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...there are so many things that could go wrong that I'm shocked by the scale of it!

03 Feb 2014 01:07

Today is a bad day, as probably are the days to come...

26 Jan 2014 02:47

I seriously think they should do an app for chatting here...

23 Jan 2014 09:26

I'm so glad a very good friend came back on Lush!!! Baby I missed you soooo much!

16 Apr 2012 02:24

Every 'girl' in here seems to be busy all the time!!! Oh but maybe just because I'm a fucking guy!!! Why don't you at least bother to say hi? Maybe I just wanna talk... maybe I don't just wanna have cyber... oh no wait... but maybe there are NO REAL girls here... now it all becomes clearer! Why should a real girl be scared to talk with a guy, when if he becomes pressing she could just ignore him? Just guys fear other guys... stupid homofobics!

29 Feb 2012 15:03

And the lights Turn them off my friend And the ghosts Well just let them in Cause in the dark It's easier to see

18 Feb 2012 04:52

I badly, badly need someone to play with!

09 Feb 2012 09:39

I'm sincerely starting to believe that the most part of girls in here is a (bad) fake! Enjoy life anyway!

27 Jan 2012 03:20

Have had a good education, today, is a great disadvantage. Excludes you from so many things... (Oscar Wilde)

17 Nov 2011 08:21

Happy i'm starting making friends here!

17 Nov 2011 08:19