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Topic: No French kissing!
Posted: 12 Jan 2016 06:20

French kissing is good but Australian kissing - something else

(joke works best on an English audience for whom Australia is 'down under')

(Not sure America has an equivalent - if so insert the county's name in place of Australia and chortle away)

Topic: Have you ever been offered a payment to sleep with somebody?
Posted: 18 Nov 2014 05:04

I spotted a beautiful woman in a bar and so I went up to her and asked whether she would sleep with me for £1 million
She thought about it for a moment, looked me up and down and then said yes she'd sleep with me for a £1million
I then asked her in that case whether she would sleep with me for a single £1
Slightly offended she took a step back and said "What do you think I am, a prostitute"
I replied "We've already established what you are, we are now just haggling over the price"

Old joke - but a good one!

Topic: Hitachi type re-chargeable wand
Posted: 18 Nov 2014 03:59

Somehow I've managed to lose the charger for my partner's wand. I think we left it in a hotel room a couple of months ago. Doh!
I have a drawer full of chargers for all sorts of electrical goods several of which have the same size plug. Rather than buying a new wand and charger I could try any of the ones in my drawer but I need to check the power output of the charger to make sure I don't damage/set fire to anything
If you too have a rechargeable wand would you mind looking at the label on the plug of the charger and letting me know what is says about the output - it'll probably be something like 12V 1.5A or maybe 5V 3A
Really appreciate any help, thanks

Topic: Shower gel .... with zing!!
Posted: 25 Jan 2014 04:56

Thanks for your replies - Original Source it is then!

Topic: Shower gel .... with zing!!
Posted: 24 Jan 2014 05:49

I'm away for a few weeks and want to send my partner a present - last of the romantics!
I've had a few shower gels in the past which really get your attention as soon as they hit your skin and I thought I would send her some to use in the shower to spread over her pussy and wake herself up whilst I'm not there
I'm sure you get the gist
Does anyone know of a gel with a WOWWWW!!! factor that they would recommend
Ideally reasonably accessible in UK supermarkets
Many thanks

Topic: Lusty Library refugees
Posted: 14 Nov 2013 05:25

Ah, Jonathon Philips is the person I was looking for
Cannot find anything recently written so I assume that he has changed his pen name
Perhaps he is already on Lush and I just haven't noticed him - although his writing was such I think he would stand out even among the luminaries here
Thanks for the pointers

Topic: Lusty Library refugees
Posted: 13 Nov 2013 01:30

I know of at least a couple of Lushees used to frequent the pages and forums of Lusty Library before it closed down and I feel sure many others did too

Bit of a long shot but there was a writer on there who had posted a good dozen or so stories. I really enjoyed his writing style and would like to re-read some of his prose

Unfortunately I cannot remember either his name or the titles of his stories so I don't know whether he is also on this site or other similar sites but I'm hoping someone can help me

What I do know is

He is British, wrote in a number of different genres but nothing too extreme, had a brilliant way with words, I believe that he went on the forums and was generally well liked

He won the story of the year in about 2008 (give or take a year or two) with a (true?) story about travelling across France as a young man for a summer holiday with a friend and his friend's parents and being seduced by the mother of his friend. He also wrote another story about a headteacher succumbing to temptation when disciplining a female pupil.

Any clues or hints would be appreciated

Topic: Youth football coaches to be fined/suspended for blowout wins
Posted: 25 Sep 2013 01:35

The problem is not the league officials or even the players, it is the coaches. The reason the kids are playing - and keep in mind we are talking about 7-13 year olds is because they want to play, winning is important but not half as important as it is to some managers/parents. It is however no fun being walloped every week.
In any sport, and I have managed youth football and rugby, there will be teams who dominate leagues and can win by large margins. In such circumstances it is down to the manager/coach of the stronger team to deal with it. It should be taken as an opportunity to take off the star players and put the weaker players on. The players who always start on the bench should start on the pitch. Rotate the squad around, put players away from their usual positions so that can get greater experience of the whole game and not just where they always play. If necessary play with a smaller team, 14 instead of 15 players (not sure how many in an American Football team!) Above all make a game of it so every player from both teams comes off having had a positive experience

Topic: Confused?
Posted: 06 Aug 2013 04:04

..and don't forget that kids only understand reverse psychology. If you tell her not to see David then she'll do the opposite. As a parent I think (most) of the advice given above is sound. Stand firm, be big and strong and wait to give your daughter the shoulder to cry on when she needs it. Parenting is tough and even tougher on your own. Good luck

Topic: How did you feel when you came to know that Neil Patrick Harris was a gay
Posted: 29 Jul 2013 03:58

I too picked up straight-away that XXX is a gay.

What I read was not that he had announced his sexual orientation but that he had become a stereotype.

Perhaps it is a British thing. We now have laws here which discriminate against discriminators. If you were to punch someone whilst calling them gay/straight, black/white, muslim/christian or even an American then you will be charged with a racially/religious/sexual orientation motivated crime which will carry a higher penalty than just whacking someone without saying anything.

If this has pushed Britain into becoming a more tolerant society than some places in the world then it must be a good thing. It does however lead us to notice comments which seemingly cross this divide.

This is just a general observation and is not intended to be a criticism of the original poster, even more so if for them English is a second language

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