Oh What a Night!

This is a true story of me with a couple wanting to fulfill their black fantasy.

I belong to a few social sex sites and I often receive invitations to become a friend. I always request that people communicate with me first before I accept. I responded to this invitation with a personal message stating this. It turned out this person was a very horny woman who wished to fulfill her fantasy of having sex with a black man. And, since where I am living in Europe, there are...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Friday Night in the Dorm

College students get down in the dorm

This was a collaboration between me and a friend... It was another Friday night as Jenny was coming in from working on campus. It was around 10:00pm and although most of the dorm students were out, there were always those who stayed in. As she walked through the hall she could hear the sound of loud music coming from several rooms. When she arrived at her own door Jenny could hear sounds...Read On