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Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 07 May 2010 15:23

If you click on this thread, you have to post...

Can someone lend me a collar and leash, I left mine at home....

Topic Eye Color
Posted 07 May 2010 14:57

An ex boyfriend had variable colour, each eye was different colour, and would change colour it kept my attention nomatter what was said. until you've met someone with this trait, it may be only a myth. until you meet someone who has variable eyes.

Topic I feel dead, please help
Posted 07 May 2010 14:44

Emotion and energy must go somewhere, if you love this girl holding in your feelings will make it worse. Other posts are correct, quit smoking cause it makes kissin awful. If you really care for her why not write a few stories dedicated to her. Life is too short if you love someone then tell them, if they reject you then move on. If you want her heart standing silent does'nt help. Smoking will kill you, telling this girl you love her will not. The pain will not leave till you find out, ask her !

Topic Men in Panties?
Posted 07 May 2010 14:26

sorry but no, if a guy is in panties I'd walk away. If a guy is gay thats cool with me. If a guy is bi, that cool too. Its the 'make up your freakin mind issue' that gets me. sorry if it bites.

Topic When is the best time of day to have sex
Posted 07 May 2010 14:16

Im a 24-7 person, often awake odd hours. sex is better when im sleepy, awake enough to enjoy him but too sleepy to resist