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Topic What's a movie that you and your friends always quote?
Posted 27 Mar 2015 15:00

All classics, but haven't seen one of the greatest, most quotable movies of all time listed yet, Blazing Saddles!

Hedley Lamarr: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Taggart: God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

And of course Monty

"She turned me into a newt.
A newt?
I got better"

Topic Five letter word - change only one letter
Posted 31 Dec 2014 06:56

grant - grunt

Topic Watching porn with your girl?
Posted 18 Dec 2014 16:07

We both love watching porn together. Usually have one on when playing.

Topic What would you do if you came home and found your girlfriend masturbating?
Posted 20 Oct 2014 10:55

Id have defiantly have preferred it is he did any of these!!!!!

Haha nope not a monk just not that into sex. So masterbation is my other option ... first time hed caught me tho. Ill be more careful next time so i get my orgasm ;P

I think you should let him catch you again. I would be willing to bet the first time he was in shock and didn't know what to do. But I guarantee you he wishes he had handled it differently and has been jacking off to the thought of what he would do if he caught you again.

Topic Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 23 Jan 2013 08:42

Been there and have done all three.

Topic Anal Stimulation
Posted 03 Nov 2012 14:58

Ladies what is your favorite form of anal stimulation/insertion during vaginal intercourse? Please feel free to expand on how it enhances your orgasm and favorite techniques. Thanks

Topic Peeing on Guys/Golden shower etc...?
Posted 11 Oct 2012 13:08

Few years ago I had a Mistress who desperately wanted to do this to me even though it was on my hard limit list. Especially since i am a bit of a germ a phobe. Later she explained to me that since I am such a kinky bastard it was a turn on for her to push me past one of my hard limits and she surmised that it was the most attainable. Long story short after a night of drinking I agreed to it and even cleaned her pussy afterwards resulting in a very powerful orgasm for her. And of course making my Mistress happy only fueled my own great orgasm. The concession I made with myself was that at that point it was more rented beer than bodily waste.

Topic P spot stimulation
Posted 03 Aug 2012 14:55

Mission complete. GF squirted last night drenching the bed. Not porn squirting but more of a gusher. :)

Topic The Dom or Sub Test
Posted 31 Jul 2012 11:30

Threshold Dom

Topic Ever wanked with a girl's knickers wrapped around your cock?
Posted 26 Jul 2012 11:26

No, not wrapped around my dick but i have wearing them.

Topic Be honest, who's cum today? And in what circumstances
Posted 19 Jul 2012 13:34

I did this morning before work. Started while laying in bed naked with the covers off while the gf was in the shower. When she got out she came in took off her towel, joined me on the bed and watched while pinching my nipples at my request.

Typical woman she said as she entered the room seeing me jacking off and taking off her towel, "I just took a shower don't get me messy."

And the best response was as she got off the bed to get me a towel, "Wow that was a huge wad." First time i have ever heard her use the term "wad". lol

Topic Watching wife have sex
Posted 17 Jul 2012 07:24

I have enjoyed both sides of this topic. I have been the other man joining a couple and i have been part of a couple bringing in another man, woman and couple.

My relationships are primarily D/s in nature so in that context i love sharing. I require control though in these encounters. The focus is not on her having sex with another but more of her experiencing being desirable, slutty, getting fucked and showing off her oral skills and of course her having a great time and cumming repeatedly.

I would not enjoy nor allow my significant other to be out seducing, being seduced or fucking others without my direction. Though i do enjoy hearing about her previous conquest and adventures.

Not sure if I heard this before or if it's of my own but i claim to own it now.

"Sluts do not make good submissives,
submissives make great sluts." copyright pending ;)

Topic Watching your wife/partner with another man
Posted 06 Jul 2012 14:49

Yes, my gf and i fantasize about it together sometimes. As she usually is when I bring a new twist into our fantasy themes she feigned interest but can get quite raunchy with it now.

Some things are better left to fantasy. But if the stars and moon aligned just right yes.

Have in the past but that was a D/s relationship where I was her Dom.

Topic Eating a girl???
Posted 06 Jul 2012 12:09

I love eating pussy. I am very oral to begin with so a must for any girl I have a relationship with is that she loves it too. Nothing better than the taste of girl cum on the tongue.

Topic Big/Curvy/Fat Do you like us? in clothes or naked? What are the criteria we have to meet for you to say "Yup, I'll fuck
Posted 06 Jul 2012 10:14

Self esteem is the most important quality. If a man is there and wants to have sex with you then he obviously finds you attractive. There is nothing worse than a woman, large or skinny, that is embarrassed of her body or has body image issues. Embrace who you are. One caveat is when dressing, understand your body and what looks good on your body type and know what your limitations are on apparel. Ten pounds in a 5 pound bag doesn't work in most instances.

Topic Fisting
Posted 15 Jun 2012 06:04

Frankly speaking, I've always found fisting to be disgusting and a turn-off. In my view, a woman’s body is to be appreciated, loved, and devoured; not to be rather "harmed or abused".

Nothing harmful or abusive about it when done correctly. Actually quite the opposite. The connection, love and trust required between two people is amazing.

