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I am an American Millennial woman who is rather introverted and falls into the "nerd" category. I get a lot of joy from being able to read, write, watch, and role play fantasy scenarios based in the dark romance/erotica genre. Most of my writing features romance plus erotica surrounding angst, moral dilemmas, taboo subjects, and obsession.

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20 May 2019 04:40
At the moment, Lush is one of my most significant interests. I was a member here many years ago because I had an interest in learning more about writing from an erotic perspective. I've always admired authors and held a secret dream to become a writer one day. I tried my hand at it off and on throughout the years but never felt confident enough about it. When I came here, it was like a new world opened to me but I only posted one story. I was fascinated by all the fantastic writers here yet felt inadequate. I was pretty shy and didn't make any friends here because I was always too timid to try, but I do remember people being very polite to me here. I only left because I got into roleplaying on another website and did that for many years. I had forgotten all about Lush Stories. Flash forward many years later, and I'm still the same quirky, introverted nerd-girl that I've always been, but I'm at a point in my life where I have the time, interest, and a bit more confidence to at least try to write again. I decided to create a blog in the Summer of 2018 and recalled Lush Stories because I had come across the published works of a woman who I remembered from here. I had purchased her e-books which I enjoyed tremendously and I checked to see if Lush Stories was still around I was thrilled to see it thriving. It was cool to see that even though she's a published author that she's still a supporting member of the LS community. I quickly signed up again and became a Gold Member because I really wanted to try this time to not only read here but contribute, learn, practice, and support others who love to read and write.
Favorite Books:
I love many books and my preference is always fiction. My favorite genres include: psychological thrillers, mysteries, crime thrillers, dark romance, paranormal, erotica, and fantasy. Some of my favorites are The Vampire Chronicles, Alex Cross series, White Ninja series, Walt Longmire series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Sherlock Holmes series, Harry Potter series, Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Song of Fire and Ice series, Great Expectations, She's Come Undone, Lolita, This is Where I Leave You, East of Eden, Reasonable Doubt, Mr. X, Gone Girl, Into the Darkest Corner, Sharp Objects, and many others.
Favorite Authors:
I have a lot authors that I enjoy but over the years here are a few that I have tended to go back to consistently: John Steinbeck, Charles Dickens, Vladimir Nabokov, Anne Rice, Craig Johnson, Eric van Lustbader, J.R. Ward, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Sylvia Day, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian, Lisa Renee Jones, Whitney G, Larissa Ione, Charlaine Harris, Elizabeth Hayes, J.K. Rowling, Christine Feehan, Kresley Cole, and there are others but you get the point.
Favorite Movies:
Most of my favorite movies are action films mainly surrounding the Marvel Universe. I love psychological dramas, indie films, coming of age films, cult classics, etc.
Favourite TV Shows:
I am a huge fan of Netflix and watch a variety of series on it. Currently, my favorite things to watch are Game of Thrones (can't wait for its return) and Ozark.
Favorite Music:
I don't know that I have a favorite music per se but I listen to a bit of everything. When I was a kid, it was rock, metal, and alternative were my favorites but I think now that I'm older, I like something a bit low key like soft rock and old school soul or R&B.


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PROLOGUE My secret desires are at a crossroads with my moral compass and for a good reason. Crossing the line with this in any manner should be unthinkable. I know that and understand it entirely, but the fact is, I do think. In my waking hours I think, I wish, and I imagine. Even in my slumber, I dream about it. My psyche wrestles with the matter both day and night breaking...

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Love Paradox

Relay. You and I locked in this snare. "Why are you doing this to me?" Blissful joy to exasperated frustration. "Why can't you just believe in me?" Primal rage and wanton lust. But trust? "Don't cry. Baby, you are all I see!" Reckless abandon though cautiously aware. "Stop this...let's just be." Once again, caught up in the crazed and euphoric elation. Wistfully and impossibly glad, back...

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