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Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 22 Feb 2017 10:07

I can care less if anyone responds to this in a positive or negative or in attacks.... For the first time in my life, I am conflicted to the point of depression.
Many times, my avatars or my things say I am unapologetically
American. I served in the US Navy close to 15 years... However, you also know I was born and raised in Mexico. I've got family on both sides of the wall this person named Trump wants to build.
It pains me to see both countries I love be basically at war for things that I see as both countries are at fault...

Drugs... It takes a demand to produce the supply.

Illegal emigration... We are not ALL Mexican... It is said that Mexico is the problem... And that has to do with the fact that most have to go through my beautiful Mexico to make it here...

I do consider his methods to be extreme in many situations... But I trust in the checks and balances, our founding fathers, put in place to come to a halt the atrocities he is causing. This is where some of my conflicts come... In the military regardless of my personal thoughts... If it was an order from my commander in chief... We did it with out much questions...Now I am not in the service...and I've kept my mouth quiet for the most part... I voted for neither Trump or Clinton. ..
I voted for Chris Keniston... More Americans should educate themselves on ALL their candidates...Nuff said on this.

I am going to loose friends over this I know it... And that is ok... They are not friends if this is the cause... I am also going to be very open and personal.

I came to this country when I was three returned to Mexico. Was sent here again by my grandma when I was 11... I crossed with my passport and visa... And left one year later when my brother passed away... I traveled Europe for a year and returned to the US at 13... Been here since... I had no say in where I went or why... I was a minor. At 15 I was put into the foster care system, and I thank God for that.
It was the first time I had a mom and dad in my home... Yes, that is what those angels I had as foster parents are to me... Mon and Dad ... God rest his soul.
I was terrified of turning 18 because my legal status was nonexistant in this country... I put in for the amnesty, and they lost my application three times. And the last I was broken hearted as I was almost 18 and I would be in the streets...I had no family to run too or the know how of how to survive in my country as all my upper education was here in the US...
I was lucky as two days before my 18th bday President Bush signed an act stating that all long term foster kids where to stay in foster care to their 21st bday or until their legal status was resolved.
I attended college for 2 years before I joined the Navy...
I woke up and went to the emigration office in LA at 3 am... Let me tell you... It was in the middle of downtown LA... But I needed to do this in person as they had lost my applications before...
I spent the entire day with out going to even the restroom for fear of missing them calling my name... It was 6 pm and lights were turning off when they asked me what I was waiting for... And I said it all that I turned in my packet at the door and money orders as asked... Yup, you guessed it... They lost my packet again... I left in tears and very sad...
That night I had a dinner to attend to with the Director of the Harris Morri Modeling Agency in Beverly Hills... He was my sponsor in foster care and was paying my college... The dinner was to celebrate my grades and the possibility of my going to NY on A modeling job and contract...
I canceled.
He asked me why and I told him all that happened. He invited me to see him the following morning at the front door to the emigration office... I was not convinced anything would be done. But I went...
That is the day my life changed. We went to the front of the line he asked to speak to the director... And they refused. To my surprise, he told me to stay in place... He left and within a few minutes returned with an army of reporters. Both newspapers and tv channels... I was ushered in, and I turned in the copies of my application with no fees... Without an interview or any more I was taken a picture and 10 minutes later was sent on my way with my permanent Greencard...
That same day I called my Navy recruiter, and within a week, i was enrolled in the US Navy...
Yes, I was blessed and lucky. Seven years later I became a citizen in Seattle WA.

Many here are opposed to illegal emigration... I was once one of those Illegal people you oppose to... But I can tell you this... Most of us come here with this dream... My life... Or as in a child's case... We have no say so.

Many of us joined JROTC with the dream of one day become one of the many military members to protect this country.

I graduated boot camp being only a resident... But my tears when I finished where more American than many that call themselves American... The many... I'd better bite my tongue...

I see both sides of this thread. And I can say this both of my beloved countries have a strong stand in what the two political fight in what I believe is now a personal thing to both but very real to us the citizens.

