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My Sexy Mother-In-Law

I seduced my mother in law

My name is Matt and I am married to a wonderful woman named Linda. We have been married for about 5 years. Recently her parents were down for a visit and asked me if I could help them out. John asked if I could travel back with them to Ohio and help them for a week to set up their new business. My Father-In-Law is a very intelligent man but he doesn't know the first thing about computers so...Read On



A lesson in seduction

I sit across the table from you drinking a glass of wine. I listen to you with my ears as well as my heart. I hear not only what you say, but what you try to hide. I stroke the inner vein of your wrist tracing the vein up your arm. I reach across and brush the hair from your eyes, kissing you gently, lightly biting your neck. I whisper in your ear that I want you. You stiffen...Read On


First for Mom

A horny mother finds relief under her own roof

Jill Mellon stood in the kitchen of the sprawling suburban home that her ex-husband had left her, preparing breakfast for her teenage sons, Bill and Dave. Expertly her hands moved across the stove, flipping the eggs with a flick of one wrist, turning over the bacon with the other. Jill smiled, brushing the long brown hair out of her eyes. Nearly twenty years of marriage could make any woman...Read On


Hot Enough III

Dave and Karla learn the history of their family, and that it really is a family affair

Three naked people, mother, brother, sister, sat or lay on a bed, all eyes toward the bedroom door. They were waiting for a man to walk through that door, a man would would be husband, father, and lover. A little over an hour earlier Dave and Karla had given and taken their virginity in a lust driven sex bout that was capped by Eva, their mother, walking in on them as they lay buck naked...Read On


Mother and sister love

An experience I didn't think would happen

Mother and sister love I want all of you to know that this is a real true story of my mother, my sister, and me. It all started when I was 25, and after my step-father passed away. I was in the living room watching television, when my mother told me to close my eyes so she could run to her room after taking a shower. Of course I closed my eyes, but always wanted to see my mother naked....Read On


Mother and sister love

An experience I didn't think would happen

Mother and sister love I want all of you to know that this is a real true story of my mother, my sister, and me. It all started when I was 25, and after my step-father passed away. I was in the living room watching television, when my mother told me to close my eyes so she could run to her room after taking a shower. Of course I closed my eyes, but always wanted to see my mother naked....Read On


My Reluctant Wife and A Friend in Need: Part 2 - Fucking Joan

My best friend cuckolds me by fucking my reluctant wife.

I wrote a pervious story, “A Friend in Need: Part 1 - Sucking Tom”, and this is a follow-up to that story. That story involves me being cuckolded by my best friend, whose cock I have been sucking regularly since the encounter in the first story. My friend, Tom, was sharing a hotel room with me when a series of events lead me to sucking him and admitting my cuckold desires. I told him that...Read On


Aunt janice Comes to Visit Pt 2

second part of story about my step mother's sister

Aunt Janice Comes To Visit Pt2 I sat there on my knees trying to catch my breath as I watched my step mother and her sister continue to kiss. My aunt was still slowly pulling and stroking my now softening shaft. My step mother pulled her mouth from her sister’s and turn to watch her dainty little hand stroke my cock. My step mother was still slowly massaging her sister’s clit with her...Read On


The Book Store: The otherside of the story part 2

Stacy loves her glory hole

This is the second part of a story The Book Store was part one. This tells the story from the other view point. Hopefully, I will be able to continue this story line about Ted and his mom. Stacy entered the empty closet stall next to the bathroom. Locking the door she quickly began undressing down to her panties. She always stripped before kneeling on her clothes as padding. A habit from...Read On


Son's friend

Having sex with my son's friend

As many of you know, I'm a married 45 year-old mother with two sons, one 25 off on his own now, one 23 in college, and a daughter. I am 5’6” tall, with nice long brown hair, brown eyes and weight just right I think for my build. I have 34C boobs with large firm nipples. My husband Nick is a police officer and is away from home from time to time for different reasons. We have a very good...Read On

WebCam Mom

Steve never thought about his mother sexually. That is, until hewas referred to a video sex site by his childhood friend. Shortly after he clicked the link, he realized just how stimulating his mother could be - both on screen and in real life. Chapter 1 After school, everyone would meet their friends to talk about what they were doing, or where they were going immediately...Read On


My mom’s so sexy

My name is Keith and I am in my early twenties and I live alone with my mom. For as long as I have known it has just been the both of us. Dad disappeared when I was still young, not young enough that I don’t remember him. He was a bit of a prick if I remember. Dad was a high-powered lawyer who ran away with his secretary, leaving mom and me alone. Mom won the custody settlement and...Read On


A Weekend with my Mother in Law

Son-in law and mother-in law's passionate weekend.

My mother-in law "Gloria" is 62-years old, stands 5'10 and weighs around 130 pounds, with flowing raven hair and never ending beautiful legs. She has 4 beautiful daughters, none as tall as she but all dark-haired lovely girls with beautiful bodies. She has a way of walking that turns the head of not only men but women as well. She wears a special Italian perfume that always weakens me as...Read On


The Third Time with Mom is More Than a Charm

Mom and I make love again after 25 years have passed since we were last together.

