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What is there for me to say that hasn't already been said? I forget who said that, but it wasn't me. I am here for entertainment purposes only. I am fond of chocolate, ice cream, diamonds, sex and cheese. You may send me diamonds if we have not been properly introduced, but I will receive cheese only from my friends, because of health concerns. I like to write stories about sex, otherwise, I'd be filling in the biography details on a different site, wouldn't I? I am not wishy-washy, I am open minded.

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singing, reading, music, and since this is a sex site, sex. I am very interested in sex. All kinds of sex. Straight sex, bi sex, threesomes, foursomes, spankings, bdsm, I'm a sexual person.
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Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 24 Aug 2016 00:22

As to "people like me..." that's even funnier. Liberals like you, are hysterically funny in that regard. You're the first to decry, pidgeon holing people with an assortment of "ists" and "isms" and yet, you have not the slightest compunction about ASSUMING all of the many things you THINK you "know" about... someone like me". (Here's a hint... I PROBABLY detest GW Bush MORE than you do! And, his equally dishonest Daddy and wimp brother as well!)

You're not a very close reader, are you? I said "people who are me," and "people who are you."

There are no liberals like me, by the way.

Also, if you despise George W. Bush and his father at all, you despise them more than I do. I don't despise anyone. I don't think either of them was a good president, and I think that a lot of the things they did were underhanded, such as George H. W. Bush's deal with the Iranians to hold onto the hostages until Reagan was elected President in the 1980 election against Carter, and George W's holding hands with Saudis when he knew that 15 of them had attacked the World Trade Center. There are all kinds of interesting things you can find out about the Bushes online, such as Father Bush meeting with Shafig bin Laden, Osama's brother the night before the World Trade Center attack, or that John Hinckley Sr. father of the man who tried to kill Reagan, had a long relationship with the Bush family. They have a very interesting history, going back to Prescott, who helped finance the Third Reich.

Anything for a buck, I guess.

And, I love pigeonholing people with ists and isms.

You continue to shout at me, despite the fact that I have asked you politely several times to stop doing that. Are you incapable of common courtesy?

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 22 Aug 2016 18:52

Which only raises the question, why is Trump refusing to release his tax returns. Clinton has. Did you complain this much about missing emails when it was Dick Cheney and the Bush administration deleting them. Perhaps as many as twenty two million. That's a lot more than fifteen thousand. Even the low estimate on 'lost' emails by the Bush administration is over five million. That's a five with six zeros behind it. 5,000,000, or 22,000,000, both with more zeros than 15,000. Can you explain what each zero designates?

If I had fifteen thousand apples and you had twenty two million, would it be fair for you to call me an apple hoarder? If I lost fifteen thousand dollars and you lost billions, nobody was even sure of the actual figure, which the Bush administration either couldn't account for or was 'lost' in Iraq, would that be comparable? Why are things that Republicans do on such grand scale okay, but when done on much smaller scales by Democrats are unforgivable sins?

You are led by the nose by right wing media. There is no 'liberal' media, by the way, that's a myth. Progressive media is a very, very small business compared to the vast right wing propaganda networks. The fact is, you are told to mistake facts for liberal media, and don't even realize what a group of self interested liars run the Fox News network, and the rest of Rupert Murdoch's media empire. Right wing hate sells on radio, that's the reason there's so much of it, not because of the station owners personal beliefs, but because of their personal profits.

What aggravates me most about people such as yourself who repeat right wing lies for truth, and discount facts as liberal bias, is that you are so unable to see the degree to which you are brainwashed. The people that Rush Limbaugh cares for are people who are not you. Donald Trump is interested only in people who are not you, as is the vast Republican majority, both those who voted for him and those who didn't. People who are not you take advantage of the simple thought processes of people who are you for their own advantage, not for any benefit of people who are you.

I know that people who are me are in the same boat, but I don't even begin to pretend that America is going to improve under a Clinton administration, or that people who are me will suddenly live in a utopia. People who are me will vote for her just because she is running against Trump, who is even more dangerous to people who are me than Clinton, and, truth be told, more dangerous to people who are you as well. It is simply, once again, voting for the lesser of two evils.

