scooter's Blog Entries

I try an explain myself,,, but then, spelling just gets in the way?

10 Mar 2011 16:08

To hell with eating corn, I'm making moon shine

08 Mar 2011 17:21

I may just know simple things,, but at least I aint confused by them

06 Mar 2011 22:56

We had lose of lives,1 in particular

06 Mar 2011 20:05

After a week of flooding, I'm looking at more snow outside?

06 Mar 2011 05:56

Subsadize me!, Unclefuking Sam

28 Feb 2011 17:30

It's amazing, how you can tear a building down in a day,,,,,,,,,,,,, because your paying tax's,,,, and farmers dont plant, so the Govntment pays them?

28 Feb 2011 15:43

Whats this,,,? another storm you send!

20 Feb 2011 22:16

If you can tell me whats going on,,,,,??? ! I can tell you whats going on?

I just wrote that!

14 Feb 2011 15:19

At the momment I got; busted chain saws, busted snow blower, a danged log splitter that wont start, and a broken heart

08 Feb 2011 17:12

I'M GONNA TURN THAT NEW LEAF,,, just as soon as spring gets here

01 Feb 2011 20:14

I may just know simple things, but, at least I'm not confused by them

06 Jan 2011 17:45

In school, the ones I lost to, was the ones I learned from

28 Dec 2010 20:50

I'm gonna turn another new leaf,,,before New Years!

15 Dec 2010 16:07

piss me off,, an be ready to defend your stupid ass

12 Dec 2010 20:27

Disregard a few of my recent postings. Seems there is a whole case missing from the beer fridge. Apparently, I was drinking that night

07 Dec 2010 18:07

Bend over there sugarbabe!

07 Dec 2010 02:44

I really, really,,,don't care, who the fuck you are

06 Dec 2010 16:53

certain things make me want to write,,,,,certain things don't?

06 Dec 2010 15:03

I'll tell you what I've fucked with the worst, Alan brought me here,,right or wrong,,, I'll stand with him,,yeah,dirty Martini

02 Dec 2010 21:42

i swim one way,,,,,, up river!

02 Dec 2010 16:22

I know plenty of big words I could use,, The problem lies in spelling them

28 Nov 2010 14:40

Isn't that what writings all about,,,,,puttin shit on paper?

27 Nov 2010 20:34

Happy Thanksgiving all, and remember: If the meats too dry, make it wet!

24 Nov 2010 17:57

If you were gonna ,,un-idiot-proff a sysytem,,What would you Bee

08 Nov 2010 15:25

Life is like a movie projector,,,,never ending

08 Nov 2010 14:18

Whats up DirtyMartini!

19 Oct 2010 19:10

some of you more sexy girls, should be spanked, an put to bed!

17 Oct 2010 22:40

what a fricken headache, I gonna try; smokin a few more bowls, an drinkin a few less beers

15 Oct 2010 06:55

I'm missing more teeth than most hill-billies,,,, course, I did play hockey

09 Oct 2010 20:33