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hi there i am Sean 34 years old from London i used to be a member many years ago, now I am back.

i am an avid writer and have written many stories over various genres. i like making new friends and love to have a chat. i am not a big fan of cyber sex or roleplay but can if i am in the mood.

as usual i shall keep writing and chatting to everyone that knows me.

Sean R
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Hackney, Greater London, United Kingdom
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21 Mar 2018 11:05
i have many interest sexual and non sexual.
non sexual
modeling (building and painting plastic model kits)
relaxing with friends

legs and feet
pee play (pissing on and getting peed on)
transsexuals (feminine pre op)
Favorite Books:
any historical novel or a decent plot

The Count of Monte Christo
The Three Musketeers
any sherlock holmes books
Favorite Authors:
Alexander Dumas
Ian Fleming
Agatha Christie
Robert Ludlum
Arthur Conan Doyle
Favorite Movies:
All Bond Movies
Back to the future
crying freeman
drunken master
From here to eternity
North by northwest
Favourite TV Shows:
Knight Rider
Agatha Cristies Poirot
Dads army
band of brothers
Death in Paradise My Favorite
Favorite Music:
All Kinds of Music


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21 May 2016
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28,607 times
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Topic: your first cock sucking experience
Posted: 15 Mar 2018 18:46

was with a really cute transsexual who just oved the underside of her cock licked. we ended up sixty-nining and we both came more or less at the same time. i pussied out and pulled her cock out my mouth before she came. i got it right in the eye too.

Topic: What is your main motivation for coming to LushStories?
Posted: 28 Jan 2018 02:55

fun times and stories.

Topic: Do You Have a Hairy Cock?
Posted: 27 Jan 2018 02:40

i shave my cock down once a month. im naturally not a hairy guy, but what hair i do have on my body seems to be on my cock. it needs tending. dont wish any girls to get furballs. :D

Topic: Your favourite sammich.
Posted: 27 Jan 2018 02:38

i love a good ploughmans

Topic: Natural or Unnatural ?
Posted: 27 Jan 2018 02:35

I've got so many questions for you guys.... but mainly, "what's the matter with natural?"

I trim my bush to a neat clean shapely island on my mound but you want completely shaved which looks more like raw chicken. Why?

i prefer a little bit of hair, whether its a close trim, a triangle or a landing strip. i like a bit of hair. even if it just something to pull at while im fucking. btw i shave my cock.

Topic: What female features do you look for?
Posted: 27 Jan 2018 02:33

i have an extreme leg and foot fetish so i always look at legs and feet. i also love long hair.

Topic: Guys, how do u like your ladies pubic hair & what colour
Posted: 27 Jan 2018 02:31

generally i like my girls pubes neat and tidy. not necessarily shaven, just neat. i had a girlfriend who used to die her hair ginger so she dies her pubes bright orange.

Topic: rules of blood and gore
Posted: 21 Jan 2018 13:48

Hi Sean.

If you look at our terms and conditions, you'll see that what we disallow are stories which are the equivalent of a snuff movie.

Where a death is part of a plot, that's absolutely fine.

same rules. we just had a newer mod on that particular story. he's on the same page now. in the future, it would be quicker and easier if you simply contacted a senior mod, like me, and inquire - i don't always catch all the posts right away. thanks! :)

thank you ladies, the story has been approved upon review. he was very understanding to my point and explained his thoughts and now had accepted it. he was very helpful and an all round good guy about it. what i call a great mod trying to to do his job and making life easier for us all. i would recommend him highly. oh nearly forgot, his username is roberl.

Topic: rules of blood and gore
Posted: 20 Jan 2018 22:12

i would like to revive this post.

i recently wrote a story. no blood, no gore, just a death at the end, pretty integral to the story.

so i'm asking once again to all mods out there. am i allowed to write a story where a character dies/gets killed, but the death is not part of the sex.

have the rules changes since the last time this discussion has been talked about? or has it remained the same?

my story has been rejected on the basis od the death, but the od has been very good and they are ow reviewing the rules to see if it allowed.

Topic: Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted: 20 Jan 2018 12:11

yes, i love going down on a woman.