Topic How kinky are you? TEST
Posted 12 Jun 2012 09:28

99% Go figure

Topic P spot stimulation
Posted 14 Oct 2011 15:05


I consider myself reasonably well informed about sex. Lie I think I am very well informed. But I have been one of the ejaculating females most of my sexual life. Not always but most of the time. I have now run into a young woman who claims it is a learned skill. I always thought either you could or you could not depending on the conditions. Please provide your expertise on the subject.

It might be a learned skill in that you need a certain amount of very vigorous g-spot manipulation to attain female ejaculation and many women simply don't try or experience this, either through masturbation or intercourse.

Some women have ejaculated once in their lifetime but never again.

Others do it quite regularly, and some don't at all.

The actual percentage of females who ejaculate is uncertain. However, in Masters and Johnson's famous lab experiments with over 400 women, they did not record anyone who ejaculated at climax.

I believe that conditions have to be right in order to achieve g-spot orgasm. Women who have never tried intense g-spot stimulation may be entirely capable of squirting but just haven't experimented with letting themselves get there, so in that sense, yes it can be something of a learned skill.

It just has to be assumed that not every woman will have the right physicality and ability to let themselves go in order to produce a full squirting effect. Similar to how many women are unable to achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone.

Orgasm is a physical reaction but it is very guided and influenced by our psychology and mindset as well.

Olivia i have a further question on the topic of female g-spot stimulation and ejaculation.

My gf and i love masturbation play and practice serious g-spot stimulation in very passionate heated exchanges and she cums quite vigorously but without ejaculation and she becomes very sensitive immediately after her orgasm requiring all manual stimulation to stop. I am wondering if the reason she is not ejaculating is because she is holding back. I have been told that the urge to ejaculate is much like holding your urine so she might be mentally and physically not allowing herself to cut loose and cum at the level required for ejaculation due to the urge to control erroneously her bladder.

I will discuss this with her tonight and if my theory is correct i will try to talk her through not fighting the pressure and urges that may inhibit her. Any suggestions on how I might best convey this to her and squelch her inhibition. Assuming my initial hypothesis is correct. Thank you.

Topic How many cyber-partners have you had?
Posted 14 Oct 2011 13:47

Actual cybersex and camming in a one on one environment the number would be about 5. All of them were repeat offenders who i had a relationship with either strictly in cyber or cyber and real time. Every once in a while i have had a one night stand of dirty talk and camming. I prefer camming with audio, free's up the hands and can talk dirty. Couldn't count the number of people who have seen me putting on a public cam show though. Just me naked or in various degrees of undress talking dirty and getting nasty for everyone and anyone. So I chose "6 - 10, I like to play on rare occasion" even though it is not exactly a rare occasion. I love an audience.

Topic why do girls have to shave their pussys for guys!!! ?
Posted 10 Oct 2011 14:32

Variety is the spice of life. My girl shaves for me because she knows I love it. Actually she started shaving for me without me even asking or hinting. She did so because she wanted to turn me on of her own accord. And sometimes I shave her. But I do like variety so depending on my mood I will ask her to bring me her pussy shaved, neatly trimmed or with a full bush. I also manscape and sometimes completely shave for her.

Topic oral sex/clits and squirters - your opinions?
Posted 10 Oct 2011 14:13

Doesn't matter, though I do prefer a girl with a prominent clit when aroused. Nothing sexier than a swollen clit standing at attention. Present gf has the smallest clit i have ever had, a little button clit and I love it. In the past had a submissive girl with a huge clit about an inch long and she squirted, lots of fun!

Topic Fingers in Ass
Posted 22 Aug 2011 19:15

Yes the orgasms are way more intense.

There is always apprehension when getting a new partner to go there. But I could never spend the rest of my life with a vanilla girl so I have always weeded out the non sexually compatible girls rather quickly so not usually an issue.

My current gf is a keeper on more levels than just sex, so I am blessed. She came on my leg grinding her pussy on my ankle the first time she finger fucked me. She was in a sexual place she had never been and enjoyed it almost as much as I did.

Ps proper preparation and planning takes care of any unwanted issues.

Topic Why are males so obsessed with anal sex
Posted 26 Jun 2011 00:45

When done right between two people with passion and sexual chemistry in an erotic lust filled state it never, ever hurts. It is beautiful, sensuous, extremely intimate and another way of expressing a couple's love, trust and passion in a way that only two people with a deep understanding and trust in each other can communicate.

Ps. The reason some women and men love it is because it gives the most direct access to a woman's G-spot and a male's prostate resulting in some of the most powerful orgasms they have ever had!

Topic Underarms
Posted 26 Jun 2011 00:05

Clean and fresh out of the shower or bath. No deodorant. You never know where the tongue may trail. Oh, and shaved!

Topic Fisting
Posted 24 Jun 2011 13:53

My girl is tiny, tight and loves it! She is 4'11" and her PC muscle can clamp down as tight as ever.

I never thought of it as erotic or sexually stimulating until her and I am about as sexually open minded as they come. I have never witnessed a girl cum like her when I am stretching and filling her.

It is sex, it is a kink. And she thoroughly enjoys it and now I do too.