Erotic Poems(3)



Her reason had no chance

It grew slowly within her. A connection Becoming a want for more. Her want soon flourishing into desire. A desire to be with her; To touch and caress her skin…and soul; To breathe her sensuous aroma, almost tasting her scent; To taste her on her lips and tongue. And then desire became need; A need so strong that Reason could no longer compete With the waves of lust...Read On


Her Touch

Her touch … Made me shiver With delight Her tenderness … Made me yearn With desire Her kiss … Made me ache With need Her whispers … Made me lose All control Her pinch … Made me drip With abandon And when finally ... She touched me there I gave myself to her....Read On


Just One Moment

Sometimes all it takes is one glance

Again she wore it, That dress She knows what it does to me Deliberately choosing, teasing The rich blue reflected In her eyes Drawing my gaze into them Knowing how I would react Her smile beginning On her pink lips Needing my kiss It can’t be long Radiating seduction Confident Playfully flirting Knowing she had me Leaning closer Lips parting A quick intake...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Persistent Memories

A recent day at the office ...

The deadline approaches Yet still my mind wanders. “Focus Sally,” I implore myself. But memories of last night persist. “Oh god yes …last night” The passion, excitement … lust floods my memory, My nipples harden. “But the deadline,“ I start to think. That thought interrupted by the memory Of how much he wanted me, How quickly he took me, How loudly I screamed...Read On