were directed at the hate-filled, self-identified incels as well.

People who are on the fringes — lonely and depressed — aren't likely to see than nuance.

That kind of thing isn't helping pull people who are still victims back from the edge. It's pushing them into the arms of the hate-mongering cult leaders who want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

There are a lot of people who start reading and writing erotica as an outlet when they're not getting real sex. Unlike porn videos, they can find or create the relationships they lack in life. Not just fucking, but relationships . So you end up with a larger percentage of the vulnerable here than might be found elsewhere. These are the people who haven't completely given up on finding someone some day, at least subconsciously. They're dreaming about it, imagining it, and even creating it for themselves, if only for a few minutes of transient euphoria.

I'm saying to take a moment to think about how the vulnerable might perceive your words, because I've been there often enough in my life that I can still feel the pinprick, even if it doesn't stab me right in the heart the way it does them.

I think it’s easy to view them as socially awkward men led astray but we have to be careful with the language we use to discuss them. If we consider them victims then who do we blame? Women for exercising their right to pick a mate? As I’ve said before there’s a big difference between socially awkward dudes and “Incels”. Going through a dry spell does not make you an incel, subscribing to the ideology does.

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 20 May 2018 13:59

There's a fine line between the depression and bitterness of not fitting in, and going over the edge into hate. People can reach a point where "disconnect from negative people in your life" becomes those people who are trying to help you, but have no personal frame of reference to understand what you're going through. The people who understand you are absolutely no good for you, but at least they know where you're coming from.

You drown in the morass of negativity and end up having your perceptions flipped upside down.

An environment where you can connect with those people who share negative life experience with you through social media compounds the problem. It's easier to find people at the exact same level as you are, while at the same time being connected to people who have already gone to the extreme. Being heavily invested in the digital world at the expense of real, in-person interaction also means that blocking out those who don't understand or agree with you is as easy as a click of the ignore/unfriend button, further isolating you in an echo chamber.

The socially backward are particularly vulnerable, because many are more comfortable in the digital space. They can find the courage to engage in positive interactions that are difficult or impossible in person. Then if something goes wrong, and an intervention/happenstance doesn't pull them back from the edge, the tribes of hate are right there, in a familiar, comfortable space, with shared life experience.

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 20 May 2018 12:39

The opposite end can be just as debilitating as helicopter parents who need to be involved in every aspect of their children's lives.

My mother is heavily religious, and Dad turned into an insufferable prick when Mom made him quit drinking. Mind you, he was a purely social weekend/wind down after work beer drinker who never got stumbling drunk or anything. He just got funnier, and he was pretty hilarious when he was stone-cold sober. Her problem with with alcohol in principal, and nothing to do with his behavior.

I honestly believe she regretted the decision, but couldn't find an out to reverse it within the ridiculous religious constraints she put on herself. De-stressing with a couple of beers was how he kept from losing it with three young animal children in the house.

So, I had one parent to whom any peripheral discussion of sex would cause swooning and praying, and another who had regressed to a role as pronouncer of punishment.

Take a goofy-looking nerd with no parent he could talk to, probably undiagnosed on the spectrum, ( my son is autistic, with no verbal communication, and a lot of things point that way for me ) friends who were mostly outcasts as well, and it's a recipe for disaster. I never learned how to approach a woman. I don't have the social skills to pick up on subtle signs. Pretty much every relationship or hook-up has been because of a woman pursuing me, or facilitated by initially interacting online, where I'm more relaxed. Between was varying periods of involuntary celibacy.

I've been through the depression, and even bitterness. I've silently snarled at couples holding hands and making goo-goo eyes at each other. I can look back now and see the opportunities I missed and kick myself for them. Tina... *sigh* How do you not pick up on the "subtle" clue of "I hate to kick you out of your own bed" when you've been alone together for a couple of hours, talking, laughing, and listening to a mixtape of ballads, in your bedroom away from the party?

The only difference between me and those who go over the edge is that I always knew it was my fault for one reason or another, and never reached the point of blaming women for it. The only reason I never went over the edge is women making the first move with zero ambiguity before I got to the cliff, and ever so slowly learning to pick up on at least some cues of interest over the years.

Anyone who's been there looks at the title of this topic and goes, "Seriously?"

