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Mother and son help each other out

Mother and son help each other out

My mother and I have been living together for almost three years. My father left my mother and I with debt and not much else. He left us for a younger woman in his office. With no money and no means to pay off the debt that my father placed in my mothers name we moved from the high life in New York City to sunny California. My mom had a sister that lived in the desert there and she was...Read On


A Mother's Sin - Chapter 3

I cannot seem to resist the temptation of my son's penis....

After receiving news that my father had a stroke, my son and I were placed in the unusual and uncomfortable situation of sharing a hotel room on the trip to see my father. In a moment of incredible weakness, and incredibly poor judgment, I made a series of bad decisions, each one progressively worse. It culminated in me allowing my son to enter me wearing a condom he had stored in his wallet....Read On


A Mother's Sin - Chapter 1

On a trip, I am forced to share a hotel room with my son....

Introduction: A Mother’s Sin – My excuse These events took place in November 2011, a little over a year ago….. My mind wanders frequently; often in ways I do not intend, or want. I do not know if I am unique or not, but on occasion, I find myself thinking about things that society deems highly inappropriate. When I allow myself to explore inappropriate fantasies, I used do so with the...Read On


Waiting for my Son - Discovered

The secret is discovered by someone

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and both of my kids were coming home today. My 25 yr old son and 19 yr old daughter had not been home from college in a couple of months and I missed them both. I especially missed my son's big cock and as I stood in the kitchen preparing food for tomorrow, that was all I could think about. Even though we had been having sex for the last 7 yrs every...Read On


Waiting up for my Son - Rounds 2,3 and 4

The story of the first night continues

I took my naked 18 yr old Son by the hand and led him down the hall to my bedroom. I was naked too having just had sex with him for the first time, in the den. I pulled the covers back on my big bed and crawled up onto it. I turned and opened my arms to him. We had crossed a huge line but the sexual fog we were in was hiding common sense. I said, “ Come here Baby.” He crawled up onto my...Read On


It Does Make Sense, Really

I love my son, of course, so what he wanted really did make sense, it really did.

I've lived in Cleveland all my life, born here, grew up here, dated, got married, had a baby, David, he goes by Davie, then divorced his son of a bitch dad who was fucking every woman in town but me. That was seven years ago. Since then, I've seldom dated and when I did, the guys never seemed to pan out. So, Davie and I live in a small bungalow, he's seventeen now and I'm forty-one. He's...Read On


More Fun with my Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 2

I finally got my step sister and step mom together

More Fun with my Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 2 Over the next couple days I could not get what my step mother said off my mind. The sexual tension around the house was at an all time high. The flirting between me and my step mother was almost continuous. Anytime we were alone for even a minute she would rub my dick through my pants, or lick her lips while looking at me. I knew she was just...Read On


Mother and Son

Things happen for a reason.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  I believe things in life happen for one of three reasons. Things happen because they were planned, as a result of circumstances, or because they were preordained or destined. This story about my son and me, I believe, was a combination of...Read On


Disabled Son, but Able for Mom - Part 1

A mother and her paralyzed son reunite, this time with his young friend.

Chapter 1 Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed in 1986. After his rehab and a brief stay back at home, he quickly grew accustomed to life in a wheelchair. He was introduced to his new sex life by his personal care attendant. Strangely enough, he was further educated around the same time by his mother. In fact, the three of them together explored new sexual possibilities his last...Read On


Disabled Son, but Able for Mom - Part 2

A mother and her paralyzed son reunite along with his young friend and try something new.

When they entered the room it was obvious Brian would have to be the first to get into bed. He pulled his wheelchair beside the bed and removed his armrest. Just before he scooted into bed he took a quick look at the others. His mother stood directly in front of him. She was topless and the light pink panties were so sheer. Therefore, he was able to clearly see the two things he had...Read On


In the Heat of the Night: Part 1

Mother comes home early and catches son masturbating naked in the living room.

It all started the night mom came home early. I had put a Sharon Stone movie in the DVD Player and was stretched out naked on the living room sofa stroking my soft cock when she walked through the door. I was watching the screen so intently, waiting for that bathtub scene where Sharon Masturbates, unaware that she is being watched and videotaped, that I wasn't even aware that mom was...Read On


Games, Part 2

Diane and her son, Ashley and her parents conclude Truth or Dare

You probably read in Part 1 that after a great meal of bakedsalmon, my son, Chad and I had begun a game of Truth or Dare/Double-dare in Ashley’s living room, along with her parents, Susan and Dominic. My husband, Jason, was out of town and I’m not sure they would have invited him, anyway. The game was X rated and Dominic used an iPad app for each theoretically random turn (I learned later...Read On


My mother in law!!!

What the mother in law saw and had!!!!!

