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Topic For crossdressers and tops that love them.
Posted 05 May 2014 19:26

Back on topic, I'd love to go gambling with a hot TV or TS and spend the evening in public playing blackjack before retiring to a hotel room. Once back at the room I'd like to push you backwards onto the bed, pull your skirt up, pull your panties to the side and pull out that stiff little (or preferably not so little) clitty of yours and suckle it in all the ways your body responds to. I'd drop to my knees and caress your flat stomach, your raised hip bones, your chest and your thighs while pulling your clitty deep into my mouth. I'd spread your legs wide to access that pussy of yours, moisten a finger and gently press my way into your tight little rosebud. I'd work you up to the brink of coming, your hips rolling for release, and deny you a little bit longer while I rolled a condom onto my throbbing shaft and lubing it up.

I apologize and promise to buy you another pair as I tear your panties off to allow unencumbered access to your tight pussy. I'd put one stocking-clad leg over each shoulder as I slid my stiff rod along the crack of your perfectly smooth ass. I'd gently press against your tight little entrance, slowly, patiently waiting for your body to welcome my intrusion. As my bulbous head found its way home I'd watch your eyes transform from caution with a touch of pain to hunger and a longing to be filled more completely.

As your hips started to circle, I'd reach for your shoulders and slowly pull your body onto my cock, inch by precious inch filling your body with my thick shaft. As my public bone comes to rest against your tight ass cheeks, I see a momentary wince as my full length hits home. You relax. I begin my slow withdrawal and can see your eyes longing, starving to feel full again. I pull back to just the mushroom of my head and begin a slow steady rhythm to my long, gliding strokes. Your hips fall into syncopy. My hand strokes across your chest, down your stomach and finds your hard clitty. I begin to stroke you in the same rhythm as I pound your ass and your body responds, raising our cadance from the girations of your hips.

I match you and my other hand comes to the crease of your thigh and hip to help me pull deeper with every stroke. Our tempo continues to build and my own orgasm is building, I need both hands pulling your body to meet each thrust and bury each stroke deeper into your ass. I'm pounding you now, completely focused on burying every inch of my cock into you, fucking you at a furious tempo and with one earth-shattering scream I empty my balls into your ass and thrust so hard I suspect I've damaged you. Your cock erupted in jets across your chest and face. I take your legs off my shoulders and collapse onto you.

Topic For crossdressers and tops that love them.
Posted 05 May 2014 19:20

I only am bottom. I wood like a bj butt its not necessary. I want that cock in my boicunny and that's my reward for being a good gurl.

ROMANCE wood be Awesome.

Topic Ever wanked with a girl's knickers wrapped around your cock?
Posted 25 Jul 2013 14:47

yes and like to wear panties

Topic Sexy Plus Size Ladies
Posted 02 Sep 2012 17:22

love her hairy cunt:-"