I bleed for both and will until I see the outcome...

For your info... I never voted even for years after i became a citizen...Many US Citizens... Both democrats and republicans asked me numerous times to vote... When i was not even legal here or of age... So it goes for both parties... Know that...

You have a heart-wrenching story. I'm very glad you were finally able to finalize your immigration status and become a citizen. That day in Seattle must have been among the happiest in your life. Congratulations!

Topic: Seeking an honest conservative perspective
Posted: 03 Feb 2017 10:49

Freedom of Speech is ok if they are reporting the truth but false reports by the media can do a lot of damage. Just yesterday and today there were news reports that Trump had hung up on our Prime Minister in the middle of a call. I saw a voice clip on the news of A Whitehouse "spokesperson" saying this. Both yesterday and today, our Prime Minister is maintaining it never happened. All it's done is cause I'll feeling between the two countries

You're totally right, Trinket. The media, in regards to Trump, have been totally untrustworthy and spreading falsehoods (I guess that's a polite way to say lying). Still, I wish that Trump himself wouldn't address it so much. There are numerous underlings who can challenge the media.

Topic: Seeking an honest conservative perspective
Posted: 02 Feb 2017 17:14

1. Qualities that Trump possesses which MAY make him a good president: He is decisive, which he has already demonstrated. He is not intimidated by foreign leaders, Congress, the media, or special interests. He is pro-military: while the military is hopefully rarely needed, it does need support. These guys and gals put their life on hold to serve and should have our full support. Trump is direct- he doesn't do the usual political two step, blathering for minutes while saying nothing of substance.

2. Trump qualities which concern me as to his abilities to govern? He gets sidetracked on trivialities, then can't seem to let them go. Who gives a rats ass whether his crowd was bigger than the one in '08? He's like a cat chasing a laser pointer, wastes his time chasing the pretty lights. Good thing he's a workaholic, because he needs the extra time to deal with the necessary issues. His ability to adapt to new information seems limited. We all have to adapt to changing information. He's like a mule, when he heads for the barn he's hard as hell to turn.

3. Positive policies thus far? His picks to cabinet positions have largely been sound, but as always subject to debate. I particularly like Jeff Sessions as AG. The moratorium on immigration from certain known terrorist supporting nations is great. Instead of throwing the doors wide open, we need to know who these people are, their associations. Freezing government hiring is also needed. The federal spending level is an obscenity and the most painless way to reduce manpower is by attrition. As people leave through retirement or for other employment, the departments will shrink. starting to dismantle Obamacare is terrific. I know there are people it has helped (the previously uninsurable), but it's been a cluster fuck from the get go. Huge premium increases, co-pays, deductibles, the average insurance consumer has taken it in the shorts. Also, the policy of forcing someone to buy a product is bad policy, and in my opinion unconstitutional. There were other means to address the uninsurable issue rather than the draconian Obamacare. It wasn't about healthcare, it was about federal control. Result- another federal fuckfest. Freeze on government regulations? Hell yeah! We've reached a tipping point where there are so many hurdles to living in compliance with the law, it's impossible to be a law abiding citizen. Don't even start talking about starting a business...the compliance costs are insane! If he takes a meat ax to the list of federal regulations, I'll carry his fucking lunch for him. Trump froze the $221 million giveaway to the Palestinians, a lovely parting gift from the previous administration, which shall go un-named. His pick of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is a great choice. This is a partial list of positives.

4.Negative impacts? The proposed 20% tariff on imports is sheer madness. The American consumer will pay that tariff, not the exporters. As a ploy it may or may not be sound. If an exporter finds their goods not selling, they can choose to manufacture them in the US and avoid the tariff, resulting in more US jobs. Trump needs to learn, and very quickly, that his comments can have a profound effect on the economy. He's given to hyperbole, which probably isn't a good thing.

