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This is the first time I been this lit up,, since I got out-a-jail

I love a mellow night

27 Sep 2010 22:08

It's not about; who's right and who's wrong,,,,,,,,It's about what youv'e read, and who you choose to believe


21 Sep 2010 21:12

life isn't a dream,,,,it's your own imagination

20 Sep 2010 19:53

It takes a brave soldier to speak their total mind. Many will only say politically correct thoughts. One reason I hate politics

03 Sep 2010 04:31

I dreamed a dream once

29 Aug 2010 22:46

I love whole #'s. Half way just happens to be one of them

26 Aug 2010 22:18

Half way is a good number

17 Aug 2010 19:34

Into the mystic***_*** \----v----/

03 Aug 2010 22:07

Sleep tight all you blonde's in thongs

22 Jul 2010 20:54

I miss the ice-man already

22 Jul 2010 10:27

Paula Creemer, might be a better name, miss little

12 Jul 2010 00:06

No body said any thing to me about a limit on posting pics. when I signed up? I thought it was all about spelling proper, an punk-tuation

24 Jun 2010 21:05

Jealousy plays a role in all bad things savanna. Even the more serious crimes

09 Jun 2010 07:13

BP better get their shit together. Or I'm heading down there to help give them grief! They don't want that, I'll tell ya. I aint afraid to speak my mind, as small as it is,,,,,,LOL

03 Jun 2010 05:49

So, the Top Kill procedure worked out in the gulf. To what degree tho?

27 May 2010 13:22

So: the top fill procedure worked out in the Gulf,,,,100% ?

27 May 2010 13:14

Yeah Miss little,,,,what were they! Do tell

21 May 2010 14:36

I could think of a few ideas littlemiss

21 May 2010 13:01

Even ifin the Sheriff does find me,,,good luck to him getting me past all you guys, an gals. Thanks for all the freindships we've formed, all of ya's. Rock on..............*................

20 May 2010 09:34

Your one heck of a good dog shameless

11 May 2010 11:50

Hey miss little, can Westwood hang on today? I hope not

09 May 2010 06:13

We have near depleated the world of it's sustainable fresh water supply. Now we've poisoned our oceans

07 May 2010 06:06

Veiws: LittleMissBitch - 7420,,,scooter - 494,,, LOL,, Oh well,,I got 999 posting tho,,,,(:

06 May 2010 20:25

Well,, I cut my grass in less than 12 hours shameless. 2 to be exact. Now I have some other grass that needs some attention,,,,LOL,,If you know what I mean!

06 May 2010 12:22

LittleMissBitch has 6001 veiwings!!,,,I got 435,LOL, I think I would rather get eight,,~(:

22 Apr 2010 16:57

I'm just trying to not to,,,,get my panties all in a bunch today?

20 Apr 2010 07:30

LittleMiss is a sweet heart too, and her avatar is kick ass!

19 Apr 2010 12:53

New week, new challenges. I'm goin golfing!

12 Apr 2010 07:57

Had 2 computers break the shelf bracket, and fell an smashed a 6 track recorder today, also smashed one of the pc's. I feel sick

10 Apr 2010 17:35

Day 2 comes to an end, Whats his name leads by 1 @ -9 Ian Poulter @ -8 Sat. is on it's way With Phil in toe

09 Apr 2010 15:54