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The House on Viking Point

Continuing the black comedy of an incestuous mother

PART TWO OF THREE At this point in my narrative I should explain a few details about my mother. The promontory known as Viking Point stands 500 feet high and is almost sheer cliff amongst rugged and broken coast with a boulder-strewn shore. Our house is built into a large niche in the cliff almost three-quarters of the way up. If you draw a line due east from the house across the North Sea,...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 15- 2nd Half

The second half of the all women chapter. Comments and feedback greatly appreciated.

-----(Back to Rita and Randy's room, Rita's POV)----- Finally, we made enough room in all the drawers where Randy could keep his stuff there and I could have my stuff there too. I had to clear out his night stand drawers of all his miscellaneous stuff and turn them into sock and underwear drawers, but at least it was working. Now all I had left to do was make room in the closet for my...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 14- 1st Half

They got caught, now what?

I have to cut it in half so it would get submitted. Second part coming up later. I couldn't believe what we just walked in on. Rita and I went to tell Stephanie and Chris about our relationship only to find them fucking each other, something we did not expect. To say we were shocked would be the understatement of the year. We watched mouths open as they grabbed their clothes off the...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 19- Part 2

An interesting close to the day.

We drove to the pizza parlor and went to sit down at our favorite booth, only to be bombarded by the “Ashleys,” That’s what we’re calling them now since they act just like the girls from Recess. Ashley squeezed in the booth with us and the other girls got in on the other side. The waitress came over to take our order just as we fit in the seats. “Ok, party of six, what’ll it be?” “One...Read On

Seducing Kevin My Son's Best Friend

The night I had my son's best friend

My son Jake was home from college on summer break. He'd told me that he would be bringing his friend Kevin to stay with us for a few weeks. My husband Frank, was in Japan with his job for a month. I hadn’t seen my son in a while and was looking forward to spending time with him and his friend. My name is Maria and I'm a MILF (a mother that likes to fuck.) My husband is always traveling and...Read On


A Preacher's Son

He was there again. On a Sunday, underneath the same oak tree that block the view from every one walking around in the park. He was sitting in a hallow that the root of the tree made. It was like a little campfire circle. His brown hair was whipping around in his face as the fresh wind blew. He looked so unlike himself when he was at school. His name is Micheal O'Conner. He was a really...Read On


The incest video interviews chapter 14A

Rita runs into three generations of incest (Sort of)

I told Ted that we had finally gotten pregnant, and he couldn't have been happier about it. He was more than ready to have a baby with his big sister. I wasn't showing yet, but he did tell me something. When I did begin showing, that I should take a little hiatus from my experiment. He didn't want me to quit, but to go on an indefinite hiatus. At least until the time was right to continue. ...Read On


Night Nurse

Nancy plays a new tune on an old fiddle…

Nancy was a really devoted nurse. Great nursing is a gift that very few people are born with, you either have it or you don’t. If you are empathetically challenged, then it is not your calling. In the oncology section of the hospital she worked in, Dr. Johnson recognized her special talent with the terminal patients and often made mention of it to her. In fact, he was the one to advise Nancy...Read On


Sensual Pleasure

She had a seductive smile on her face, Smiled like she's gonna try something new with me I had a puzzled look as well as desired eyes,  Longing for her breath Slowly unbuttoning my shirt,  She caressed across my cheeks And gave a deep kiss It was the most wonderful kiss I ever had! My cock stirred up, She saw them and a smile came across her face She removed her...Read On

Recommended Read

The Taking Of Cassidy Lynn

Cassidy is seduced at a company party by a dark stranger

Cassidy was in a foul mood. Everyone at the party could sense it and they were avoiding her as if she was the center of a five-foot quarantine. Stress was ever-present for associate attorneys at Sinclair & Lewis and the others had far too much of their own to be interested in becoming involved in hers. For her part, Cassidy was vaguely aware they were keeping their distance and that was...Read On


Me, My Friend Bill, and His Mother -- 3

Neal gives up all attempts to resist the temptation of his best friend's mother.

My name is Neal – I was a rather normal sixteen year-old in the Sixties. Normal, that is, until the Saturday afternoon when my best friend’s mother gave me my first blowjob and my first fuck. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: damn, dude, that must have been awesome; what a lucky SOB! I didn’t feel lucky. I grew up in a church so strict that we looked down on Southern Baptists as...Read On


My Mother's Lover and Me

This should have never happened, but it did.

Having returned home after visiting some friends, I had found my mother and one of her contractors naked and recovering from sex on the pool deck. I was shocked. I was aware she had arranged a meeting with him, but had no idea that sex was to be the reason. My mother had been a widow of five years and, to my knowledge, had not entertained a man since my dad’s death. This was a...Read On


A Step Mother's Sin - Ch. 2: Mistake Two, I Join Him

I make my second huge mistake; I join him in a masturbation session.

