rrready4u's Blog Entries

31 Oct 2011 05:31

Best Halloween party ever, dressed hubby as a school girl and had him find a couple of nice young men. He chose well and I left very satisfied.

17 Oct 2011 05:38

Brother inlaw brought home my husbands boss. He is 15 years older than hubby and fat as a barrel, but oh what a cock. Rode me to several orgasms and left a nice mess for hubby to clean up.

12 Mar 2011 22:07

Just got the keys to the candy store. Hubby has a little brother as he is moving in for a while!

08 Mar 2011 06:08

Don't waste your time with a virgin, they may be young, dumb and full of cum, but they will be done before you even get started!

07 Mar 2011 09:17

just got a phone call from lover. he is bringing a friend.