I've Seen It All Before - Part 1

A dream come true

I have lived in suburbia my whole life. Growing up, I couldn't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be; but of course one soon realizes that it's definitely a child's world. The local sports club only goes so far. Puberty's a bitch. Things that seemed fun and cool soon become boring and lame. The endless commercials and movies make you a promise of a thousand weird and extraordinaryendeavors; it...Read On


I've Seen It All Before - Part 2

The stay gets off to a good start...

I'm quite sure that I really did not need a hot bath. If anything a cold shower would have been more appropriate. As it was, I found myself being led into a small, paneled bathroom by the woman of my dreams. Hope and desire cascaded upwards from my cock to my head, there clashing with my rationale in an overwhelming struggle of confused emotion. Did Jo notice me shoving my cock into...Read On


I've Seen It All Before - Part 3

From the bathroom to the bedroom...

We lay there for a while while my cock grew flaccid. I love spooning but there is something uniquely brilliant about lying in a bath with your back resting on a heaving pair of tits. I wasn’t tired or finished, but I felt calm in her arms, and we let the bath water sit with us for ten minutes or so before one of us spoke a word. “Good thing we’re in the bath, ey, Hugo?’ she giggled. “You...Read On