First Time(3)


Love On The Hill

He locks away his favorite pair of jeans, unwashed and stained.

As I got out of the cockpit of the IAF transport plane that I had qualified to fly, I handed over my headset and gear to one of the airmen alongside and climbed into the station jeep that was sent to bring me and my crew back to the hangar to freshen up and write out my report. I was part of the first batch of women pilots inducted into a hitherto-male-only Indian Air Force, and I reveled...Read On


Night of Passion

Doing it in a train in India

When I was young, I had a dream - to join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot. The dream became an obsession, and I wonder today how my parents and friends put up with me during my childhood. As a result of my obsession, I joined NCC when I reached college, and I joined the Air Wing, no less. Due to my unusual high interest, I excelled and was chosen to represent my unit at...Read On


Road Passion

Guy and Gal get together while on the road

We were on the road from Mysore to Ooty in India. It is a beautiful road, with picturesque lodges along the road, and it passes through Karnataka's richest wildlife sanctuary. For miles, you can just see green trees, densely populating either side of the road. Deer, jackals, gaur (wild bison), peacocks, elephants, and sometimes even tigers can be seen on the road. It is a sure bet to raise...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Teacher's Love

Scout Master gets together with a former pupil

I was a young rebel in my days, when I was a lad of 22. I was always horny, and being an aggressive and accomplished fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force with a medal for being the best fighter pilot in the IAF added to my stud appeal. During the days leading up to my joining the Air Force, I was a Boy Scout and later became a Scout Master at the age of 18. Yes, I was pretty young to be...Read On