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Topic Norway - 91 killed by a madman
Posted 29 Jul 2011 21:09

"Breivik hated "cultural marxists," wanted a "crusade" against the spread of Islam and liked guns and weightlifting, web postings, acquaintances and officials said."

The kids at the camp were members of the youth wing of the Labour Party, a liberal political party. Brejvik is a far right thug. He doesn't believe in other people's right to their own political beliefs, believes that his way is the only way, and that anyone who doesn't think like him is the enemy. Much of the right wing in this country has always believed the same things Brejvik believes, and are just as prone to violence as he is. The far right is a big big danger to democracy, and the right moves further to the right every day. What used to be the center is now considered the left.

It has become fashionable for some of the Republican politicians in this country the to do a little Muslim bashing to pander to the far right wing of their party. The rhetoric that they use is usually coded, but some people, like Cain, are being a lot more upfront. Liberal is already used by these people as a dirty word. There is a sense that the world is made up of them and the other. Life is getting scarier.
Very well informed comment; unlike some that reflect the same 'Christian' fundamentalist ideas as the killer. He may prove to be a loner who had difficulties with relationships and would have found some excuse to massacre. If I might mix politics and sex here, if he was getting his rocks off, might their be scores of young persons alive.

Norway , like my Ireland , enjoys true freedoms by its citizens. Can one 'Christian' nut take our freedoms away to become yet another fascist state of security, afraid of boogiemen abroad while ignoring its home made terrorists.