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Topic: Who Shouldn't You Have Slept With?
Posted: 14 Jun 2012 02:21

Gombhira was her name. She was my best friends sister, and she was very much married then. She is a married Indian woman in her mid 30’s. She had a crush on me during our school days but some how things didn’t materialize at that time. In due coarse of time she got married and moved overseas with her husband. I met her after 10 years quite by chance as she was back in town with her husband as they decided to come back and settle down here. She had an ovalish angelic face, slim body with the right curves in right places and long black straight hair falling till her waist and a smile to die for along with eyes of a horny angel. She was an Indian angel. But to my surprise I also discovered another side of her which was of a sex starved, cock hungry slut. And boy she could take pounding all night long. During one such sex frenzied moment her cell phone rang. As I stopped abruptly she took a second to catch her breath and then answered the phone….it was her husband. As she started talking to her husband I realized that it’s going to be a long conversation. She had lied to him about her going over to visit an old girlfriend of hers… and now lying on my bed stark naked with pussy juices oozing out her cunt she was discussing new apartment, bank deposits and other immediate financial duties with her hubby and BANG….the idea hit me like knockout punch as my manhood got erect again. Very gently I mounted on her at the same time I saw her expression change into fear. With my cock then hard as a pole I put the head of my cock in the crack of her cunt and the slowly but steadily drove it inside her wet and slippery pussy. She just gasped once and swiftly changed it into false coughing so as not to make her hubby suspicious. With her lying down and me on top of her I started to rock to and fro very slowly as she carried on her conversation with her husband. I was fucking her silently while her expression of fear had changed into a smile. Her face was a mixture of awe, disbelief and lust….yes pure lust. Her eyes slowly went blank and hollow but she still had that smile on her face. Occasionally I would hump her hard just once and she would cover her gasp with a cough….all the while talking to her hubby. It went on like this for a couple a minutes and then I realized she was about to cum as her vaginal walls were contracting really hard around my cock. All of a sudden she cancelled the call and switched off the phone and screamed “take me hard, take me hard…oohhh yeah I am cumming, don’t stop..OH GOD DON’T STOP” With that she came into what seemed to me an earth shattering, room shaking orgasm… I still had a little way to go so I just went on humping her wildly, but it was really hard to hold on to her body which was convulsing so wildly, that for a second I thought she was having seizures. Finally I came inside so hard that I myself felt numb and forgot how many jisms I have spurted in Gombhira’s womb. Later on she told me she had experienced multiple orgasms. We laid there totally spent hardly able to move an inch when she gently put a finger on my lips and smiled. It was a smile of a satiated woman. With the other hand she switched on the phone and called her husband. “I am so sorry honey but the phone fell from my hand accidentally and totally came apart ...putting it back together was such a nightmare…. So what were u saying about the bank deposit.’?

Well that was just the beginning of the fun. This whole idea of having sex while talking on phone thing had caught on her fantasy so much that she would call up the whole world while I would be shining up her hole. As days passed she became bolder. So much that sometimes when some company telecalling guy would call her up hoping to sell something she would openly pant, moan and scream while talking to those guys. Her lines were same every time… “Could you call me OHHH yEAAHH , OH DON’T STOP… please call me later as my man is having me now…YEAHH YEAH BABY RIGHT THERE DON’T STOP”. Then one day Gombhira found out a new way to play this game. Since she loved ice cream particularly the choco sticks ones, she kept a small stock of it in her house refrigerator. She would call up and just speak to her husband while giving me a blowjob. When the poor man enquired about all the slurping sound she was making, she would tell him that she was having a choco stick. She just loved to swallow my cum.. I still remember her telling me that she found it special and swallowing my load really made her happy. I even remember cumming in her mouth when she was on the phone with her mother discussing about her father’s ill health.

Well eventually all good things come to an end and we got caught. My friend who had his suspision over both of us eventually found out the truth... and all communications and meeting came to a stop for a period of month. Later on i found out she had left the city with her husband. Shortly after that my friend too left the city. I shouldnt have slept with Gombhira.... but given a chance if we meet again .... i am sure our phone bills as gonna go up again

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