Look how great voting for evil has worked for us in the past.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 22 Aug 2016 17:03

I love how some claim a double standard. If Hillary were a man I doubt this would be an issue. And not everything she's done is "calculated and carefully decided upon," as you claim, sometimes she just fucks up.

Now, how you can say she's just as petulant as Trump is beyond me. The fact that she "has the wherewithal to not spew it out of her mouth" is proof she's not nearly as petulant as Trump. It proves she's got some common sense and that's more than can be said for Trump.

And where did I ever say that I thought Hillary was "some champion of women"? My first choice was Bernie Sanders. It's still August, so I have just under 3 months to make a final decision. The only thing I do know for certain is that I won't vote for Trump even if my life depended on it.

I have never been a Hillary supporter either, except in the sense that I believe she is a better choice than Donald Trump. She and her husband are moderate Republicans, and are tied hand and feet to American corporatism. There are a number of people here who never supported Clinton in the primaries, because she is not even perceived as liberal among progressives. At best, she and Bill are neoliberals. It's easy to understand why neoconservative groups are raising money for her, there is hardly any difference in their foreign policy, and very little difference in domestic policy. I would rather not have her to vote for, and I would rather not have Trump to vote for. It's just more of the same either way. Those of you who think Donald Trump will transform the country are just as delusional as the primary Hillary supporters. These are both elite members of society. They care about the elite. They don't give any consideration to those who have to work for a living and haven't got lots of wealth to contribute to their campaigns or pay them for services.

When the election is over, the country will be just as it is, a divided electorate, a President who is beholding to corporate interests and either Donald Trump back selling bad steaks and working the rubes in the real estate scam he calls his life, or Hillary Clinton back giving speeches and serving on corporate boards or writing books that nobody reads, but manage to stay on the best seller lists.

The only reason I am voting for Clinton is that four to eight years of a Donald Trump presidency would be unbearable for me. There is already no chance of Democrats winning the majority in the House of Representatives, only thirty seven seats are even contested, the democrats would need twenty nine of those, I think, and state legislatures have gerrymandered the House districts to the point that ever changing the House power structure is just a daydream.

Clinton and Trump aren't the only choices, but they're the only ones who count. As long as the two major parties hold power over the state legislatures and keep other parties out of the race, we'll just have to deal with that.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 22 Aug 2016 15:49

Ow boy this is fun. (but I am tired and keep it short).

Creating an IRS is easy, just copy what the IRS laws are doing, perhaps the first year is hard, but after that it should be doable.
Starting a central bank????? No, they don't. The entire WORLD history is without one, except for the last 103 years and in those 103 years, the usa dollar LOST more than 95% of it's purchasing power. Also, just use the usa dollar instead of their own for starters, more nations are doing that, such as Zimbabwe.
Customs, can be copied from USA and the south side is there allready, the rest of the border can be erected in a year or two with the help of the texas army.
Embassies are luxurious things and aren't needed at all. Perhaps a few in the far distance.
Militairy... Pretty much all the main battle tanks are in texas and a very big portion of the soldiers are from texas. So, you should rephrase that question to "Usa, have to recreate their army".
People should be free to decide what to do with their bodies (and how to insurance them).

I really hope they go for it. I say this with all sincerity.

The United States military services are not going to surrender their weaponry and bases to a foreign power. Texas will have to buy or build it's own tanks. Any attempt to seize the property of the United States will be an act of war. Take a careful headcount of United States military personnel and their loyalty to our country. I think you'll find that the vast majority of them are not going to join Texas, or any other state, in making war against the United States. Customs on the Texas border is manned and staffed by employees of the United States government. Texas will have to hire it's own customs agents. Any nation that wants to interact with other countries on an international level has to have embassies. Thinking Texas doesn't is indicative of the tiny amount of actual thought that has gone into the Texas secessionist movement. Texas will need to trade with other countries, including the United States and Mexico. There are Hispanics in Texas who's families were there long before the first white people came in. Texas managed to secede from Mexico. If it had wanted to stay a Republic, it should have remained one, but it chose to join the United States. There is no provision in the United States Constitution that allows for any state to secede.