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Aunt Jesse

When I was a young child, my mother passed away through complications with an illness. I was too young to understand and took it very hard. My father also took it badly and for years he didn’t seem to get out of the rut of the loss. That was until he met Mia.  Mia was a gorgeous Latin woman who worked with my father in the diamond district. They seemed to hit it off and started courting....

Added 08 Mar 2018 | Category Taboo | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 11,607 | 13 Comments

My High School Reunion

You are cordially invited to your 20th class reunion. The class of 1997 would like to have the pleasure of your presence. The event will take place in the old school Assembly Hall. The evening will include live music, a buffet and speeches. I chucked the invitation on the bed. Wow, twenty years. The time had flown by. I looked at my watch. Seven thirty. Time to be fashionably late. I...

Added 18 Feb 2018 | Category Trans | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 4,904 | 13 Comments

The Escort

I had grown up in a poor family, as a child, my mother used to grow plants and then sell them door to door to buy us bread. Sometimes for dinner, all we’d get was bread and butter, on a good night, it would be toast with baked beans. Suffice to say we were below the average wage mark. Father worked hard, long hours for little pay as mother would stay at home and look after us kids. As we...

Added 10 Feb 2018 | Category Money | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4 | Views 3,280 | 1 Comment

School time lover

Names have been changed to protect the people involved As many of you know last summer I moved to a new country, Israel. Without going into all the political bullshit, it’s a great country where everyone is nice and welcoming. As part of my immigration, I must attend school five days a week for five hours a day, to learn the language. It’s a complicated language, but I am slowly getting...

Added 05 Feb 2018 | Category True | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.56 | Views 3,276 | 5 Comments

Automaton Lover

The year was 1887 and many scientists made headway for the betterment of mankind. Eleanor Poots looked at the clock. It was getting late and it would soon be getting dark. She stood up from her work table and took a small box of candles from the drawer. She walked around the room, putting candles in their holders and lighting them with a match. The room was soon alight with the flickering...

Added 02 Feb 2018 | Category Steampunk | Votes 3 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 882 | 2 Comments

Under his spell.

I had always been an innocent girl. It’s not that I was afraid or didn’t like boys or sex, it was that I genuinely didn’t know. I wasn’t brought up particularly sheltered, and I knew about boys and girls, it’s just that I was innocent, too innocent. I had just turned twenty-two and my mother decided that enough was enough. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t mature enough or something like that, but...

Added 01 Feb 2018 | Category Mind Control | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.58 | Views 4,123 | 7 Comments

Preventing nightmares.

As a single mother of a teenage child, life isn’t easy. Especially when that child starts having problems.  My name is Layla and I am a forty-three-year-old woman. I have kept my looks and work out three times a week. My son, Luke, is just seventeen and is a strapping, handsome young man.  I can’t say I was attracted to him, I wasn’t, but he did look a lot like his father, who I was...

Added 30 Jan 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 23 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 9,223 | 9 Comments

Parent Evening (With My Son’s Teacher)

Being a single mother is not easy, especially when the child is in his teens. It is also not easy to find lovers when they know you have a teenage son, especially when you are looking for lovers of the same sex. I am a thirty-nine-year-old woman, and I am a lesbian. The one time I tried cock, he got me pregnant. I don’t mind too much as I got my wonderful son, James from it. The bustard...

Added 23 Jan 2018 | Category Occupations | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,490 | 11 Comments

Black Widow

“Escaped convict, the black widow, strikes again, so far five dead.” David looked up at the screen of his television. The picture of a dark, attractive woman was on the screen. “If you see her, do not approach her. Call the police and report her whereabouts. This woman kills for pleasure, do not be her next victim.” David laughed, he loved a good horror story and all this scaremongering...

Added 21 Jan 2018 | Category Horror | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.6 | Views 1,341 | 4 Comments

Pissing Off My Best Friend

Hannah and I are best friends, we have been since we were young. Now we are both seventeen and in high school. We both hang out together, at home and at school, and always walk to and from school together. It was a summer afternoon and we had finished school. We started walking home and Hannah finished drinking from the two-litre bottle of water she had. She is a very health conscious girl...

Added 16 Jan 2018 | Category Watersports | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.6 | Views 4,562 | 2 Comments

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