Chapter 2 - The next day: my second huge mistake, I agree to join him... I awoke and went to work, but I spent most of the following day deeply distracted about the relatively innocent interaction with Robert the night before. I was anxious on several fronts. The embarrassment of the incident notwithstanding, I also had to admit that the image of his very large, very erect penis was...Read On


Reunited chapter two

Billy, it's beautiful

I felt really strange sitting in the lounge of an hotel with my son whilst he told me about how his step mother had been frigid for much of her marriage to his father.  It was something I didn't really want to know about, so I pushed him about why they'd had what he called strong words. "Well," he grinned shyly, "They'd been out to a friend's wedding, they should have stayed overnight, but...Read On



How many rich girls have you screwed?

I saw her over a crowded dance floor, or rather through a crowded dance floor; she was about five-foot-nothing with a mass of unruly blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes I'd ever seen in my life! She was wearing a light blue mini dress that left most of her long thighs bare, and right from the first moment I saw her, I was smitten. It was nearly closing time before I plucked up the courage...Read On


Reunited - Chapter Six, Final chapter

Fuck the party

***Sally*** Wrapped loosely in our towels, we ate our barbecued steaks. I was very much aware of Michaels’ eyes on my boobs as he ate his dinner while working out the cost of our pool. His fingers moved like lightning over the calculator and finally he looked up. "Roughly, about eighteen thousand, give or take the odd pound or two." "Yeah that sounds okay. When can you start?" He agreed...Read On


A Love For Life

I want to make you scream again.

We were the last to leave the party. The band had already announced the last waltz, but we clung together for the final time. We were about to spend the rest of the night together in a hotel bedroom and we wanted to remember it as special. I'd just finished a run as the star of a West End musical show and I was sky high. I had a month off now and was looking forward to spending it with...Read On


Reunited chapter three

This time, make love to me.

BILLY                    I'd seen what mum needed as she proudly showed me the field, and to say that I was impressed would have been the biggest understatement ever. She'd done miracles! It cost me all the money I had and a bit more besides, thanks to my credit card, but when mum eventually surfaced, I'd already dug out the base for it. "Is it in order for me to ask what you're doing?" ...Read On


Reunited chapter four

You're the only person to have me in every hole

I slept late the following morning and it was almost dinner time when she woke me; a hand gently masturbating my fully erect penis and her heavy breasts pressed into my back. I moaned softly, still half asleep and turned to face her, but she slithered down and suddenly my prick was engulfed in the warm wetness of her mouth. "Mum." I gasped as I felt her tongue lapping at my swollen dome and...Read On


Sunday With My Aunt

You dirty, dirty Boy

Sunday lunch time was always my favourite time of the week because it meant lunching with my mother's sister, my Aunt Rose. So punctually, on the dot of twelve thirty, I rang the bell on the front door of her imposing old house in one of the better parts of town. At forty-two she was two years older than my mother and a senior partner in a well respected accountancy firm, she'd never...Read On


Driving Aunt Sue

Working for family has its benefits, for sure.

I watched as she walked up from the ocean, her body glistening with little droplets of water, her eyes shining with pleasure. The beach was crowded with holiday makers many of them almost naked like her, some of them completely naked, but not one of them was as stunningly beautiful as her. Her heavy breasts jiggled delightfully, the delicately pierced nipples catching many an eye. Eyes...Read On


Maggie’s Family – Part 2

A story about me and my family.

During the following week of waking, seeing her husband off to work in the morning and then going back to bed with both her kids, Maggie had finally formulated a plan that could involve her husband. She felt that she had to give it a go, as she was desperate and the need to stop playing behind his back – tantamount. Though, she was equally terrified if it broke them all up. For the rest...Read On


An Impossible Love, Chapter Two

Don't Stop, John

My hands went lower onto the swelling of her buttocks. "You're naked." "Yes and you're still half dressed," she giggled. She pushed her knee into my groin and felt my erection under my shorts. "Mmm that feels interesting," and she disappeared under the sheet, I felt my shorts being pulled down and then a pair of velvety smooth lips drew my fully erect cock into a warm embrace. ...Read On


Danny and Jenny chapter fifteen, finale.

At least I'm wearing panties this time.

"Well, will I do?" She came out onto the balcony to where I was enjoying a cold beer, my first of the night and just stood looking at me nervously. In itself, the dress was nothing out of the ordinary, but she'd bought it knowing full well the justice only a woman like her could do to it. It hung by two thin straps from her shoulders, the light blue silk of the bodice concealing...Read On


Danny and Jenny - Chapter Fourteen

I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight,

"Come on you two, it's Christmas eve and we've got a bar to decorate before we open." "Well you're certainly not the Christmas  fairy, are you?" Molly protested as her husband shook us both awake. "I'm not any sort of fairy," he laughed, "Anyway Jenny says breakfast in ten minutes right?" "Right." I muttered and guided his wife's hand onto my erection as he closed the door on his way out....Read On