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My Mother-In-Law's Huge Clit

My wife and I are living with her parents and I fuck her mother and suck her hermaphrodite cock.

The bad economy can make it very difficult for young married couples to get a good start in life, and such was with case with my wife Melanie and me. My name is David, and Melanie and I met during our junior year in college, and got married right after graduation. We thought we had both found good jobs which would utilize our educations, but they fell through. Fortunately, Melanie’s parents...Read On


An Introduction

An Intro to a son of a mothers' workings!

I am an average height, average weight, and am generally fairly average, although my cock is above average in size. I live at home with my mother and my younger sister, and I have a really open relationship with both. One day I came home from hanging out with my friends, mid afternoon time when my family would normally be out at work. The door however was unlocked, so I assumed my sister...Read On


My Sexy Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

fucking my mother in law while she talks to husband on the phone

by floridaguy2001 © We barely had time to get dressed as John came in the door. “Hey Matt do you think we can get an early start tomorrow? The office is a mess. I really need to get organized.” “No problem, what time do you want me to get up?” “How about 6 am?” “Sure no problem. Well I am beat after all the traveling; I think I will head to bed. Goodnight guys.” ...Read On


In the Family

All in the family sucking licking fucking

My wife tried to arouse me many times, but in vain. I could see her agony. She remained sexually unsatisfied. I felt so more, since we both used to enjoy sex almost 4 to five times a week. One midnight, I woke up to have a glass of water. I saw that my wife was sitting on bed, trying to masturbate. She was weeping. I knew the cause of her sorrow. I pulled her near me and said, ‘Darling, I...Read On


My son and I take care of each other

One afternoon I found out that my son had grown so much and after that we took care of each other.

I’m a thirty nine year old, average looking woman. I live in a small apartment with my eighteen year old son, Paul. He is a good looking guy, not very muscular and has short hair. Our life is not perfect but we are happy, and I always try to take care of my son, his studies and other expenses. Things were going good between us but I had no idea that one day we would cross some lines. It was...Read On


Peter is Spanked by his Wife and Mother

Peter is spanked by both his Mother and Wife

It was inevitable really. I was never going to be able to hide the fact indefinitely from Jackie that even though I am 25 years old and we had been married for three years my Mother has continued to spank me. Mum insisted I tell her so when I was getting undressed one night after a spanking Jackie, my beautiful but easily riled 24 year old wife asked “what happened to you? That is one...Read On


Disabled Son, but Able for Mom - Part 1

A mother and her paralyzed son reunite, this time with his young friend.

Chapter 1 Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed in 1986. After his rehab and a brief stay back at home, he quickly grew accustomed to life in a wheelchair. He was introduced to his new sex life by his personal care attendant. Strangely enough, he was further educated around the same time by his mother. In fact, the three of them together explored new sexual possibilities his last...Read On


My mother in law teaches me a lesson

Humiliated by my mother in law

I have been married for a while now and unfortunately my in laws still don't think I'm good enough for their daughter, especially as I'm nearly 20 years older than her at 52. In fact since what happened last week I don't think they'll ever like me! I am a plumber and, even though I may not be liked, I'm still used when it's cheaper than going somewhere else for work to be done! Last week I...Read On


My Wife the Stripper

My wife give me and my friends a show that we will never forget.

“Hey, sweetie, Brian proposed to Jenny last night and they are flying off to Vegas, to do it quickie style, this weekend. He doesn't want to go to a strippers so I thought we could bring the stripper to him, so I was wondering if you’d mind doing a show for us tonight? But not just a regular dance, I was kind of hoping you could give us the full VIP treatment, like you do when you’re...Read On


Thirty-six exposures

a boy discovers long hidden photos of his mom

This is a work of fiction. Thirty-six exposures It was just a simple manila envelope, my name and address labeled dead center—the words “photographs, do not bend” stenciled across the bottom. I’d grabbed it out of the mailbox with a thick handful of other letters and was halfway across the porch before I realized what it was. I absently jiggled it for a second and then dropped myself...Read On


Forever We

Mature mother and son make love

This is not a fictitious story of incest between an eighteen-year-old well-hung stud and his very young mum, as I am forty eight and she sixty-eight years old. This is an actual true account of our incestuous love that which has just recently commenced and shall continue between my mother and I. Before we became lovers we had both been "normal", in that mother and I were both married....Read On


A Fantasy Shared With My Wife

A dream retold to my wife brought on by a story she told me.

Recently my wife and I were sitting on the couch watching trashy TV and enjoying a bottle of wine. At some point, we started talking about our sexual past. During this conversation my wife Kim started to tell me about some of the guys that she had hooked up with before we met. I asked a few leading questions to see how much she would tell me. She stated that I had the biggest cock of any of...Read On


Losing my virginity- and taking hers.

When two virgins meet, it has to end well...

I had wanted her so badly. I got a huge hard-on every time I saw her! But, let's go back a little bit. My name is James Conley. Her name was Jessica Halford, Jessie for short. She was a size C-cup breast and had a nice full ass. I wanted her so bad, It was all I could do to not run up and fuck her every time I saw her. Of course, she wasn't very popular. She was also Gothic, so she didn't...Read On


A desperate woman II

Second part of mother-son incestuous love.

