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History of Lusk Round Tower: The annals refer to the death of the abbot, St. Macculind, most likely the founder of the monastery here in 497. The monastery itself had a violent history, having been pillaged and destroyed in 835 and burnt in 854. In 1089 the church was burnt again with 180 people inside and the abbey was devastated yet again in 1135. Austin Cooper first mentioned the tower in 1783 as being in good condition, though there were no floors or ladders at that time. These were fitted in the 1860s, along with a wood and cement roof by the rector, Dr. Wm. Reeves. He also filled up a breach in the second storey that led to the square medieval bell tower, and possibly another at the level of the belfry battlements. Metal grills were fitted into the windows in 1977. The present church was built against the east wall of the belfry in 1847 after a storm damaged the former (and much larger) building in 1838. The belfry is thought to date from 1500. Comments: This is an ingenious disg

09 Jul 2011 09:56

Odd that I'm from a place with name so similar to the site. I'm all my 62 years in LUSK, Co.Dublin [except 5 years in boarding school in Limerick] as were at least 4 generations before me. Lusk has a famous Round Tower since 650 approx. It is also mentioned in our Annals some 2,000 years ago as the birth place of Cuchulain's wife. I'd expand on this with photo's and site if there was any interest.

09 Jul 2011 09:44