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Post AEVC Part II from LA Weekly by Paul T. Bradley

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13 Oct 2012 06:58

Post AEVC In the News....Excerpt From LA Weekly at the AEVC convention
By Paul T. Bradley
SaphyreRose is an Utherverse call girl; the AEVC honored her as this year's Best Verified Working Girl. Her in-world husband (yes, Utherverse hosts about 1,000 virtual marriages a year), Eros, shared the honor as this year's Best Working Guy. Utherverse's working guys and girls like Rose and Eros book virtual sex sessions with Ray-paying customers. The couple -- in an open, long-distance relationship with each other in real life -- revels in being virtual royalty of the oldest profession.

Rose personally walks me through the seedier side of virtual online sex. Each encounter takes place in any number of virtual bedrooms or spaces decorated according to taste. "It's very alluring, very erotic," she says. "Well, it can be with the right person and the right chemistry and the right setting. Some think it strange, but it's really just a new avenue of enjoying sexuality."

13 Oct 2012 06:55

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13 Oct 2012 06:53