The Neighbor's Daughter - Chapter Five

Megan is taught the rules of the house

When they reached his house, Adam had to wake Megan up. She had fallen into a deep slumber on the drive home. Since Megan was still naked from the adventure at the restaurant, he took off his suit coat and told her to put it on for the walk to his front door. Robert followed them with Megan’s shopping bags from earlier in the day.  Adam really had mixed emotions about what he wanted to do...Read On


The Neighbor’s Daughter - Chapter two

Teaching the neighbor's daughter to be a submissive

It had been over a month since Adam had taken Amanda on their little drive. He still had visions of her masturbating in his car. He had noticed that she no longer parked in the blind spot with her boyfriend. Either they broke up or found a new place to park. Saturday had been the hardest. Adam was over talking to her Dad, Tom, when she walked out in her too small bikini. “Hello Mr. A.” ...Read On


The Professor - Chapter 4

Ashley is tied down to loose her anal virginity.

Ashley had a hard time concentrating at dinner. Every time she moved the plug sent a jolt of pleasure through her body making her incredibly horny. Ashley could not believe what had happened to her. In the course of a couple of days she had gone from being a girl with a weak sex life to a total slut sitting at a dinner table naked with a butt plug in her ass. Worse yet, she really enjoyed...Read On


The Professor, Chapter 3

Ashley continues her training.

The day at the spa was wonderful. It was the first time Ashley had ever been to a spa and except for the total body waxing, she loved it. Sam did tell her the waxing would get easier with repetition. Along with the waxing they had massages, facials, pedicures and manicures. Lunch was even served to them. When they arrived home in the late afternoon, Hoby was waiting for them. They both...Read On


The Professor, Chapter Two

Ashley decides to learn about the BDSM Lifestyle

Ashley sat on the floor crying. She was such a cluster of mixed emotions she could not seem to get control of any of her emotions. Ashley had always considered herself a strong 'type one' personality. She was always quick to take charge of a situation and did not submit to anyone. Yet, she just had. She had let a man she barely knew tie her up, whip her with a riding crop and then fuck the...Read On


The Professor

Ashley learns more from Professor Jones today than when he was her teacher in College.

Ashley looked at herself in the mirror. She liked how she looked. At 5’9” in her four inch heels she was tall. Being on her feet at work had helped her shed the freshman fifteen she gain almost five years ago. She was now a slim 115 pounds. Tonight she had also taken the time to curl her long brown hair and apply make-up. She was excited to be going out tonight, even if it was by herself. It...Read On



The Job - Chapter One

Katie gets the job and a whole lot more.

The Job - Chapter one Katie rolled over and turned off her alarm clock. She could not believe it was already 11:00am. She had been up until almost 4:00am last night preparing for today. You see, today she had a job interview. Not just any job interview but an interview with a large software company. It has been five months since she had lost her job in the marketing department of a...Read On


The Neighbor's Daughter - Chapter Four

Megan spends a day being pampered before the fun begins.

Once home after his morning with Megan, Adam logged onto his email account and found an email from an address he did not recognize. It was from Megan. In it she had given him her phone number and the simple statement, “I am interested.” He replied to her as well. Megan, I am glad that you will be joining me this weekend. I have some instructions for you. From now until...Read On


The Neighbor's Daughter - Chapter Three

Adam works on a second sub at her office

It has been about 3 months since Adam first took Amanda on the car ride. She is turning out to be a loyal and willing pet. The only problem is, she lives at home and they could only meet every once and a while, usually only for a couple of hours. Before he met Amanda, he had been slowly working another potential submissive. Slowly was an understatement. He had been gradually getting her to...Read On


The Neighbor's Daughter

Coming up with a nasty plan to buy silence

Adam had been walking his dog around the same block every night at 10:00pm sharp for years now. It was to the point where Max would walk himself, leash in mouth if Adam stopped to talk to a neighbor. On tonight’s walk he was surprised to see a new car parked in a blind spot on the road. As he approached the car he was equally surprised to see his neighbor Tom’s teenage daughter naked in the...Read On