People should be free to do what they want with their bodies. Tell that to the protestors outside women's health clinics.

As far as insurance goes, what kind of insurance do you want? You are free to buy it now. What's holding you back? Nobody makes you buy any particular insurance, unless it is your employer. Take that up with them. You are completely free to buy insurance in the open market now. So called Obamacare is based on a Republican plan started by Mitt Romney. It sucks, but it is better than what came before. At least now insurance companies can't refuse to insure you for preexisting conditions. Unless, of course, the type of insurance you want is one that throws you off if you get sick and then makes it impossible for you to be insured against the condition that your insurance company dropped you for.

What do conservatives hate about other people having access to health care? Is it just general meanness? Please note that I am not talking about you here, I have no idea what your religious beliefs are, nor do I care. I am talking about the Christian Right Ultra Conservatives, and not even all of them, but only their leadership, the people with the opportunity to actually help humanity if they chose to instead of fighting against any aid to the poor. Why do they profess such a belief in Jesus of Nazareth and have such horrible opinions of the poorest among us, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the hungry, the people Jesus told us to take care of. My theory is that none of the leaders of the movement, the ones who spread the propaganda and hate, are really Christians at all, just using Christianity to further their political agendas. I can't see into any person's soul, so I can't say my theory is correct, but it is based on facts from both religious and political sources. That may be getting off topic again, though, so I'll stop there.

Banking is international. Whether or not Texas decides to have a central banking system, it's going to be competing with countries who do. They will need a currency, and something to back that currency up, something they can exchange with other countries. I know that there are still exploitable oil fields in Texas, but consider our history. If we ever decide we want your oil, we're going to come and get it. Tell the residents of Texas to start melting down their gold.

The only thing I'd like Texas to do is to allow any of it's citizens that want to immigrate to the United States within one hundred twenty days of secession. During that time, any Texas resident who wants to remain an American citizen should be allowed to move to the United States, and Texas should pay fair market value for their property, as determined by the most recent, pre-secession tax evaluations. All Texans should be admitted to the United States during this period, and then the border should be closed to immigration. There is no reason that the intelligent people of Texas should have to suffer for the mistakes of the majority.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 22 Aug 2016 13:57

What does this have to do with Trump?

You're right. I was off subject, and I apologize.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 22 Aug 2016 13:33

RIGHT! After all WHY, would anyone think for a minute that the PERSONALLY insulting, demeaning and belittling diatribes you launched into me with on that other thread would indicate some personal animus. And, WHY would anyone think that leveling slanderous accusations or calling someone profanities and obscenities was the equalivalent in rude behavior of raising your voice occasionally?
Nevermind the simple FACT, that I've explained REPEATEDLY, that my seeming "random" use of caps is to make my posts SOUND more conversational than bland pros are capable of (one need only emphasize the words that ARE in caps. (In short, UNLESS it's an entire sentence... it's NOT shouting.

Uh Sprite, as to things the site could use... a sarcasm font would be nice upon occasion.

The world of literature, world wide, has been able to write prose without capitalizing random words throughout recorded history. Read an actual book sometime. Notice how a competent writer is capable of emphasis without the use of capitals or bold letters. Are you a child that your feelings are so easily hurt? If so I apologize, but you need to delete your account immediately, we don't allow children here on Lush Stories.

Of course, I couldn't expect much from someone who can't even spell the word prose. Unless you mean pros, as in professionals. Even the blandest of professionals know not to capitalize words in their lines for emphasis. I notice that the story you have posted does not use the capitalize method of emphasis, probably because it was corrected by a moderator. Did that piss you off? Why should asking you to write in a courteous style in the forum make you so angry?

