A Special Last Request

A man loses his friend and gains a slave

A Special Last Request By Ropetease c 2010 My world crashed around me the other day. It was a day that changed my life. I lost my brother. No, not my real brother but someone who was with me since I was five years old. Our parents had moved us to a new subdivision. Being the new kid on the block, I did not know anyone. The neighbors introduced themselves as Dave and Eve. Hiding behind...Read On


A Special Last Request Pt.3

Keria gets a new role and Amber gets a reward

A Special Last Request Pt.3 By Ropetease c 2010 Keira and Amber have been with me for eight months now, and I have never been happier. Keira has settled in to her new surroundings at work and was made a supervisor of her department. Except for a few terrible nightmares, she seems happy. Amber is doing well at her job as the secretary of my friend Chuck. I wake up every morning...Read On


A Special Last Request Pt.4

A mark for Master and a birthday gift from His slaves

This is the final installment of this series, sorry it is so long...... enjoy...... And don't forget to let me know what you think. ******************************************************************************************** A Special Last Request Pt. 4 By: Ropetease c.2010 Keira had been a little bit of a brat that day, knowing that Master would punish her for it. She purposely...Read On


A Special Last Request Pt2

The story continues

A Special Last Request Pt. 2 San Diego By Ropetease c 2010 Keira held a picture of Jerry in her hands, tears streaming down her face as she looked at the picture. Grasping her hand, I gave it a gentle squeeze trying to reassure her. Keira tuned to me and gave me a brave smile, her tears still streaming down. "Thank you, Bill." I wrapped my arm around her shoulders; Keira...Read On


Ebony and Ivory

A slave gets sent for training

Ebony and Ivory By: Ropetease © 2011 She was sent to me by her Master for training. All I knew about her was that she was feisty and a brat, a hard one to tame as he put it. As I waited for her arrival, I went about cleaning the playroom and rearranging the items I had laid out for my use. The sound of the door bell rang as I finished in the room. She was instructed to be on time and...Read On


Finding Her Master

A mechanical break down leads to finding the one to control her

Finding Her Master By: Ropetease ©2010 Chapter One Robin was on her way home from winning her court case. It was a hard fought battle in the court room, just right up her alley. She was a tough, demanding lawyer for her clients and Robin earned her status by fighting hard to win. Driving up the express way, listening to her favorite country singer, Jerrod Neiman when her five...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt 7

Robin dresses as her master ordered and her torment begins

Finding Her Master Pt.7 By: Ropetease c 2011 Chapter 11 Locking the hotel room door as the porter left, her eyes focusing hard on the package, Robin’s curiosity grew deeper. "What is so special about waiting till I leave that I have to wait to open it?"she asked herself. Picking the package up, Robin looked for any address of where it came from. Setting the package back...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt. 3

She spends the night then later rides to his cabin in the woods.

Finding Her Master By Ropetease © 2010 Chapter Five Joe carried Robin from the dungeon to his bedroom, her arms around his neck, her head resting on his shoulders. As he entered his bedroom, Robin noticed the four poster bed in the center of the room. Joe walked up to bed and carefully sat her down on it. Leaning down, his lips met hers as she looked into his eyes. Robin...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt. 8

A night at the club brings surprizes to Robin

Finding Her Master Part 12 By: Ropetease ©2011 Robin felt the aftershocks slowly subsiding while Joe signed the papers. Her stomach still aching from her climax when another feeling started to emerge inside her. Tensing her stomach muscles to hold back the sudden need to relieve herself. Sucking down on her lower lip and slowly rocking her body, wishing Master would hurry. ...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt.10

Robin gets a surprise from Joe and he meets her mom for the first time

Finding Her Master Chapter 14 By: Ropetease ©2012 all rights reserved The day started with Joe at his desk going over the repair orders that were stacked in front of him from yesterday’s work. Glancing up to the calender, Joe saw that it had been a year since Robin came into his life and changed it forever. Joe remembered the day when her car was towed in and how her hand felt...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt.4

Robin wins her court case and suffers at his hands that night

Finding Her Master By Ropetease c 2010 Chapter 8 Robin leaned her body closer to Joe, a heavy sigh coming from her lips as she melted against him. Dropping her suitcase to the floor, Robin stepped back from Joe, shrugging her shoulders back, the coat slid down her arms, falling around her ankles. Robin walked back to Joe's embrace, giving Joe a deep kiss on his lips. Joe ran his...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt.5

Robin gets a promotion and plans something special for dessert

Finding Her Master By Ropetease c 2010 Chapter 9 Joe turned off the lights in the living room as he went out the front door making sure it was locked. Putting the key in the ignition, Joe hesitated a moment. He thought back to the day’s events. Joe admired how Robin became a different person the second she entered her office that morning. Noticing how her facial expressions...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt.6

Robin's gets a caning from her self bondage and leaves on a trip

Finding Her Master By: Ropetease c 2010 Chapter 10 She was on the verge of exploding when she felt the vibrator inside her going full speed. Robin's wave crashed as her fear turned real, someone turned the vibrator to full speed. "Who is doing this to me? Who are you?" her muffled screams demanded from behind her gagged mouth. Shaking her head side to side she began to...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt.9

Robin moves in with Joe and get some new jewlery

Finding Her Master chapter 13 By Ropetease c 2011 "Good morning, Master," Robin whispered as she kissed his lips. Joe moaned deep as Robin’s fingertips grazed the base of his cock as she slowly dragged them up his hardening shaft. "Morning, my pet," Joe greeted her, adding without any hesitation, "Robin, I want you close to me from now on. You will move all your things in here today....Read On


Finding Her Master Pt2

Their first date and a trip to his house

Finding Her Master By Ropetease ©2010 Chapter 3 Joe sat back in his chair, smiling to himself, picking up the phone he called his favorite restaurant by the bay. He asked for a booth by the large window in back for two. Closing out the day, he went home to make sure his play room was clean. Joe had one room made into a dungeon complete with a x cross and bondage table. On...Read On