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Two Fridays - Part 3: Mother's Unwitting Example

Watching porn was one thing, seeing the real thing was something else entirely

This story follows directly on from my previous story, Two Fridays – Part 2. Once again, Saturday morning came, and for a second time, I awoke to memories of what my sister Tina and I had done the night before. Had we really fucked each other like that, and taken each other’s cherries? I felt that roller coaster feeling, and then the hardening of my cock, as I lay there,...Read On


Mutual Attraction Part 3

Louise shows Wayne that sixty-nine is not just another number

This story continues on directly after my last story, Mutual Attraction Part 2. Morning came again, and for the second time, I woke up next to my sister, Louise, except this time we were in her bed and not mine. I looked at her, asleep beside me in her bed, as her chest rose and fell in her sleep, and then after a few moments, she also woke up.     We talked for a few minutes,...Read On


Brother and Sister make a porn

A brother and sister are forced to make a porn movie to solve money problems

My sister and I made a porn video, yes it sounds weird but it was different times and the situation was so dire, we were so desperate for money that it was the only option we had, I know it sounds dirty and weird but it really happened. Here´s the story. Dad had been gone for some time and our mom had just died, but not after been in ICU for about two months the insurance had run out a...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 2

“Naughty big brother, don’t you know, it’s not nice to spy on your little sister!”

All week, her thoughts were of her brother having fucked her. Other guys had fucked her before, but never like the way her brother had last Thursday. It was something special. It was more than just sex. It was pure desire between siblings. So, it was definitely safe to say she was happy it was Thursday again. It had been a long week. A long week filled with emotions that she had never...Read On


A Week With My Sister Part 1

A week that changed my life...

It was the summer after I graduated high school and was preparing to go to college in the fall. In the middle of July, my parents decided to go to Las Vegas for a week as a sort of second honeymoon. I thought I would have the house completely to myself for a week until they told me I would be staying with my sister Kate. Kate is 24, six years older than me and lives alone in an apartment in...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party

He saw his younger sister looking. He knew she would be.

She always loved watching out her bedroom window down to the pool. It was not a scenery thing to her. It was where she watched her older brother clean it every week. She would sit beside her window and watch him for the whole duration. It had become her ritual. She looked forward to it every Thursday. Nobody knew she watched him either. She would close and lock her room door and just enjoy...Read On


Brother Sister Experimentation

A brother and sister experiment sexually.

I was only 17, my younger sister, Jessica, was 16.  She was intrigued with by my body since she began to become sexually aware and her curiosity transitioned into her later teen years. We both went to the same high school, but saw each other rarely there.  At home our rooms were separated by a small bathroom with a shower, this was mutaul territory for the both of us. The bathroom was...Read On


Mark's Dark Desires / Chapter III

Brother and sister finally succumb to their dark desires.

Again, the same as last night, as she turned around, he was gone. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She had to feel her brother’s cock deep inside her, wrap her lips around him and suck him dry, feel his lips on her nipples or licked the folds of her young pussy. She wanted him so badly that her body ached to feel his touch. Kayla stepped from the shower and quickly dried off. She wrapped...Read On


My Dear Sister

The lust between a brother and sister

It was around four o'clock; I was just getting home from work. I walked into the house and found the lights off. Nobody was home so I went to my small bedroom and began undressing. It had been a long day. As I was undressing I heard a faint noise at my door. I turned around to find my sister staring at me. Megan was two years older than me, but from the time I was born she would follow...Read On


Sister's Stay Threesome

Brother and sister are joined by the sister's best friend.

As I wrote in my previous stories, my foxy 19-year-old sister, Amy, was staying at my house after breaking up with her boyfriend. She was taking her time about finding her own apartment as we were enjoying each other sexually for the past two months. My stacked blonde haired sister was draining my balls dry and I loved every minute of it. I just couldn't get enough of seeing, feeling...Read On


Birthday lust with my brother

Years of pent up sexual tension exploded with my brother on my birthday

My brother and I were total opposites. In school he was always popular, and athletic, and admired. I was just the younger sister. I was the smart girl, the one who got good grades and stayed out of trouble. My brother is only eighteen months older than me. We always fought like cats and dogs, but I knew that he loved me, and I thought of him like a God. Everything came easy to him. People...Read On


My Sister My Lover

Love between a brother and his younger sister

My young sister Sally and I had spent a somewhat lonely life after Mom died as Dad spent a lot of his free time with his new girl-friend. At first, we managed to cope sexually, me having a steady stream of girls who were more than willing to let me feel and finger and fuck them, poor Sally wasn't so fortunate. She was a pretty girl and, by the time she turned sixteen, had a fantastic body...Read On


A Brother's Confession - Part 1

A brother's confession may forever alter he and his sister's relationship

"Damn, she is so sexy. She doesn't know it yet, but she's gonna be my girl," thought Caleb Green. He and his family were at the kitchen table eating breakfast, but little did the rest of his family know that he was fantasizing about his twin sister, Kiera. He had been attracted to her for quite some time now. He was way beyond just liking her. At this point, he was in love with her,...Read On


Sister Owns Him - Chapter 1

John's sister owns her brother, sexually of course.