That was the first time I ever had anal sex with my mother.Of course she didn't let me come inside her pussy. She was too scared to let it happen. Since that day we started to have regularly sex (oral and anal that is). About six months later two events that changed our life radically took place. First it was my mother's sister's death. She was her one and only sister and she died,together...Read On


My Girlfriend's Mother Took My Virginity!

A young man is seduced by his girlfriend's mother

I'd been dating Candice for some time but we'd never gone any further than just a little fooling around. She just kept saying she wasn't ready and, as we were both virgins, I never pressured her. One evening, I popped around to see Candice but I was surprised when her mother answered the door. Susan was everything the term MILF described. She was a hot mature woman who'd kept her figure -...Read On


A Quickie With My Manager's Son

Never did I think being late to work would result in me getting laid...

I woke up to the sound of my buzzing alarm clock, threatening me to get out of bed for work. I had already pressed the snooze button a countless amount of times, which is a routine for me due to the fact that I'm not a morning person at all. I opened my eyes and was surprised yet frightened to see that I was late. It was 7:40 AM. An entire forty minutes late to be exact. My manager was going...Read On


three nights with my son - two in dark, and one in light

My son and I had fun in dark, and in light.

Drake got a handjob, and then blowjob from his mom, but it all happened in the dark. Drake wanted to see how his mom looked like after getting totally nude? How beautiful she would look with his own sons’ cock in her mouth? And how sexy she would look riding his cock? [Sunday morning] Thirty-seven year old Jessica was still sleeping in her big bedroom. She was wearing a blue night...Read On


Rachael's Story - Mother and Son Chat

Rachael finally confronts Greg only to find a very different reaction than she expected.

  “So, do you think that’s the first time Greg has fucked your tits?” Eva crassly asked with a smile. “Eva!” “What Rachael? That is what he did and despite what you say, you allowed him to do it!” “I hardly had a choice now did I?” “Rachael, you had all the choice in the world! You said yourself that once you moved he ran like a little kid out of your room!” “God, don’t...Read On


My Sex Journal: The New Years Eve Kiss

Mother and son make love for the first time on New Years Eve

Don, for those of you who haven't yet read my earlier journal entries, Don is my father. As a child, he was something of a Boy Edison and had acquired his first pattern by the age of sixteen. He had two more by the time he graduated from high school. He's never invented anything that changed the world, like Edison's light bulb or phonograph, but they did earn him a sizable income. Like Edison,...Read On


Dad fucked me and my elder sister

I felt ignored in the family when Dad was busy in fucking my sister. One day I made Dad fuck me too.

Amy was taller than me with had blonde hair, 34C size boobs and she was a whore. I had blonde hair too, 34B size boobs and I was prettier than my sister. I hated her because I always felt jealous but then one day I decided to do something. After completing her graduation, my twenty year-old sister had just returned from hostel and I had been hearing the same moans and screams which I used...Read On


Father's Orders

..and to think it was all his mother's idea...

Detective Liu Chang ended his shift at the Southern City Police Station and was leaving for the day when his cell phone rang. “Hello?” he answered. “Liu, we need to speak, son,” said an older man on the other end. “Dad, we’ve been through this before,” Liu said as he walked to his car. “We go through this again. Please come to the house.” “Dad, it’s been a long day and I would like...Read On


Curious Arousal

You are a mother who can't help to see where your curiosity will lead you.

The husband has been out of the picture for a long time now. Only you and your son in his early twenties live together and the nights can be lonely. Recently you cannot help but notice your son, now much more grown, getting out of the shower with just his boxers on as his muscles seem to catch your eye. Every time you try to act like you are not looking, however recently you cannot help it as...Read On


Disabled Son, but Able for Mom - Part 2

A mother and her paralyzed son reunite along with his young friend and try something new.

When they entered the room it was obvious Brian would have to be the first to get into bed. He pulled his wheelchair beside the bed and removed his armrest. Just before he scooted into bed he took a quick look at the others. His mother stood directly in front of him. She was topless and the light pink panties were so sheer. Therefore, he was able to clearly see the two things he had...Read On


My cute wife goes topless on vacation and gets fucked by a new friend

My wife surprises me by going topless in the Caribbean, and shocks me when she fucks a new friend.

My name is Pete and I've been married to Niki for a little over one year.  We are both fairly normal twenty-four year olds.  We rent an apartment and are saving to buy a house in a few years.  We are both college educated professionals.  I'm a CPA and Niki is a pharmaceutical sales rep.    I'm as normal and boring as it gets with one exception.  I love porn.  In fact, according to Niki,...Read On


My Boyfriend's Father and Me.

My boyfriend's father finds us fucking and makes me a proposition I can't refuse..

My boyfriend Mike and I were fucking in Mike's bedroom when his father came home early and found us in the middle of a fuck. We both freaked out when he saw us. He stood at the door and smiled. This was not good I believed. I was petrified. Mike had pulled out immediately and pulled the covers over us to cover our nudity. We both thought he was going to read the riot act to us. He didn’t....Read On