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Chapter 2 is up

08 Jun 2014 08:32

Chapter two has been submitted! waiting for it to be verified! 'Bout a third of the way through chapter 3. I love writing this!

06 Jun 2014 20:03

Sooo....chapter 2 of Eros Academy is done. BUT I have promised myself I wouldn't post a new entry til the next one is a at least halfway done. I'd say I'll probably be submitting by friday.

04 Jun 2014 09:29

I am trying to my absolute damnedest to read, comment on and score every Comp entry, in between working on the next chapter to my "Eros Academy" Story. I will do it dammit! before the end of the competition I'll do it! So many fantastic entries!

01 Jun 2014 18:27 this is excellent

10 May 2014 04:43

I am beginning to Post the stories that were removed from this site onto Reddit. My Username there is the same as it is here. It will take a while for them all to go up and many of them will be splint into multiple parts. Please follow me over there, read, comment, talk me up, vote. Any stories that Lush deems suitable will continue to be published here.

23 Apr 2014 15:13

I am going to push on with the new changes made to this site. I've made my opinions about how wrong I feel they are well known now and been called a child for my efforts, so I won't use this as a forum to complain about them further. I Will just say that while I am proud of the 3 stories of mine the admins of this thought were acceptable to leave up, I am EQUALLY proud of the 6 the decided to take away. I will be looking for an appropriate site to repost them and as soon as I do I will make sure anyone who wants to read them knows how to find them.

In the mean time, I am always working on new projects and I have every hope that they will be up soon. I am working on something now that I am especially excited for eagerly look forward to sharing with those that wish to read them. I only hope I am able to get them onto the site, and at least a few people have the chance to read them before the powers that be hear see fit to remove them as well.

20 Apr 2014 10:00