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 20 May 2018 09:10

Uhm.. Yes. This is just a new term for something that's always been around. Spinster. The 40 year old virgin. So many other monikers that have always been there. If a person doesn't meet the current standard of beauty, and doesn't have the money/self-confidence to overcome that deficit, they can undoubtedly be involuntarily celibate. Maybe for a long time. Maybe forever.

Sure, there are those who are straight up jerks. There are those who set their standards too high and pass up opportunities. Most are just shy or were burned too badly by early rejections to risk trying again. It almost inevitably leads to depression or bitterness, which makes the situation even worse. Hanging around with other people who are in the same situation and bitter amplifies it by orders of magnitude.

The difference now is that in a social media age, people can easily find each other on a global scale, band together, name themselves, and feed off each other's misery.

Topic Announcing our "Masked" Story Competition
Posted 19 May 2018 14:33

May as well pop this back into the recent topics to give people a reminder that the deadline is fast approaching.

Finally cleared my plate and winnowed through my ideas until I found one that I could fit into <6k words and tickled me. Bonus is that it fills one of my slots for categories I haven't written in yet. Could technically have moved an existing story there ( I could wipe out a lot of the new categories that way, actually ) but I'd rather hit them with new work.

Plus, so many of my old stories have the double-space bug that happened when the text processing changed. The thought of going through there and taking those spaces out is... ugh...

"Heroes Wear Masks" is in progress. The kicker is whether I can have it mostly done before this weekend is over. If it's not in the final stretch by then, it's going to be difficult to finish it, edit it, and get it in on time.

Topic What do you think is the best superhero movie?
Posted 13 May 2018 17:24

Loved the Incredibles as well. And Megamind. Looking forward to Incredibles 2 in my overly packed movie-going summer. Deadpool's next weekend.

I never even made it all the way through Fant4stic. I made the mistake of going to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters even though I had barely found the first one tolerable. After that experience, the reek of Fant4stic — even for free — was too much to deal with. I shut it off in less than an hour and said, "Nope!"

I ended up watching the older one instead, out of pure spite.

At least Michael B. Jordan followed Chris Evans' lead and escaped to Marvel, where he was allowed to thoroughly redeem his association with that stinkburger. Two former Human Torches in an MCU without an FF yet.

I really should get around to watching Creed, too...

Topic Need help finding a type of story
Posted 13 May 2018 17:09

Probably not a good idea to cross-post links on any site. Competitors and all. Noticed your thread elsewhere, but never remembered to reply there.

If people are interested, I'm sure they'll PM you for any offsite links. As you've discovered, it's a hard kink to fulfill, so anyone who has it will be willing to go an extra mile for a taste.

Topic What do you think is the best superhero movie?
Posted 13 May 2018 14:48

No, but Spider-Man had Spider-Man 3 and the Garfield Franchise. Fans trusted Marvel, and didn't hold the previous films against the character. Casual movie-goers took a liking to Holland as well. He was a major selling point for Civil War, and I think the end of Infinity War demonstrates how much of an impact he's having on viewers.

I have the feeling they would use the same sort of introduction for the FF characters. Bring them in for a reasonably short guest spot in some other movie, see how people react, and then decide whether to green-light a full movie.

I'm old enough to remember thinking "Beetlejuice is frikkin' BATMAN! FAIL!" I ended up kicking myself for not going to see it in theaters when I got the chance to watch it on VHS. That's why I never balked at Jackman, or Affleck as Batman.

While we're on the subject of B-list and below — Black Panther. Never been able to sustain a comic run or make any real money, but the movie blew up big time both because it was a good movie, and hit with excellent timing as well.

It's still holding on to a top 10 spot in the box office, and it's already out on digital! It was up to #7 again the week Infinity War came out. Even with weak competition, that's a hell of an accomplishment.

Topic What do you think is the best superhero movie?
Posted 13 May 2018 13:28

I think I can trust Marvel Studios to make a good FF film.

Marvel's track record of taking obscure, not particularly fan-favorite characters and making fun, profitable movies around them is hard to ignore. Let's not forget that Iron Man was B-list before the first Iron Man movie came out. Guardians. Ant Man. Dr. Strange. If there's a good premise for the first family, Marvel will make it.

I can't imagine them not using Galactus and the like, even if they don't make a FF movie.

