My visit with Christie and her Boy Toy

My visit for many firsts

I had been trying and wanting to see Mistress for quite some time. Our schedules simply did not match, and while they did on two occasions, Mistress was incapacitated with her monthly cycle. Though finally, our schedules melded. I had scheduled a time with her several weeks in advance; it had been a very pleasant yet torturous anticipation. Mistress had promised me several scenarios...Read On



Lynn gets a massage and more

This is a true real life experience!

I have had a personal ad to provide free massages, not truly intending anything sexual, to ladies for quite some time. I was and am not opposed to sensual or sexual, I simply love to please a Lady. The ad has not been too fruitful. Lynn responded to my ad and sounded genuine, her photo was absolutely precious, and her photo did not begin to do her justice in any way. She was...Read On