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I like to write about the two beautiful women in my life. Four years in US Coast Guard, working as a Building Inspector Manager (i.e. Building Official)

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Square dancing, camping, travelling, photography
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Two Sides of Terri, Ben Boswell; Strip Poker Done Right, Just Watch Me, Kenny Wright, Moonstone Dreams (READ IT!)
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Lee Child, all his books, James Patterson, Kenny Wright, Lush author - Blackvelvet89, new favorite S C Miotto
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Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 29 Dec 2016 21:34

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Mysteria... I will give her this... she's been a Trump support for a long time. That much she has been consistent with. That level of conviction deserves some respect. I honestly hope she is right and Trump will do good things for this country. Nothing would make me happier than to be proven wrong in regards to Trump.

Both Mysteria and Nymphwriter's post are a breath of fresh air on this site! Thank you Nymphwriter, you're a true patriot - even with the political disagreements.

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 18:35


My wife and I have two adopted mixed-race kids. Don't tell me we don't care after birth!

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 14:44

on abortion/planned parenthood: it's not a baby. it's a fetus. every time someone comes along and calls it "murdering a baby" it's simple hyperbole. also, you probably just called at least a third of the women on lush murderers, myself included. it's easy for you, not being capable of having a baby, to sit in judgement of those of us who can, those of us who got impregnated by some guy who didn't give a shit cause there were no consequences for him. so easy.

as far as planned parenthood goes, abortions are a very small percentage of the services they provide. they do a lot of women's health care including cancer screening AND contraception. you don't want women getting abortions? then give them an alternative such as contraception so they don't get pregnant in the first place. quite frankly, the war on PP is basically a war on women and anyone who says different is either a liar, a hypocrite, or too stupid to get it.

And it's NOT up until the instant before it's born. it's the first freaking trimeseter. anything later is only due to complications endangering the mother's life. YOU know better. once again, false information to support your false claims such as "tearing him apart limb from limb". if you really believe that, than yeah, i'm going to have to go with "too stupid".

i have takes on all you other points but i just got out of the hospital today after nearly a week's stay, something i couldn't have afforded to do before Obamacare, and i just don't have the energy. don't worry, it will be addressed in time.

Sprite, I sincerely wish you well in your recovery!

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 14:03

Well. Lovely. "Catering to terrorists". That statement alone proves your lack of education or interest in actual news. How did you ever survive before your carrot orange hero appeared to steal from--whoops, save you?

I guess you win the award for the first personal attack for daring to state my opinion.

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 13:57

Seriously? Tarnishing the entire Black Lives Matter movement for every police killing is akin to blaming every gun owner as being responsible for Sandy Hook. The problems in America and around the world are far more complex than the pontifications of right or left extremists and 20 second sound bites on the six o'clock news.

Surely you jest! Every gun owner is blamed for every gun killing. The NRA supports legal gun ownership and promotes harsh penalties for gun crimes, yet they and their members are blamed for every killing. There is NO promotion of illegal gun activity by the NRA, yet BLM and their proponents promote violence against police daily.

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 13:52

i'm not going to go around with you about what black lives matter does and does not advocate. that horse has seen better days. my only question to you is this, are those who kill police officers being held accountable for their actions?

Those who support the cop killers are not being held accountable, i.e. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton etal. Only by the election are they being held accountable.

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 13:28

But do you genuinely believe that any changes to abortion proceedings will be made? And maybe if the law changes it'll just become big money for 'criminals'.

I know damned well it wouldn't change under a Democrat administration! And yes, I think the Republicans will defund the murderous Planned Parenthood, hopefully out of existence.

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 13:25

although i disagree with pretty much everything you typed - this stuck out the most. do not paint the movement with such a broad brush. are there extremist members? yes; i would never deny that. does that mean that we're all subscribed to that belief? absolutely not. i consider myself part of the movement and i hold the upmost respect for police officers and their lives. if you don't want trump supporters generalized as racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophopes - i suggest you return the favor.

You mean like liberals never painted the tea party with a broad brush after one alleged incident that never took place? Or conservatives weren't blamed when Representative Giffords was shot? Sorry, I'm not going to give any supporter of BLM a pass on this one. BLM is promoting killing police and people are doing it. Police are being killed virtually every week and I blame the Democrats catering to the whims of these thugs!

