Ceciline Part 1

Nicola gets paid by a man to go home with him and his wife.

"Can I help you?" he asked me. "mmm?" I just looked at him. "How about we go to my car?" he asked, reaching his hand out to mine, his fingertips barely touching the back of my hand. "oh um hm." I mumbled under my breath very quietly, unsure if the man could hear me. I didn't really know what I was doing there in the parking lot that late at night or what he wanted from me. I grabbed...Read On


Cab Fare

I wasn’t sure of what I had taken that night. Actually I knew some of what I had taken that night to be more accurate. I was high – High as a kite they say. I was tipsy as well. The combination of the drugs and alcohol made me unsteady on my feet. I have always had ‘balance issues’, they were just exasperated by the toxins in my body. I was swaying as I walked down the street with my red and...Read On



Ceciline Part 2

Nicola is used by Ceciline's husband

It had been a week since I had met Ceciline and her husband. Although I went to the parking lot every night, I hadn't seen the man again. Some other men had tried to pick me up and I had gotten into a couple cars, but I didn't want to miss my chance to go back to the house and see Ceciline. I hadn't been able to get her out of my head. I could have gotten back there myself, but I was...Read On


An Offline Suprise

Adorine gets a suprise from her online master...

Adorine tightened the belt around her waist securing the trench coat she was wearing in place and walked through the lobby of the hotel, making her way towards the large elevator on the other end. She had picked up the key as per her master’s orders. She pressed the button for the sixth floor and waited for the doors to close. The ride up only took a few seconds, but felt like an eternity to...Read On


Alana's New Experience

Eventhough this is written in the third person, and my name isn't Alana, this is a true story. I decided to write this after Castlequeen's thread about writing a true story. This is the first part of my experience with this man one day. Alana saw a man matching Master Mark’s description approaching the tube station. He was rather plain looking and was not as handsome as she...Read On



A client wants a father daughter roleplay

I clutched my bag and hopped up onto the teal porch, avoiding the steps. I rang the doorbell frantically, knowing that I was late again. I have always prided myself with how early I was for everything, but over the past few weeks I was a bit scatterbrained and couldn't show up on time for anything. I could hear the shrill ringing of the doorbell through the oak doors. They were soon...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 2

Owen gets a little rough.

  I shuffled through my wardrobe while on the phone to Owen looking for something to wear. “I can't find anything. What should I wear?” I asked him. I didn't have many clothes and even though we hadn't been dating for long, he had already seen every combination of my clothing. “Doesn't matter Jessica, your not going to be keeping them on for long. I have something planned for...Read On

Group Sex(1)


An Adult's Night In

Trivial Pursuit has a nice adult twist.

I was stirring the curry I had on the stove when my boyfriend came up behind me. Greg started to kiss my neck and his hand wandered down to my ass. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my bum. “Not now, everyone will be over in a minute”. “Come on Mel, don't we have time for just a quick one?”. Our friend Ava and her husband Rick were coming over for dinner. ...Read On



London Under: Chapter 1

Peter winced as he touched his nose. He looked just as bruised as he thought he would be. He didn’t understand it, they didn’t steal anything from him and if it weren’t for the group of people who turned down Barlow Road at 3am on a Wednesday morning, the men would have continued beating him and most likely he would not be standing in front of his mirror Wednesday afternoon. The whole event...Read On



Ceciline Part 3

Three years later, Nicola and Ceciline run into each other.

I scrawled my signature in the allocated spaces. I felt oddly relieved, knowing that this was the end of a very long, and very bad marriage, but at the same time was frightened about what lay ahead of me. It had taken a child for me to realise that I had been in denial for years about the state of my marriage and after eighteen years realised things weren't going to get any better. I had to...Read On

Love Poems(1)

Audio version available


We traded kisses in the night intoxicated in the groaning bliss of our hungry souls amidst our pain everything forgotten our lips silent not a single word uttered One movement It's all shattered my chamber unlocked but I can still close my eyes and out of the depths of my imagination see you; a naked body vulnerable illuminating in the heat of the room a shower of expectation black rope...Read On

Love Stories(1)


In Case Life Gets In The Way

Sadie falls for a married man.

Sadie was a little too eager and had already started cooking dinner even though Mickey wasn´t going to be home for a couple of hours. She felt like she couldn´t sit upstairs in her apartment anymore, she was too anxious to have some time alone with Mickey. She´d been waiting two weeks for her to leave. It was unbearable to see him with her, to see him touch her. She had been able to...Read On



Malaysian Masturbation

Ella fantasises about meeting her online friend.

I opened MSN and was pleasantly suprised to see Matthew logged in. It had been a while since I had had the chance to talk to him, because I had been so busy diving and studying for my dive master course. The time difference between us also made it difficult to find time to chat. I was sitting with my dive instructor and friends who were participating in various levels of courses. We had...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Dear Sir

A dream of an encounter with a man.

Dear Sir, I had a dream about you. We were in a hotel, and a cheap one judging by the mundane furniture found in every motel that lines the interstates. We stand there awkwardly and still as though we are bound by an invisible web. I brake my bond first inching towards you. I remove your red baseball cap and cast it carelessly aside. My hands shake as I begin undoing the buttons of your...Read On

Straight Sex(4)



I had been awake for a while, but the sun was only just starting to stream through semi-closed curtains in my motel room. I needed to get up and get out. I didn’t want to be in that room anymore. I pulled the duvet back at the corner revealing my bare legs, and I pulled down my shirt which had ridden up above my navel while I slept. I got out of bed, having to support my back with my hand....Read On


The ghost of Hannah

Anthony is haunted by the ghost of an ex lover

At the time Edinburgh seemed like the ideal place to run away to. It was in another county, but only a short train or bus ride away. At seventeen, it was the furthest Anthony ever thought he was going to go. The plan was to meet early in the morning at their place in the town centre. Anthony was early as usual, and waiting impatiently for Hannah. It was cold for early October and the...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 1

Jessica loves it when Owen pulls her hair

  I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. I slid them down his legs so they were piled around his ankles. I looked at his beautiful cock and took it into my hand. I kissed his thighs and the his tip. Once it was hard I stood up and began to kiss his lips. He nibbled on my in return. I kissed his down his cheek to his neck where I continues to kiss and every once in a while would run...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 3

Jessica has fantasies about three sums and Owen visits her at work.

  It was early monday morning and I had just stepped out of the shower. I dried myself with a towel, then walked over to my full length mirror to look at myself. I had never been happy with my looks but have recently become more confident. Owen loved my body and made me feel attractive. I was slim every where except my hips, but I wasn't overweight, I just had some fat there. I had long...Read On




The year was 1406, and Trenian was in the throes of making love to the beautiful Esmerelda. Trenian never thought he, the second son of a poor farmer, would have such a beautiful, rich woman as a lover and potential wife. He had instantly been attracted to her, he loved the way her brown-gold curls cascaded down her head and the way her green eyes pierced his soul. The way her slender...Read On