The most difficult thing they have in front of them if the merger goes through is recasting Wolverine. It's more or less a necessity, as introducing any mutants without Wolverine is asking for trouble. At the same time, it's going to be hard as hell to sell putting the claws on anyone other than Hugh Jackman.

Trying to replace RDJ as Tony Stark is going to be the same way, eventually.

Topic Need help finding a type of story
Posted 13 May 2018 10:39

Pretty sure he's looking for full transformation, but I could be wrong.

I've got one in the pipeline that's barely bi-curious with a barely bi-sexual girlfriend who has reached the point of wanting to scratch that itch after hearing about the barely curious girl's limited experimentation. The barely curious girl only has one guy ( who's a childhood friend and the first person she told she was a lesbian ) whom she really feels remotely comfortable to ask.

Barely curious will edge toward mildly curious, with a spur-of-the-moment, probably one-time venture into uncharted territory.

Could be done as long as you don't play the "curing/converting the gay" card. Have them enjoy and be interested in the experience, maybe realizing that they are somewhat bi, while still remaining primarily interested in their own sex. IOW, use it to add some complexity to their sexuality rather than changing it.

Topic What do you think is the best superhero movie?
Posted 13 May 2018 10:25

1) Captain America: Winter Soldier
2) Guardians of the Galaxy

That was a really good year.

It gets really murky beyond that with Wonder Woman, Avengers, Tim Burton's Batman, Iron Man 1, Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2, Logan, Deadpool...

The next tier down isn't any more clear.

Then you get to the bottom of the heap. Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Batman V. Superman, Fant4stic Four...

I can rewatch the old Batman movies past 2, the two FF films, and X-Men origins. I will never subject myself to the Garfield Spider-Man, BvS, or Fant4stic again, even for free. I was mad that I wasted the time to watch those in the first place.

Topic Erotic photos
Posted 13 May 2018 09:18

Have tons of nude/spicy photos of her, but most were never really "intimate" as she was a camgirl. We were doing photoshoots for her website. Even most of the private ones she initially took just for me ended up on the site eventually.

Obviously, sharing was never a problem. Sharing them without permission? That's just scumbaggery.

Topic Need help finding a type of story
Posted 13 May 2018 09:02

Think you're going to have a hard time with this one. Unlike the lesbian equivalent, that storyline has never been popular with authors. Now, both versions are risky because they're politically incorrect, so authors are even less likely to pursue the idea.

Topic My bf wont do kinky shit with me
Posted 28 Apr 2018 23:57

As others have said: Communicate. Find out if he has a reason.

My wife was seriously into bedroom submission, bondage, and roleplay. She was anything but submissive outside the bedroom. LOL It was nothing I'd ever done before, ( sexually ) and even though she'd talked about it, when she edged that way the first time for real, I balked.

I'm a D&D nerd from way back who played all sorts of twisted and evil characters, so it's not as if I had nothing to draw from. I had a lot, in fact. We'd even done some phone roleplay along those lines. The thought of hurting her in any way for real, even knowing she wanted it, was just alien to me.

It was awkward and a killjoy in the moment, but I told her what was eating at me. We sat, talked, and got the mood back in a few minutes.

The way she got things started a few days after that talk was some light spanking. That's nowhere near as aggressive as choking and hair-pulling. Once I was comfortable enough with that to spank her hard enough to scratch that itch, she edged a little more with the hair pulling. Eventually, I got to where I could give her exactly what she wanted sometimes, and enjoy it myself. I had to be in the right mood, but it was there often enough to scratch that itch.

Talk about it, and maybe aim for spanking first.

Topic Masturbation Privacy
Posted 28 Apr 2018 15:09

My late wife and I started out with phone/video sex before we ever met in person, so it was never particularly weird with her. She got herself off with her skirt pulled up and her panties pulled aside on the ride home from the airport the first day we met.

Still, there were quirks. Every so often, she would catch me when I thought she was dead asleep or something after I got home from work. That would embarrass the hell out of me. She loved catching me, though. Almost every time resulted in us having sex, or at least finishing in her mouth.

She was a camgirl. Her job was to masturbate for people's viewing pleasure. She did it for me frequently, and loved doing it. But, she couldn't have me in the room while she was in a private show. That would make her turn as red as a stop sign.

Everybody has their hang-ups.

I'm fine doing it for a woman, but getting caught is embarrassing as hell for me, even by someone I'm comfortable with, and even after the fact.

