Love Poems(3)


Addicted To Your Love

You're The One For Me Jessica

Addicted To Y our Love I do not know when , I do not know how , I do not know why , You came into my life like a thief , Taking you , my heart and my soul . I love you! I miss you ! I need you! My life has no sense without you , I'm addicted to you and your love . You are my light , You are my passion , You are my destiny , Your fire consumes my mind and my body , ...Read On


It Hurts

I Wrote It In Three Minutes And Was Drunk

It Hurts Agony, Anguish , Disappointment , Devastation, Frustration , Humiliation, Fear, Anger , Sadness , Pain, Destruction, Only that you left in my soul. My soul is broken into a thousand pieces. Love, Goodness, Compassion , Hope, Passion , Happiness , Life, Sensitivity, Sanity, That erased off the face of my heart. ...Read On



It's the sad reality of many in this world

LOVE   What is love ? Love is just a meaningless word, Love is something people say without feeling, Love is the flagellation of the soul, Love is a knife that hurts the heart, Love is control over someone, Love is a feeling, worthless and empty, Love ...Read On