Mother-in-laws! I was off from work one day due to a bad toe. My wife was at work and was not due home for hours. Anyhow about lunch time I was feeling peckish but most of all I had I had an urge. That urge was in my pants so I shut the curtains in the lounge and put the DVD on. I looked for my favourite dirty film and pressed start. With that I put on my head phones and stripped to my socks...Read On


More Fun with My Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 1

More sexy fun with my hot step sister and my step mother

Everything seemed normal around the house after the wild weekend I had with my step mother. About the only difference was I looked at her differently now. Before she always turned me on and I loved to look at her, but I tried not to get caught. Now I wanted her to see me undressing her with my eyes, and I also noticed how she looked at me when no one else was around. We had always had a...Read On


Son's mother in law

Peter is seduced by his son's sexy mother in law

A couple of years ago on a brief trip back to the U.K, I decided to call in at my son's house to pay him and his lovely wife a surprise visit,. I knocked at the door and waited and as the door opened I quickly realized that the surprise was all mine. There standing in the doorway in a short flimsy summer dress was Rita, my son's beautiful mother in law. My eyes instinctively scanned the...Read On


My Mother-In-Law

My wife's mother was lots of fun.

When I was married to my first wife, Her Mother was about early 50's, with a very fine looking body on her. She was married to her third husband at the time, who was quite a bit older than her. She was always having other guys over to fuck her, as Earl her present husband, couldn't get it up enough to take care of her; like her daughter she loved to fuck. Her daughter and I had kind...Read On


Son owes mother

Son has to pay to keep mom silent

It started like anything other night. My sister Patty and I were watching television and bored. Our parents worked late and sometimes double shifts at the local casino, Cesar’s Palace. My parents made a good amount of money so it afforded us some luxuries. We were up late just watching some movie with old gangsters set in 1930’s driving around shooting each other. I was slouched down...Read On


Sexual Awakenings - Chapter One

My fantasy of how A mother plots to introduce her son to sex

My name is Des. I was a seventeen year old boy with an increasing interest in sex. My mother, Alice was forty but still had a great body with 36C breasts, hot butt and a nice waxed pussy. Six months ago earlier she started leaving the bathroom and bedroom doors open when she was naked. I was not sure why she started doing this but I was enjoying seeing her beautiful body. My parents...Read On


Dirty Mom, perverted Son, and shy Maid

Perverted son made shy maid watch him masturbate, and then the dirty mom had threesome with them.

Kelly was a thirty-nine year-old busty and beautiful woman. This afternoon she was working in the kitchen, and Kelly’s eighteen-year-old son, Jeff, was studying in his room. Kelly had a twenty year-old maid, Susie, who was also in the house at the moment; she was cleaning the bookshelf in the living room. Kelly had big boobs, nice big ass, black hair, and she was a big whore. Susie was shy,...Read On


Mother’s Milk

Ramming her wet cunt so hard that she screamed in passion

I’m masturbating alone in the shadows On the tenth day of my second sentence, Shrouded in the darkness of the second cell In my second asylum, in as many years My only other comfort, amongst the filth As I pleasure myself like a rabid dog Is the portrait of my dearest mother. Painted from the most vivid images Held in mind, within my memory palace. The memories of her heaving breasts,...Read On


Second time is the charm?

My son is back for more the day before his father is due home.

I was in bed watching the Olympics; is it just me or isthere way too much weird stuff on boards, not to mention shuffleboard on ice, and not enough figure skating? Chad came in wearing different pajamas from last night. Those were in the laundry hamper, these were plaid, a Christmas present from his dad, who’s Scottish if you go back 150 years. It was about 10 pm. We hadn’t talked about...Read On


Mom's Milk Part 3

Teen tries mother's milk, gets aroused

Mom quietly slipped into my bed, snuggling her nude body against mine and holding me silently. Since the school year had ended, she had made a practice of slipping into my bed after putting the baby down for its morning nap on days when Dan was out of town on business. It felt like mid-morning, maybe ten thirty. I rolled onto my back and stretched while she lay against me, her arm thrown over...Read On


Mother and sister love

An experience I didn't think would happen

Mother and sister love I want all of you to know that this is a real true story of my mother, my sister, and me. It all started when I was 25, and after my step-father passed away. I was in the living room watching television, when my mother told me to close my eyes so she could run to her room after taking a shower. Of course I closed my eyes, but always wanted to see my mother naked....Read On


Mother of the Groom

Spending time with my best friend's mother the day after his wedding

"It was really a beautiful wedding wasn't it, Justin?" Kathy asked me. "Yeah," I agreed. "Nate looked happier than I've ever seen him. Vicky, too. They're a great couple." We were sitting on her back patio, sipping mimosas, and nibbling on pieces of cantaloupe she'd cut up. It was about quarter to noon. I was wearing jeans and a button down shirt. Kathy still wasn't dressed. She wore...Read On


The Mother In Law - Elle Chapter 4

The fourth part in an ongoing series about his taboo fascination with his mother in law

He drove Kath and Elle to the wedding reception. The ceremony in the church had been quite pleasant, but his mind was preoccupied with the lust filled images that he was constantly imagining of his dick and Elle, his mother in law's ass. She was wearing a black dress that went down to her knees, a pair of black 3 inch high heels and a cardigan that covered her otherwise bare shoulders. She...Read On