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Topic Do women masturbate when reading Lush stories?
Posted 27 Aug 2017 11:35

Absolutely Mmmmmmm

Topic Have you ever had sex or performed oral sex in front of others?
Posted 09 Mar 2017 15:36

was giving oral sex (blow job) to my date, while separated from my husband.......... in an elevator in the apt. building I was in when the door opened and a couple saw me on my knees in elevator. My date closed the door and I kept going Mmmmmmmmmmm

Topic Have you ever been on a date and
Posted 02 Dec 2012 21:54

Yes, the first time when my husband and I were separated and he came over to see the kids. After they were in bed he had his maritial way with me. After he left, I was upset and called a friend from work. He came over and he comforted me........ and we ended up having sex on the couch in the living room. I hadn't even washed after my husband was done with me. I felt so bad for my friend but he didn't mind or care. hehe

Topic Naughtiest place youve had sex
Posted 11 Mar 2012 17:00

When camping once, in the same tent as my boyfriends parents. We were in separate sleeping bags but I masterbated him and he came in my hand. We were teenagers then and now that I think of it, the smell of his sperm must have filled the tent. Parents did let on of say anything. Maybe there were heavy sleepers lol

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 02 Feb 2012 15:06

This morning in the shower. Still thinking about a story I read last night and about a luncheon I am supposed to go to tomorrow with my boss and her husband Mmmmm

Topic Why cum on your face?
Posted 09 Jan 2012 18:24

It has happened to me but only because I have a gag reflex and I pulled my head back too late hehe. Not intentionally

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 06 Nov 2011 12:58


Ever had sex with a close friend you knew for years before?


Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 06 Nov 2011 12:57


Ever ride someone's face so hard you worried about them not being able to breathe but it felt too good to stop?