Jess, Ch 2b: Melanie's Break

Melanie gets revenge over break

Melanie woke in Jess' bed, as she had every day of fall break. She was naked, of course, and hugging Jess' pillow. Stretching her arms out, she bumped into a toy. It was her roommate's, a nice rabbit vibrator. She smelled her pussy juices on it, dried since last night. It reminded her of Jess, which made her nipples hard. Mel put the toy in her already wet cunt and turned it on. The...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Jess, Ch 1: Dorm room surprise

Jess has a surprise for her roommate.

Jess set up the video camera so that it was facing her roommate's bed. This should be fun , she thought, as she adjusted the angle just right. Her classes were done for the day, but Melanie wouldn't be back for another half-hour. Her tight-fitting shirt and jeans discarded, Jess moved about the tiny dorm room in her usual underwear, a lacy demi bra and matching thong. Her see-through thong...Read On



Jess, Ch 3: Back to the dorm room

She and a girlfriend have a toy party

Jess wandered down the hall to her dorm room, saying hi to her classmates as she passed them. Most of the girls greeted her with hugs, asking her how her break was. A couple of more prudish girls sneered at her, but Jess knew they were jealous. Word of her fun back home had spread like wildfire. The girls all wanted to know what it was like to be fucked silly by her neighbor's virgin...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Jess, Ch 2: The surprise next door

She finds an unexpected sex toy in the form of her neighbor

Jess waved goodbye to her parents as they drove off for traditional weekend dinner and movie date. They had almost skipped it to spend more time with her since she was only home for a few days, but she insisted on them having a good time. As they drove out of sight, Jess smiled; she was about to have a good time too. Jess unbuttoned her jeans as she walked to her room. They slid off her...Read On


Pregnant Tryst

She may be pregnant, but she still wants it!

For Shae. I love lingerie. You knew this before you called me over. I enter your place, but don't see you. I move from room to room looking for you, but nothing. Outside your room I hear faint moaning. My cock stiffens as I realize you've begun without me. I crack open the door and peek inside. There you are, sitting up in bed in a satin bathrobe. The robe is barely big enough to fit...Read On


Tryst on the balcony

We enjoy a hotel balcony together.

I check into the hotel, but you've beaten me to it. I get my key and head up to the room, close to the top floor. I enter the suite, but don't see you. I do see your shoes. My eyes follow in their direction and I see your blouse also on the floor. As I walk towards it I see your skirt at the balcony door. The door is half open. I go out on to the balcony expecting to find you showing your body...Read On



Jess, Ch 3a: Sarah's Break

Sarah visits a gloryhole then comforts others while on her break from school.

"I still don't see why we're here, you hated your cousin." Sarah was not happy about this change in her plans. She was supposed to be partying with her friends from high school while on break from college, not attending her mom's cousin Tina's funeral. "She was still my cousin, and we need to pay our respects," her mother replied. "Besides, you weren't going to do anything except get drunk...Read On