Love Poems(2)



two people coming together as one

Her lips, like crushed rose petals, begging to be kissed, her panties, just removed, clenched in my fist. Her breasts, pert and firm, begging to be cupped, her pussy, glistening, wanting to be supped. Her legs, long and slender, begging to be stroked, heart, beating like a drum passions already stoked. Her emotions , running riot Begging for my love, My cock, sliding inside her, fitting like...Read On



Waiting for a lover

Waiting, your body trembling with desire, as you imagine the touch of lovers fingertips, exploring the contours of your lushness, of dipping into the wetness of your want, your need, your desires, breath uneven, as your fingers trace the path of least resistance, and as you touch, the spark ignites the fantasy that has fueled your dreams....Read On