I will again point out that our first interaction came when you responded to a post I made that was a reply to another members post, not yours. You drew first blood. I would likely have never noticed you had you not felt called upon to insult me for an opinion that had nothing to do with yourself. Comments as inane and lacking in facts as yours tend to be do not usually draw replies from me.

None of this has anything with whether or not I dislike you personally, of course. As I said, I do not. All I ask is that you write forum posts like your fiction.

Topic: Basic income
Posted: 21 Aug 2016 13:03

it sounds, like so many things, brilliant. But is it affordable? It doesn't sound it....

You can't just consider the initial costs. If it boosts the economy, makes more jobs and more businesses, then there will be a larger tax base. As Noll says, there are also hidden benefits, to art and literature, but also to getting people off welfare and working. The poor spend all their money on consumer goods and basic necessities. If they have the opportunity to work and not come out worse than they would be staying on welfare, then that builds the tax base, puts money into the economy which leads to more manufacturing, more jobs, a better overall economy, and a larger tax base. Fiscal conservatives tend to look at the economy from the top down when they should be looking from the bottom up. Everybody wants to make as much money as possible, but when the vast majority of a nation's wealth is in a few hands, it stifles free market capitalism. Societies function better when the wealth is more equally distributed.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 21 Aug 2016 12:52

Your personal dislike of me has been apparent since the very first needlessly abusive post you chose to make to me. I don't CARE what the rules are here in the "Think Tank" but someone needs to make up my mind, as I was informed by Sprite a couple of years or so ago that the rules that apply throughout the REST of the forums DO NOT apply here. IF the standard has changed, I would have appreciated being informed of that.

I have no personal dislike of you at all. I dislike your views and attitude, and the fact that you continually shout at me and others in your posts. Pointing out your errors and lack of facts isn't pointlessly abusive. I think, in fact, that in retrospect of our few interactions with each other, that I have been remarkably polite.

Your 'facts' all seem to come from right wing talking points and Fox News. Most of the things you write are easily disproved by simple research skills. Actually checking out your 'facts' before posting them would help, but you just post away as if you believe that everyone here is as gullible and easily led by the blurbs from the right wing media as you are. I have stayed away from you as much as possible because you are not really worthy of my time. That doesn't mean I dislike you personally.

Whatever Sprite told you about the Think Tank was right, I'm sure. What you interpreted whatever she had to say on the subject is something I can't speak to, not being able to read your mind. The truth is, I have enough trouble trying to wade through the things you write to even imagine what your mind must be like.

Not shouting at people is a matter of simple politeness. It doesn't matter what thread we're posting on.

Topic: Basic income
Posted: 20 Aug 2016 22:55

Universal health care and child care would also help bring people up and keep them out of poverty. The health care racket in the US drains the savings of the middle class and leaves the working poor, the elderly and disabled at the mercy of the hospitals, mostly corporately owned, who are required only to give emergency care. Working people, and those unable to afford good insurance, are often left untreated for diseases that could be easily cured in their early stages, and members of the middle class are sometimes driven into bankruptcy and foreclosure by medical bills. Universal health care would allow everyone to have access to preventive medicine, and free childcare would allow parents to be able to keep the wages they work for. Basic income would also boost the economy. The money that working poor people received would go for consumer goods, which would mean more jobs for more people. Conservatives don't really look at the big picture, though, only what is beneficial to them at the moment. There are way too many conservatives in the US for any of those things to happen.

Topic: The 500 Year Flood
Posted: 20 Aug 2016 22:23

aww I forgot to realize that before the burial there will be few left who would come searching for some brain cells :) .... Anyway, having taken a look outside, they'll go back to the hole from where they popped up....lets hope it's the last nail in the coffin.

Your behavior on this thread is inappropriate and trollish. Please do not continue in this vein.

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For a "stimulating" read this weekend, (or anytime),
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Stay horny my friend!

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Stay horny my friend!

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Happy 4th of July. God Bless America....Enjoy your day...xo

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