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 27 Dec 2016 12:09

Abortion/Planned Parenthood: Abortion is the most evil incarnation since slavery. The fact that Democrats are perfectly okay with murdering an unborn baby, up to the instant before it’s born says more about their character and is more pressing an issue than all others combined. It’s been proven that babies in the womb feel pain at a very early age, yet Democrats are still unyielding in their support of legally tearing him or her apart, limb by limb. In spite of the cries of “edited tape”, the videographers did not put the words in the mouths of Planned Parenthood executives where they talked about selling baby parts for a profit. Any reasonable interpretation of those tapes shows that is exactly what Planned Parenthood does. If I had disagreed vehemently with every other point of the Republican agenda, I would have to vote for them based on this alone.

Supreme Court: This is another issue that would have decided the election for me, right below the issue of abortion, although they are co-mingled. Clinton would have loaded the Supreme Court and lower courts with people solely driven by their ideology. A gigantic difference between conservative and liberal judges is that conservatives will address the actual law, while it makes no matter to a liberal. Look at the four liberal judges: They, 100% of the time are in lockstep. The conservatives will quite often break with each other and vote in opposition to conservative principles if they believe that’s what the law requires.

Illegal Immigration: I don’t know for certain what Donald Trump will do, but I do know what Hillary Clinton would have done. She’d have continued to flood our country with people here illegally and encouraged them to vote.

Black Lives Matter: Democrats are totally in lockstep with people who chant, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now.” There have been so many policemen killed over the last two years that are a direct result of the lies coming from the media and BLM. Michael Brown did NOT have his hands in the air, the Justice Department under Eric Holder proved he was trying to get the policeman’s gun. Statistics prove that policemen do not “target” black men. Yet those lies are spread every day by Democrats.

Obamacare: One State exchange after another is failing; Insurers are exiting in droves; Rates are rising astronomically; deductibles are in the thousands making the insurance virtually unusable for millions of people; government costs are rising astronomically. President Obama lied repeatedly to get it passed through a Democratic Congress, “You can keep your insurance if you like your insurance.” “You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor.” Both were repeated by the President dozens of times when he knew neither was true. What did Clinton want to do? Tweak it a little here and there. Republicans will replace it with a common sense approach that will make insurance affordable and reasonable without forcing and fining people for not purchasing insurance. What will it look like specifically? I don’t know yet, but I do know what Obamacare does.

This list could go on and on: Stagnant economy; gun control, catering to terrorists, billions in ransom money to Iran, Democrats catering to “safe spaces” for afraid college students, etc.

I don’t even need to get into the proven lies and corruption of Hillary Clinton or her e-mails. The alleged “Russian” hacks of the Democrats e-mails don’t even play a tiny role and I suspect the same is true of most people who voted against her for Donald Trump. In her case, the unknown is vastly superior to the known!

Topic: On the Hypocrisy of Anti-Republican Flag Burners
Posted: 22 Dec 2016 15:24

I am going to probably give a different answer than you'd typically expect from a proud American conservative. I've never felt that protest burning of the American flag should be a crime or penalized, unless the flag doesn't belong to you - then it's theft and I'd love it to be a felony at that point!

Anyway, one of America's founding tenets was and still is the freedom of speech, whether you agree with that speech or not. Burning the flag is a form of speech to express yourself.

Banning or penalizing burning of the flag, in my opinion, takes away much of what our flag stands for - the ability to protest our government or whatever in hell the idiots are protesting. Yes, it offends me and I know it does many people who have died defending our flag and what it stands for.

I'd love to see the flag burner go to China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela or whatever in hell country they think is so much better than ours and burn flags there. I remember Tianamen Square in China - they simply kill protesters.

However, we don't live in that kind of country, we're blessed with, in my opinion, the best country on the face of the earth (and yes, I know others will say the same thing of their country, which you well should). If the protesters want to burn a flag here to protest whatever, then they can do it. The fact that it offends me or others doesn't take away their right to do it. Making it a crime would do more harm to what we stand for than any amount of protest burning.

So, let-em burn our flag and celebrate the fact that, at least here, it's a protected form of speech. I think it's the exact opposite message from what they're actually trying to project.

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