I love my mother. Most men can easily make that statement. I however, can also say that I have made love to my mother. This is where our relationship is unique. I have written in detail other stories using different names and from the third person telling about how my mother and I ultimately became closer than ever. In 1986 I was 19 years old and broke my neck in an accident while in...Read On


My Sex Journal: The New Years Eve Kiss

Mother and son make love for the first time on New Years Eve

Don, for those of you who haven't yet read my earlier journal entries, Don is my father. As a child, he was something of a Boy Edison and had acquired his first pattern by the age of sixteen. He had two more by the time he graduated from high school. He's never invented anything that changed the world, like Edison's light bulb or phonograph, but they did earn him a sizable income. Like Edison,...Read On


moving on to sis

quick dangerous oral session with my mother has consequences

l was now 18 and a half and it was two years since me and my mum had begun a sexual relationship, l'd filled out to quite a good looking tall, thin, but muscular man and so had my cock. The sex l had quite regularly with my mum had just got better as time went on. Sometimes we would stay in bed all day and night, trying different things, things that were new to her to, as she had a pretty...Read On


Incest Games Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Travis wasn't used to whiskey. He'd only had three beers in his life, and the drink he'd taken with his sister was a fire in his belly. He wanted another one, but didn't dare swallow it because he might get too smashed to go upstairs. And Jenny hadn't been putting him on when she said she'd never screw him again, if he didn't help...Read On


Close Knit 2: I Spy...

While crashing at his friend's house, Vincent spies on his friend and his mother...

I sat on the edge of Zander's queen-sized bed, wearing the sleepwear he'd been kind enough to lend me: a plain white t-shirt and a pair of gray sweat pants. I had run away from home, so to speak, after my getting into a heated and damn-near violent argument with my dad over the weed stash mom found while snooping in my bedroom. I dashed out of there while dad was telling me how worthless I...Read On


A Tale Of Forbidden Love

Another hot mom and son story

A Tale Of Forbidden Love My name is Shannon, and I work for an affluent college just outside of Chicago. I recently turned 30 years old, and have been single for the majority of my life. Admittedly, it's been an easy way to go for me and my finances since my parents were well off ever since I can remember. In fact, their large, charitable donations to the college landed me the job five...Read On


The Book store

Ted had found a glory hole!

Driving home from his first class at the local community college, Ted thought he saw his mom’s car turn up the street, just a few cars ahead of him. “I can follow her if she’s going to eat someplace I can have dinner with her,” Ted reasoned to himself. His mom a pretty woman at 42 had been an inspiration to Ted’s early puberty, her auburn hair, large full breasts, 40d according to the...Read On


Erika, Cindi, Ken and Eddie, a Modern Family?- Chapter # 1

Erika and her two children all find a new lover.

Well, I thought it time to write about myself. My name is Erika, I’m currently 38 years old, divorced and the mother of two brats, one a girl age 16, the other ostensibly a boy, age 17, but possibly a creature from another world. Just kidding, I love him dearly. Their names are Cindi and Ken, but you figure out which is which. Me? I’m 5'6" tall, and I have long chestnut colored straight...Read On


Close Knit 2: The Climax

Fed up with being teased, Vinnie decides to take what he wants from his mother.

          "So, are you going to ask Persephone out or what, man?" Greg, my closest friend next to Zander, let his heavy backpack fall from his shoulder as he slid down beside me on the school bus, the backpack hitting the ground with a dull thud. I peeled my eyes away from the window, where I'd been examining an auburn-haired teacher who shared an almost uncanny likeness to my mother, except...Read On


Two Against the World Part Two

Young man has his first threesome with mother and grandmother on a Bear rug.

It was 9 o’clock. I was pouring my second cup of coffee, waiting for our guests to start arriving, when Debby walked into the kitchen wearing her Mrs. Claus outfit. It wasn’t much, a tiny, red velvet miniskirt trimmed in white, faux fur that barely covered her crotch and a matching open cropped vest style top. The top was held together by a tiny strip of cloth that barely covered her...Read On


Reluctant Decadence

A 'reluctant' fantasy is such a thrill.

He wraps tendrils of hair around strong fingers and tugs my head to one side. ‘Tell me you want it, bitch,’ he demands through gritted teeth, his expression full of menace. ‘Tell me how hard you want to be fucked and exactly where you want it.’ My eyes water as he grips my hair even tighter. Bobby is eager for my answer and I’ve never been one to disappoint. But I must stick to the programme....Read On


Finding Comfort In My Son's Friend (Part 2)

Still grieving other her husband's recent death, Beth finds comfort in her son's sweet friend.

"Ohh, it feels so nice," I gasp as Peter's fingers continue to work my clit, the pleasurable sensations pulsing through my pelvic muscles.  Suddenly he stops and a sweet little whimper escapes my mouth, making him smile.  "I didn't finish, Peter," I say, almost pleading.  "Shh, it's okay. I'm not done, Ms Gardner," he says. I clutch desperately at the bottom of my dress, the slick...Read On