Double delight

Two college teens gets the reverse treatment

The start of an academic year is always exciting but at Valhalla College in my first year as lecturer, “exciting” took on a new meaning. As explained before, I am a “nerdy” kind of person but have over the last couple of years whilst finishing my studies built up some bulk. I now stand over six foot in my shoes and most people tend to think I am an ex Football player.   ...Read On

First Time(1)


Nurse Haynes and the poison ivy.

Nurse Haynes treated my rash with more than her secret lotion

Most people would describe me as a nerd. I am not sure if it is because of my looks, tall, thin with no muscles to speak of or my profession. I am a botanist, for you that don’t know what a botanist is, we study plants. I have always been more, shall we say, capable than most people when it comes to studying and had several scholarships lined up when I finished school.   I...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


African sunset

Jenny needed to come before she could change

The Lear jet touched down softly and the blur of African bush slowed down to recognisable shapes. Majestic Camel-thorn trees mixed with Mopani and Baobab stretched towards the Mountains in the distance. The heat was visible from the air-conditioned coolness of the plane.   It was Jenny and Paul’s first visit to Africa but the trip was clouded from the word go. Paul was here...Read On



He had to travel far to find the perfect lover

The plane banked as it gained elevation from the damp and wet London . Paul settled back in his first class seat with a frown etched on his face. He was irritated by a delay in take off. The fact that he had a major, in fact final fight with his girlfriend of 6 years added to the knot in his stomach. She had yet another excuse to avoid joining him on the short break to South Africa ...Read On


The botanist, 2 blondes and a blindfold

being punished has never been so good

Having done very well at school I had several scholarships to choose from when I wrote my final exams. I decided to take up and offer from Callahan University , as I wanted to experience living in another country and all that goes with it. My chosen field was botany and Callahan had a reputation as one of the leading universities in the field.   The first couple of months...Read On


The Festival

Making love in a crowd

  I received the call from my agent just after lunch on a Friday. Fridays aren’t days that I normally allocate for work and especially Friday afternoons. On this particular day, I was leaving Maximilian’s my favourite lunchtime restaurant with a soon to be favourite blond on my arm.   Greta was waiting for a friend to join her and got tired of waiting, I was there to...Read On


The surfer

She found the perfect lover.

The onshore wind blew the curtains aside and the breeze coming of the Benguela current was cool enough to make Paula’s nipples pucker. Late afternoon sun bouncing off the ocean coloured her naked body gold. Her breasts were firm and faced straight up when she laid on her back, the tan lines of a small bikini, visible. The white of her panties contrasted with the brown of her legs and...Read On