"What were you doing in the bathroom?" *wink*

She loved to see me blush, but never dragged it out, and always made up for it. :)

Topic Author to Author
Posted 21 Apr 2018 22:41

You'll probably be disappointed to learn that most conversations between authors are dominated by complaints about trolls downvoting them, writer's block, grammar, style, categories, and other non-sexy subjects. LOL

Any sexytalk that happens has little to do with being an author, and is more likely related to interaction on the forum, images in galleries, etc.

Topic How you write
Posted 21 Apr 2018 15:07

I write too much fantasy for voice recognition to write for me. It chokes on all those weird fantasy names and terms. I write in Wordperfect, because that's what my primary editor uses, which makes it easier for both of us.

I'm an "edit as you go" type. I have much of the story planned out beforehand, and muse through scenes while at work. Whenever I pause for some reason, I tend to read back through either the whole story, or the last several scenes, depending upon how long the story is. I end up making corrections and tweaks during this process. By the time I type the last line of the first draft, there's little but minor tweaks left. If something isn't working for some reason, I don't make it to that last line until it is.

Optimally, I leave the story to simmer for at least a couple of days after completing the first draft and write other things, to get the story out of my head. Then I change the font size and face to something radically different from what I write in, and read through the whole story.

Once that's done, I run it through the grammar checkers in both Wordperfect and Word. There's enough difference in the way they work that I tend to catch things in both runs.

Some stories get run through an online grammar/style tool. I used to run everything through it, but they changed the free-to-use version to a severely limited word count, which dilutes what I primarily used it for — repeated words and phrases. If I'm ever back in a place where I have the disposable cash to utilize the commercial version, I probably will, because it was quite helpful in catching my repetitions.

Some stories, such as my Magic of the Wood stories, have first readers who give me impressions and thoughts on the storyline and characters. I make changes based upon those impressions, pass it back to my first reader, see what they think of the modifications, and may again make tweaks until we're reasonably happy with the results.

I may repeat the editing steps above, if there have been significant enough changes following the first reader process.

Then I run everything through text-to-speech. I almost always catch something every other step has missed when I do this. Clumsy turns of phrase and typos stick out like sore thumbs when a voice is reading them back to you.

Finally, I pass it off to my editor. Most of the time, he has only minor tweaks that I completely agree with, and this is the final step. I let him know it's going live as suggested. Occasionally, we may pass the document back and forth a couple of times, but it doesn't happen often. My goal is to send the cleanest copy possible, to limit the amount of time necessary to review it.

To me, editing is as much a part of the process as getting the words out of my brain into the computer.

Topic Announcing our "Masked" Story Competition
Posted 18 Apr 2018 23:18

Hmm.... Got nothing yet. I think all my processing power is still locked up in the stories I need to move from my brain to the computer.

I'll turn the muse loose on this one again once I finish, "Coming In Third".

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 15 Apr 2018 22:19

There's a difference between a few defectors and a near unanimous vote. It also had a slate of Democrat sponsors.

Democrats will vote for bills going after porn and sex work every single time . That's not left or right, it's the pervasive climate of sexual repression in the country.

It may be the right's stated agenda, but the left falls in with them lockstep. They don't understand what they're legislating, and most of the voting public doesn't want to know.

A slate of Law enforcement organizations was also on board. That's another strike for legislators to resist it.

Obama would have signed this just as quickly as Trump did.

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 15 Apr 2018 19:52

He does have a point. It's hard to call it right wing fascism when it had overwhelming bi-partisan support.

The problem is, those numbnuts up on the hill ( and honestly, most voters ) don't have the slightest clue what's going on with sex workers of any stripe. They don't understand the consequences to average people who are taking advantage of a bankable skill while they've got it.

All they know is that they couldn't possibly vote against a bill aimed at prosecuting those enabling sex trafficking. That's what it was put forth as. They would be slaughtered in their next election, and wouldn't have the ammunition to defend themselves, because they know fuck-all about the subject.

Now, the way that law may very well be enforced is another matter. There's broad enough scope for them to take down virtually any website/owner so long as they can find one sex worker who made one contact through that website. Puritans could very well go on a rampage, attempting to wipe out pr0n on the internet, and have a serious chilling effect.

