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so tired of the adult friend sites that get you no where!!

20 Feb 2013 11:52

Please read Profile; with all due respect Men need not apply! Thank you.

03 Apr 2012 06:19

Still only looking for hook ups with women! particularly ones who also like men and are into threesomes.. Excepting friend requests from women only,,Please all you I'm sure hansome men please do not friend request me I will not except. I love my husband and we do not share with men.

20 Sep 2011 08:56

Just a note to all who see my Biography... I am a happily Married Woman, not looking to hook up with a man,,, a woman maybe, but not a man.... I'm really just here for the stories..... Thank you all for the friends request, however at this time I am not excepting anyone.. please understand.

03 May 2011 07:02