I wasn't a Trump supporter during the primaries. I voted for him because the alternative was too horrifying to contemplate. I have been surprised and mostly encouraged by what Trump has done so far. As a conservative, I stand ready to raise hell if he takes a hard turn toward liberalism, which has brought us to the fucked up condition we exist in today. He may stay the course, do things to strengthen our economy, our security, and our standing in the world. I hope he does, because the federal government needs to have its horns shortened and brought to heel. It was created to serve the citizens, not for the citizens to serve it. Semper Fi!

I will second virtually everything said here, both good and bad.

I think his immigration executive order was good, but put out in a very poor manner. I'm hopeful they'll learn from that.

I worry about Trump's ego getting in the way of good, effective leadership, but his decisiveness should be an asset.

Biggest down side I think I've seen so far is exactly what Tagerdoo mentioned - his obsession with meaningless BS. Who the hell cares about crowd size. I don't care if the media was lying or Trump was exaggerating. What difference does it make. Plus, don't constantly criticize the media, like CNN. I hated Obama for doing that to Fox News and don't like it a damn bit better that Trump is doing it. One of our unique freedoms is freedom of speech - the politicians shouldn't interfere with it.

I wasn't a Trump supporter either during the primaries, but once the choice was him or Hillary, had no other choice.

Gorsuth, so far is by far his best decision. He's an honest judge who will rule based on the law, not by his personal ideology. I can respect that whether or not I agree with the decision.

Topic: When reading stories what words do you prefer to be used for your vagina?
Posted: 01 Feb 2017 13:23

It is tricky because during a graphic description of a sexual encounter it is necessary to use a variety of terms. I tend to use adjectives to soften the expletive so that even the harsh word 'cunt' sounds like the right word for the occasion. E.G. 'Tom's tongue sensuously licked the soft folds of my sweet pussyflesh. and as soon as I felt a trickle of sweet juice leaking from my warm wet cunt I knew it was time to take his engorged penis deep within me.'

Holy crap, you have me turned on!

Topic: recommendation
Posted: 30 Jan 2017 13:56

Hey everyone,

I want to ask everyone for a recommendation. I love reading stories where the husband is awoken by the sound of he's wife being fucked by another man or a story where the wife is getting fucked all night by another man and the husband is there as well. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

If you're still there and looking, check out my 1st two submissions:



Topic: Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted: 30 Jan 2017 13:41

I can't believe that nobody here has mentioned Stormdog. His Glamour Shots series has to be the best on the site. His humorous and realistic dialogue is unsurpassed.

Topic: Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted: 26 Jan 2017 12:23

Okay, Robert, I'm selecting this part of your entirely unreadable rant because it's the one myth that a great many gun owners cling to--that "one good guy with a gun" could easily stop a mass shooting.

I am a gun owner. I am a competitive shooter. I practise constantly. I am strong supporter of the 2A and am considered by others to be proficient with my firearms (Glock 34 in competition, Glock 26/36/42 for personal use). I volunteer to maintain a memorial to fallen officers and am a strong supporter of the LE community.

That said, what you and so many others don't get is that "one good guy with a gun" is not going to stop someone bent on destruction. To falsely believe that in the midst of the panic and confusion, you, with zero LE training (or even with rusty LE training), could somehow manage to both a) sight in on the shooter and b) accurately place your grouping so that only the shooter is killed or sufficiently disabled to the point that he is unable to continue firing, is patently ridiculous. It just is.

You're far more likely to hit an innocent target, or to miss your grouping entirely, than you are to actually hit the active shooter. You're also going to cause a lot more panic and confusion among the innocents caught up in the maelstrom, and then you are quite likely going to end up as a target yourself when LE arrives. Guess what? If LE arrives to find you standing with a gun in his hands, you're going to be taken down by whatever means necessary. Immediately.

Do you remember the Gabby Giffords shooting? Yah. That guy was taken down by multiple "good guys with guns"--but by sheer physical force. None of the Good Samaritans who chose to charge Jared Lee Loughner that day also chose to draw or fire on him, even though at least one was armed, and certainly multiple others who came to the first Good Samaritan's aid were armed, as well.