With such a focus on interaction/connection, this site could very well be at risk. Really, any adult site that has any form of inter-member messaging system/forum/comment section is at risk.

Of course, people believed 2257 was going to have the same effect. The adult webmaster community was in a complete apoplexy when that was going through congress. When that passed, a whole lot of sites went dark overnight. Everyone else woke up in cold sweats and puddles of piss for a couple of years.

It turned out that it wasn't the apocalypse they were expecting.

In the end, it's a nearly pointless law that won't accomplish the stated purpose. Soon enough, there will be a plethora of sites hosted in bum-fuck Russia and former Soviet Bloc countries that will fill the void. Some will be shadier, some will be carbon copies of the things that went away. All of them will be harder for the Feds to get information from, and none of the owners will ever be found or prosecuted.

Sex workers are going to suffer in the meantime, undoubtedly. They had relatively well-trafficked, reasonably safe means of contact with customers and other workers, and that's going to go away for a while.

Is that all you got? A vote count on the bill?

Any thoughts of how this bill will curb the sex slave trade, which by the way is mostly conducted within the criminal underworld, avoiding aa many electronic trails as possible?The majority of the victims are recruited in third world countries no where near an internet connection.

Topic NO MEN!
Posted 14 Apr 2018 06:36

What makes me go isjda is when someone sends me a PM soliciting friends for someone else, or I get a request from someone, look, and the profile says NO MEN.

I skip the solicitation, assuming someone is trying a little hard, and respecting the profile request is the wise course of action. Typically accept the direct requests. I don't think I've ever initiated a PM conversation with anyone other than a mod, so I'm not exactly going to be a problem if they didn't read my profile before hitting send. I'm not the problem they're likely trying to avoid.

I assume it means "I'm tired of being asked to cyber/skype/send nudes every 3 seconds".

Or — yeah — it's a guy posing as a lesbian hoping for nude pics.

Topic New Pregnant Category
Posted 08 Apr 2018 07:40

It's way more popular than people think. Watch the "popular searches" box on the front page. See if you ever notice "pregnant" not being in that list.

That being said, I don't think it needs a category either. It's not particularly popular with authors, and readers seem to have no problem finding the stories by tag.

Note to those who do write stories featuring pregnancy, make sure you use the word "pregnant" as one of your tags. That's the variation people are searching for, so that's what's going to get you maximum readership.

Topic Easier way of purging dead profiles off friend's list?
Posted 08 Apr 2018 06:25

( New topic here 3.5 seconds after the first dormant friends clean-up runs )


LOL In other words, I wouldn't actually purge dormant profiles ( even if they never got beyond the default avatar stage ) unless it's necessary for site health reasons.

It might be worth considering a solution where the purge of friend lists is user initiated as well. Make it a dashboard tool rather than a regularly running, site-wide task.

Topic Also Almost Famous
Posted 01 Apr 2018 10:47

Labor Day just broke 29k, and Merry Ex-Mas is only 500 behind it. Slowly creeping that way.

Nude Holly Day is still creeping toward Legendary as well. Hit 70k recently.

They'd all probably move faster if I'd manage to finish something new and post it. Embarassed Rough, time consuming start to the new year. My autistic son just turned 18, and I'm buried in paperwork for guardianship, social security, etc.

Nothing like dealing with the government to chew up what little free time you have. My driver's license is going to expire this month too. d'oh!

Check the story descriptions in the previous post and see if they intrigue you. I could use a little encouragement right now. LOL

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 08 Feb 2018 13:01

One of the other sites where I post implemented this type of scoring as an option for a few years. It didn't produce any of the anticipated benefits.

Few people bothered with the detailed scoring method — even though it was the default — and most who did ended up straight-line scoring on all sections, which was the same as a single score.

In the end, it was a lot of coding and data storage that amounted to no benefit, and it was removed.

It's about story scoring... presently most of the stories here get unreasonably high scores because of many reasons but most importantly because readers have no mechanism available to evaluate a story with good reason. Bias, irresponsibility, prejudice and sometimes fishy ways are being used to score a story... while scoring, readers should be able to take account of the plot, language, setting, style etc. separately... all such fundamentals of a story should be available to the readers to score distinctively one by one, say from score 1 to 5... This can be made available in a small table... It will reduce inflated scoring and likely to bring in realism in story rating. This may also lead to more objectivity in subsequent comments by the readers :)