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Python in his pants

When we were younger, my wife and I spiced up our sex life by playing a game where we'd describe an unshared but real sexual experience while the other partner gave head. Since my wife was extremely anal (as was I,) I'd lie her on her belly, a pillow under her hips, and her thighs spread wide... Usually, I furnished her with a big Margarita and a bong full of pot. This is one of her tales. ...

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Just friends

We'd been good friends, probably best friends, for years. By four or five years I was the oldest of the group, but we'd all been married for years and years. My wife Lisa and I were longest married, followed by Kit and Denny and Abby and Len. The six of us did everything together, from partying to camping to vacations. Everything but open swinging. Lisa and I had partied early in...

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Library Colonel, Part 2

It was my turn to close the branch library, so as closing time approached, I was going through the closing check list. Day was almost done. It had been a long day and I was looking forward to getting some sleep. My perpetually horny wife, Peppi, had visited me earlier for a quick fuck before spending the night with her sister, so I could go home and hit the rack. I wasn't alone. A little...

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Library Colonel

I had been out of the service for a year, and married to Peppi for six months. Peppi was one of the most sexual women I had ever met and our marriage had been an impulse. She introduced me to the lifestyle. With her, daily sex was a given. She even drove to the small, local college I attended so we could fuck in the parking lot at lunch. The VA helped me finance college with the GI Bill and...

Added 09 May 2016 | Category Mature | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.57 | Views 5,149 | 3 Comments

Helping a friend

Dave and I had been friends for many years, and as was normal, we had met at our favorite titty bar after work on Friday afternoon. After shooting a few games of pool Dave wanted to sit down at one of the quieter tables for a personal talk. Dave proceeded to tell me that he was having marital problems. He and his wife, Ardy, had been in their forties when they married. It was her second...

Added 16 Apr 2016 | Category Mature | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 10,661 | 3 Comments

In the bathroom

It was another Saturday night, and Peppi and I were at Linda and Alan's house for a small party. We had brought along our friends, Don and Pam. Don and I were good friends and he had a pretty good idea as to what kind of party it was, but Pam was the perfect young Catholic wife-prim and proper. Linda and Alan were quite a bit older than Peppi and me and Pam and Don, as were Bill and Joyce...

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High society

Time frame is winter, late 70's I was sitting on the bed, watching Libby in the bathroom, leaning over the sink, applying the last of her makeup. Not than she needed makeup. She was a truly stunning redhead, with large, copper ringlets falling to the middle of her perfect ass. Still. the dark eye makeup brought out the gold flecks in her emerald green eyes, and the glossy, red...

Added 10 Jul 2011 | Category Group Sex | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 9,083 | 1 Comment

Gym Shorts

Lisa banged on my door nearly an hour early. She and my sister were meeting at my house so Lisa could park her car and ride with my sister. They'd planned a long day of shopping and didn't want to drive two cars. I dragged myself out of bed and slid into cutoff jeans and a T-shirt. Lisa was alternately ringing the bell and banging on the door. When I opened it she inquired, "Where the heck...

Added 04 Sep 2015 | Category Anal | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 26,409 | 4 Comments

Bigger is better

On a warm summer evening, I stopped by the local hair cuttery for a trim. It was almost nine o'clock, and I wasn't sure that the place was still open. I couldn't see anyone inside, but I parked anyway and tried the door. It was open, and I called out to get someone's attention. A woman's voice answered, telling me she'd be right out. All the chairs in the main salon were covered with those...

Added 15 Apr 2013 | Category Anal | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 23,480 | 4 Comments

Sweet Revenge

Years ago, before I met my true love and soul mate, I was deeply involved with a redheaded Texas girl. She was absolutely beautiful, with a body built for sex, and totally unaware of her beauty. She was raised in West Texas in a redneck family, and had never even been given flowers before I met her. She moved to Virginia when she was nineteen to go to school, and to escape her rather hard life...

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