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Some thing inspired me one day,

so i wrote about it

15 Mar 2013 21:13

My knew profile!

20 Jan 2013 21:24

It's 2013! Australian time,

And I still feel safe on Lush.

11 Jan 2013 18:41

I think; sometimes it's the things you don't say,

that matter the most,

03 Dec 2012 18:58

Wishing Telltell and miss bluepiglet the best Lush wedding ever.

Always wear protection you two,

or you may find yourselves out shopping for little slosh boots!

24 Nov 2012 05:07

I'm not a very good golfer because I always want keep the ball on a level playing ground.

13 Nov 2012 14:04

I'm not a very good politician because I always want to put things on a level playing ground.

25 Sep 2012 16:52

More Golf- Less commercials

07 Sep 2012 04:46

Fuk, I'd love to be working for Lush Or stories space,

But I'd rather be screwing around there, like I do...

13 Aug 2012 19:51

Nice work Andrew Murray.

Careful, the queen might claim you as hers

05 Aug 2012 08:20

I'm getting me some cookies

24 Jul 2012 09:05

I made a vow to myself, 36 years ago.

It's come time to follow thru

18 Jul 2012 23:38

I made a vow to myself, 36 years ago.

It's come time to follow thru

18 Jul 2012 23:35

Writing is what got me in trouble the last time


13 Jul 2012 20:14

I pic. ed a place,

so I made it my world~


27 Jun 2012 22:30

I have more fun fixin mistakes, than I do making them.

Let me tell ya~


16 Jun 2012 21:48

Size does matter,

When it comes to writing

29 May 2012 21:21

I never got kicked off Lush,,,

least not yet!

03 May 2012 20:37

I'm gonna join a sexuall fantasy site, an ask a whole bunch a stupid questions!...(:

27 Apr 2012 19:11

Everyone; read Piquet's new one. "Claudia Incarnata...Part V

It's like drinking an ice cold beer on a hot summer day!

08 Apr 2012 09:08

Skipping lush is like skipping English class in high school four a day or to,,

05 Apr 2012 22:06


It's a matter of how you slice it,

or don't slice it.

I want to see Jason Dufner win.


05 Apr 2012 18:28

If I had to form an opinion, i 'd base it on what people don't say

14 Mar 2012 20:13

If you don't drink, , how would you have the balls, to write what you write?

29 Jan 2012 21:17

I came to Lush for the sex, a couple years ago! (: , but I stayed for the people that I';ve met

15 Jan 2012 00:20

It must be April first, Happy Birthday everybody

01 Jan 2012 09:05

Cat Steavens; Where do the children play?

31 Dec 2011 23:11

You ruffle my feathers, an I'll wear your ass out, wonder if that'd be a good title for a fantasy!

25 Dec 2011 00:14

I guess if I wasn't lonely, I wouldn't of spent Christmas eve on Lush,

24 Dec 2011 22:38

Kuchar and Woodland, what a team!

27 Nov 2011 00:20