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Topic: Opposite Word Game
Posted: 21 Mar 2018 08:04


Topic: Bikinis - the skimpier the better?
Posted: 28 Jan 2018 09:11

Skimpier the better mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Topic: What did you have for breakfast?
Posted: 28 Jan 2018 09:07

Porridge with honey & coffee

Topic: Have you ever had your wife or girl fuck you with a strap on?
Posted: 23 Nov 2017 12:40

Not with the Mrs but a few other girls. I also like 'proper' cock too lol

Topic: Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted: 30 Sep 2017 10:29


Topic: does sex feel better without a condom?
Posted: 30 Sep 2017 08:49

Hell yes it feels better. I absolutely hate condom's.

Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 29 Sep 2017 13:30

The wife in a different room using her sowing machine and over locker. Wish she would shut up lol

Topic: Star Wars
Posted: 04 Mar 2017 11:00

https://upload.lushstories.com/1620633489-for gav MUST NOW.jpg

Pmsl but true

Topic: Adi's Randomly Bizarre and Possibly Offensive Pic Page
Posted: 04 Mar 2017 10:58


Lol, excellent

Topic: Last time you swallow cum?
Posted: 10 Dec 2016 08:52

Hmmmm, about 3 weeks ago, swallowed my regular fb!

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Office - Caught 2

I couldn't focus, my head was racing with all kind of thoughts. I had no idea what this would result in. My manager and teammate noticed something was wrong. I just told them I was coming down with something and felt ill. As there was only about an hour before closing time, my boss told be to finish early and get myself home, dosed up and to recuperate over the weekend. I didn't need to...

Added 07 Apr 2016 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 16,581 | 13 Comments

Office - Caught

My name is Peter. I'm twenty three and I'm a member of the small internal IT team at a large corporation. It's a typical office setup and our small team of three were kept busy with the day to day tasks; failures, PCs and printers and general support. I'm generally pretty quiet and unassuming and, whilst polite and good at small talk, I'm pretty shy, so just keep my head down and do my job....

Added 05 Apr 2016 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 22,669 | 8 Comments

Cindy's first time

My girlfriend got a new job where she would travel a lot, so I had the house to myself for days at a time. It was the perfect opportunity to explore my feminine side and start dressing up in the same sexy lingerie I would buy for her. No sooner would she hit the road and I would be in her dresser fishing out sexy outfits. I had a gym bag in the trunk of my car where I kept a wig, otherwise...

Added 10 May 2015 | Category Gay Male | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.64 | Views 13,631 | 9 Comments

My Wife's ex-college roommate Part 1

I was parked at the airport waiting for my wife and her ex- college roommate. Ami. Linda’s friend was arriving from overseas where she had lived the past 5 years. Linda and I agreed to let her stay with us until she could find her own place. I had only met Ami for a short time five years ago at our wedding and I enjoyed the idea of her being with us. Ami was a tall thin chocolate colored...

Added 11 Nov 2012 | Category Trans | Votes 54 | Avg Score 4.72 | Views 20,658 | 16 Comments

Pimped out wife

Having seen some stories here about women being pimped I thought I'd add my own account of how this happened to me not long before our wedding. My boyfriend and I shared a flat in a seaside town in the south of England. It was a tiny, two-room bedsit type place, old, crumbling and damp. We desperately wanted a home of our own. We had tried to save for a deposit on a house but were finding...

Added 13 May 2012 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 16 | Avg Score 3.94 | Views 45,072 | 7 Comments

The feeding of sissy

I hold a prominent position in a world wide business firm and make a six figure salary and had been divorced for several years. I met Wendy through a newspaper add in the singles columns, she was a knockout looking gal. We dated for some time and she moved in with me. One night when we were out having drinks she ask what my deepest secrets were. She would share hers with me in return if I...

Added 11 Mar 2012 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 26 | Avg Score 3.67 | Views 24,538 | 7 Comments

Flirter, the Impotent Dad Chapter 2

So later that evening, when he saw his mum yawn and stretch, Kevin said, "So shall we go to bed?" They had all been sitting watching the television since their chat, but nothing had happened just yet. "Yes, I am a little tired," said his mum.  Kevin had been horny all night though, thinking about what they were planning to do, and he said so. "I'm feeling quite randy, if you feel like...

Added 29 Sep 2009 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 224

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