The responsible gun owner identifies the threat, assesses the threat, and does what is in his or her power to either a) end the threat or b) protect as many other people as possible from the threat. If someone is intent on shooting up some place, as Loughner was (he had a Glock of a model I can't recall, with a 30 round magazine, plus multiple more 30 round magazines ready to speed load--it is by the grace of G-d that he hadn't actually practised speedloading), then my first response, if I was within closing distance, would be to charge the shooter, not draw and try to shoot him. Charging him surprises him, distracts him, and encourages others to pile on top of him.

If I was not within closing distance, armed or not, I'd willingly be a bullet sponge and try to get as many people out and away from the shooter as fast as possible.

To imagine yourself a "hero" in some kind of fantasy is just that--a fantasy. A dangerous, deluded fantasy.

Tell me in my 'rant' (and I do agree, it was a bit of a rant), referred to imagining myself as a hero? Do you recall the attempted mass shooting in a Portland Oregon mall a few years ago? That shooting was stopped with no bloodshed (as I recall) by a single armed citizen. To say that there aren't qualified people out there is a bit of a stretch. I guess what you're saying is that you trust the killer more than you'd trust a qualified individual willing to defend him/herself and others, even at the expense of having the killer's gun turned on him or her. Personally, I'd prefer to be in a room full of armed people when that killer starts shooting. So I take it that even though you're an expert, you're armed, and there's an active shooter killing people, you won't use that weapon under any circumstances, simply offer yourself as another bullet sponge? When you could be actually saving the lives of the people in the room. I'm sorry, but there are qualified people who will actually defend themselves and others.

Topic: The Argument That Planned Parenthood is About Women's Health Care is a Joke
Posted: 26 Jan 2017 00:08

Do you even care about women? You are implying, that funding prenatal health is something bad. Cecile Richards is not talking about terminating pregnancy here, but about ensuring the health of pregnant women.

You're missing the point I think. What Cecile Richards is saying is that they cover prenatal care, which is a big part of the reason she's saying it can't be defunded. What phone call after phone call proved is that is a total fabrication - the only service they offer pregnant women is abortion. There's nothing on their website referencing prenatal care. Cecile Richards simply lied to protect her funding, that's the point.

They don't offer mammograms, or most other services that the thousands of community health centers (that unlike PP, actually are located in rural communitities) do offer.

Topic: President Obama's Legacy .... What will it be?
Posted: 25 Jan 2017 22:05

In reality, I think history will be very kind to him, if only because a majority of historian scholars are very liberal (and no, I don't have any data to back that up - just that so much of academia is liberal and pro-Obama).

However, his real legacy will be how close he brought us to an actual dictatorship. His use of his pen and his phone (his words) to totally ignore any law he disagreed with, his illegal appointments (well documented by his losses in the Supreme Court), the czars he appointed, rather than go through the normal Senate approvals, his total disregard for the legislative branch, his total disregard for legal rulings (look at the legal briefs of Judge Hanen excoriating justice department officials for egregious lies told to his court), his use of executive orders to change and ignore laws, his continual lies throughout his administration - several others above here have documented so many of those lies, his ability to totally defy the reality of what he'd actually said and done. He could say something one day, something completely different the next day and our media would accept it without question.

We must thank President Roosevelt for convincing America to pass the restriction on the Presidency to two terms. Yes, I do believe he'd have run again and probably won, then a fourth term, then a fifth etc. By then, we would have had a true and permanent dictatorship, with zero checks and balances on the Presidency, because he'd have total control of the judiciary and voters through immigration.

How's that for run-on sentences!

Topic: The Argument That Planned Parenthood is About Women's Health Care is a Joke
Posted: 25 Jan 2017 21:33

You can talk about "credible sources" all you want. Does Cecile Richards actually say that Planned Parenthood must not be defunded because of prenatal health? Yeah, she does. The source doesn't change that. Does phone call after phone call deny that they do? Yeah they do. The source doesn't change that either. This always seems to be a mantra of Planned Parenthood - "look at the source." How about doing exactly that, the specific words of Planned Parenthood!

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