Flash Erotica(1)


Morning After

“Are you wet for me?” you ask.

I awake to the morning light peeking through the window. My surroundings lit ever so faintly by the sun. My eyes adjusting to the morning. I stretch, my body feeling sore from your beautifully painful torture the night before. I hear your laugh as I moan in achy pain. I lift my head and see you sitting in your favorite chair; your silk tie hanging around your neck, ready to be tied. I...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Hubbys birthday gift...

It was my husband's 40th birthday today and I had been planning his surprise for months now. I had taken the day off to make sure everything was perfect. I had showered, taking special care to make sure all of his favorite areas were silky smooth and that my hair was clean and soft. I had bought a new dress that was black with a slight shimmer, it was short and made my boobs and my curves...Read On

Love Poems(4)



I am yours you whisper...

YOURS, you whisper in my ear. I am yours you whisper again. Your voice telling me the things you want from me. The things you will TAKE from me. The place you will lead me, By collared neck or bound hands. We’ve been down this road before. I’ve tried to quit you, But your voice in my ear And the fact that the very essence of you Courses through my veins, Keeps me...Read On



I was his.

I lay there. Moving slightly, feeling the silk sheets caress my body. I hear his voice, calm and soothing with a slight edge to it that sent shivers down my spine. Are you ready he asks. I nod my head yes, my mouth dry unable to speak. He clears his throat in only the way he could, making it more of a statement. My tongue slides across my lips and I speak, yes Sir. I can hear...Read On


No Comparison

In a lot of peoples lives there is an other...

In a lot of people’s lives there is another. Another man or woman besides your spouse that you have that special connection with… In some cases that other is just one of many men or women that we have in our lives to fill that void… I feel your lips brush my forehead and your words love you. But your words spark no emotion in me, nor do they have any of their own. I know it's not because...Read On


Our first kiss

My eyes met yours for the first time. I blush slightly as our mouths simultaneously form smiles.  We slowly walk towards one another finally with in each others grasp. My fingers lightly touch your forearms moving slowly up your muscular arms to your cheeks. Down to your chest to cling to your shirt. I look up at you through my eyelashes. My mouth a tiny bit dry from nervousness. ...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)



"Can you do lunch?" His sexy voice asked. "Of course. The usual?" "Half hour?" "Sounds great!" I happily replied. "Darling..." "Yes?" I asked. "I'm famished." I all but giggled in response, "bye Anthony." "See you soon." "Can't wait." I ended the call. Goodness I can't believe that phone calls with him still make me breathless. I took a sip of my warm chi tea and smiled at the...Read On

Straight Sex(8)



And how do you want to use me Trenton?

There was something about a man in a well-tailored suit that was so incredibly sexy! Trenton Anderson was no exception to that. He stood about six foot four inches tall, and had a presence about him that commanded the attention of everyone in proximity. Most people thought of him as egotistical, but then again most people thought that of all lawyers. Most people also thought I got this...Read On


The Wait

A delicious wait...

One week. One week since I last saw his face. That's all the time that had passed, yet it dragged on like an eternity. Despite me watching the days, I was running late. I brushed my teeth as I blow-dried my hair. Quite a talent I know. *** It was 8:30 and I knew you were in your sleek black sports car on your way to the cafe already. I slipped on my new pair of cheeky black lace...Read On


Diversion -- Part 1

The beginning of her sexual freedom...

I step out of the shower into the steam filled room. I wipe the fogged mirror so I can see my reflection. My blond hair wet and slightly curly clings to my face. My blue green eyes staring back at me. I look every inch of my body over in careful examination. Have a few pounds I could lose. Other than that I was happy with my appearance. Pale skin, light freckles dusting my nose and...Read On


Diversion -- Part 2

She continues her journey...

I must really thank C.O. And G.S. for inspiring me! Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to read Diversion -- Part 1!! It was getting late as I left the airport and rented a car. I browsed the lot as it was quickly turning to dusk. I turned the corner and saw the car I wanted. Not just any car though, a jet black 2012 Mustang Boss 302! I speed out of the parking lot headed for HWY 863. I...Read On


Diversion -- Part 3

Getting to know her...

This part has no sex! Please please stay with me! It's building up to something good! I promise! I check into The Hotel on Collins Ave and jump in the shower. I washed quickly and wrapped my towel around me. I lay on the bed and turn my phone on for the first time since I began this journey. My phone buzzed, I don't even want to know what it says but I check anyways. Three voicemails...Read On


Diversion -- Part 4

They finally meet...

Beep-beep-beep. I reached over and slid my finger across my phone to stop the noise. I looked at the screen, it was Friday August 5th and unfortunately six in the morning. I hated getting up early I thought as I crawled outta bed. The hot water did wonders to calm my nerves that have been building since I got on the plane. I hopped out of the shower and quickly got ready. I spread...Read On


Diversion -- Part 5

Jayna and Gavin start their adventure...

He turns around and we both laugh! "Perhaps we should get some clothes on and maybe pack a bag and take a little boat trip. What do you think?" "I think that sounds amazing. I'd have to stop at my hotel and grab a few things. If that's okay?" "Of course. In fact why not check out and when we get back you can stay with me. Sorry if that's to forward of me..." "Are you mocking me...Read On


Diversion -- Part 6

"Let's not think about that yet. I just want to enjoy the time I do have you and don't want to think about goodbyes yet." "Me either love. So now what do you want to do?" he flashed me this childish grin, "let me guess... Fish?" "You got it. Good lord baby we know each other pretty well. Are you okay with doing some more fishing my love?" "Yes of course..." We get minimal clothes on...Read On