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She just left for work, one hour fifteen minutes too early

26 Aug 2015 00:05

Enjoying lush a great deal at the moment. :-)

02 May 2013 13:58

Many apologies for those people who got a message today that wasnt intended for you.

Oops, don't know what happened.

17 Feb 2013 11:45

Half way through "busty Liz wants Daniel again"

19 Dec 2012 23:46

Writing again next week - yes

29 Sep 2012 14:26

Need to get back to this. I enjoyed it, missing it really, had some really nice times.

29 Jun 2012 14:58

Need to write more, I have a few Liz adventures left to do. Could do with some help again.

01 May 2012 14:02

Just sent a story for publishing and it isn't finished arrgghhhhh

05 Feb 2012 02:04

Need someone to help me with my next Liz stories. A female who could possibly relate to the stories already written.

09 Oct 2011 00:49

Just written the last story of Liz before we met. From now on, it what has happened since. I think Liz might have been naughty more than a few times, although no concrete proof

22 May 2011 13:50

Got a writers blank. Leaving it for a while until I get it together again.

17 May 2011 00:45

Carmen is ace

06 May 2011 13:50

Hope the wedding goes well Buz

29 Apr 2011 12:20

My dream would be to have a day off work and eat pussy all day.

23 Apr 2011 15:22

Happy Holidays xxxx

20 Apr 2011 14:34

Got another Liz story cumming. This one was the one that started her on a fuckfest. Thanks for reading and commenting on the others.

18 Apr 2011 07:44

Finally finished writing Part 3. Difficult one this, it hurt alot as I am sure this guy who fucked Liz did her after we met too. On a positive note, I can now concentrate on reading others stories, yeeeehaaaa.

06 Apr 2011 14:16

A new Liz story is on its way. Difficult for me to write about it, as these are true stories, so putting it down is quite traumatic, but arousing at the same time. This one is the first time Liz had really gone out looking for it. Not an easy one to write.

23 Mar 2011 02:23

So satisfying when you get feedback, good or bad. Thank you so much to everyone who has read. Its difficult when writing stories does not come natural, and great when you get a comment. Thanks You

22 Mar 2011 07:02