It was a cold winter day. John's school was cancelled all week due to a huge snow storm hitting. It still hasn't stopped. Since there was no school, and nothing else to do, John did what every teenage boy would do, he masturbated. While John was in his own world of sexual fantasy, little did he know his sister, Ashley, was watching him through a crack in the door. After John finally came,...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 5

He could not believe he was in between two women, one of them his sister, no less.

Both of them looked at each other as the knocking sound resonated on from his bedroom door. They were not sure whether to be scared or answer it. Well, she knew she could not answer it because one, she was naked in her brother’s room, and two, she had walked naked to it from her room and nothing to put on; she’d have to grab something of his and quickly put it on. Kind of looked like she’d...Read On


sister snaps that started it all

sister discovers her brothers love of her lingerie and incest fantasy

My name is Nathan, I’m 18 and am about 6ft 2”. I weigh about 128 pounds. I’ve all ways had a thing for women’s underwear (not wearing it) I love the way it looks on women. I have I 19 year old sister. I’ve always thought that she is hot, she has one of those figures that looks great in anything that she wears. She constantly wearing these tiny mini skirts that make her gym sculpted ass...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 3

“Little sister, let me show you just how RIGHT this is to me and for you!”

As she lied there in bed, she started thinking of the past two weeks that lead to things she never thought in her life would happen. She never thought that she would ever be in a sexual relationship with her own brother, but she was and she was thoroughly enjoying it. It had been the best two weeks of her life. She was looking forward to more time with him. And, tomorrow morning when she woke...Read On


Little Sister's Love Part 1

After two long years away from home, a brother surprises his little sister.

NOTE: This story might possibly be the first of many, therefore, there is a lot of character development in this first one. Don't expect any "hot action" in this story.. My only goal right now is to get you to understand and possibly connect to the main characters. Specific locations like towns and whatnot aren't being used for a reason. Introduction is a thick paragraph, nothing else will...Read On


Brother, Sister Bonding

An older brother bonds with his little sis....

Bryce waited outside the bathroom door, waiting for his younger sister to come out. He’d just come home from college for a few weeks and couldn’t wait to take a nice long shower.    “Kayla, hurry up in there!” He yelled, banging on the door. That was the problem with sharing a bathroom with your 16 year old sister; she always takes so damn long! He groaned in annoyance and leaned against...Read On


My Brother Eli

There's something wierd going on with my brother...

My brother has always locked himself up in his room for long periods of time. So it was nothing new for me to see that his door was shut, again. I couldn't help to wonder what he was doing in his room for so long. I was at an age where I had no idea what "sex" was. It only occured to me that he was watching TV, doing homework, or reading. But I didn't know why he had to lock his door. ...Read On


Brother/Sister Discovery's.

When my sister comes over things get steamy.

(Please note the characters for this story are fictional) A little background my name is Caileb, I am 25 years old & I am a Senior in College getting a bachelors degree in Meteorology with an emphasis on Tropical weather & Hurricane forecasting I am 6' 4" Blonde Hair, blue eyes 7" Cut Cock. My Sister Bryn (Ber-in) is a 19 year old Freshmen in College getting her bachelors degree in...Read On

Suddenly wanting incest!

A parody of bad incest stories

(Real) Author’s Note: This is not a parody of incest stories in general or the concept in general, and there are several incest stories that are quite good. It is only a parody of poorly written incest stories, of which there are quite a few. -------------------------------------- Johnny N. Cestorama woke up one morning in his bedroom to the sound of his mother yelling at him from...Read On


Sister's Stay / Voyeur

After making love to his sister for the first time, he becomes obsessed with watching his sister.

Ever since my totally erotic encounter with my younger sister Amy, in the bathroom the other morning (story “Sister’s Stay), I've been completely obsessed with her beautiful 19-year-old body. My sister looks very similar to the playboy playmate, Suzi Simpson, if you've ever seen her great body. She has sandy blonde hair with the same color light blonde haired pussy and grapefruit size...Read On


I Finally Fucked My Brother

I never thought I would get the chance to fuck my brother

My name is Abriella. Bri for short. I'm about 5'2, caramel skin, long black hair, blue eyes, and I weigh about 130 pounds. I was sitting in my room doing my homework when I heard my brother walk in the door. I ran down the stairs and found him making a sandwich. "Hey Bri, do you want a sandwich too?" "Yeah, sure, make me on too?" I walked past him and grabbed his cock through his...Read On


It happens with elder sister

when your love with your sister changes to lust.........

Hi, Guys I am nick(name changed) 19 yrs male, average built. I am presently in Bangalore, working in a software firm. This story is about me with my cousin sister. This started when I was in 10th standard. I lived with my parents, my younger sister and my grandparents. My cousin sister came to our house for further studies. She is 4 years older than me. First I had no attraction towards her,...Read On