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Help from my sister 2

After a nice unexpected favor from his sister, it's time for some serious confrontation

I was confused by what just happened honestly. My own sister decided to give me a helpful blow job. Why? I finished getting ready for the date and I went to the living room where she was sitting on the couch. I sat next to her. "Hey sis, how are you doing?" I asked. "I'm good. Are you ready for your date?" Judy asked. "Yes, but I don't gotta leave for another hour. Can I ask, why did you...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties - Part 3

Brother and sister continue

My brother's cock slid inside me.  Inside me!  All the way inside. My brother's hard, throbbing cock! What had started out as a 'Welcome back home' masturbation session for him, had turned into him going down on me and then... My brother's cock was inside my pussy. Mark had just slid his hot cock deep inside my pussy. I needed him inside of me. He needed to be inside me. I could have...Read On


My Sister My Lover - Part 5

Yet another adventure with my little sister.

When I finally got out of bed next morning, I found my little sister Sally already in the kitchen fully dressed in ordinary everyday clothes; knee length lemon skirt, matching slightly darker lemon blouse and little white ankle socks. "Aren't you going to school today?" I asked casually. Turning to me and smiling, Sally replied, "Yes, but it's a uniform free day." I'm sure that as much as...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 6

Allison continued to rock back and forth on his tongue.

Melanie had all the plans in place. To keep with the tradition of Thursday, she had plans of a barbecue after Justin cleaned the pool. She had already written the list of items she needed in order to make it a very successful cookout. Well, not just a successful cookout, a successful sexual endeavor. There were no friends invited. Somehow, Melanie knew it would just be her, her brother...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 4

She wrapped her lips around his long erection and felt the ridges of it. . .

She wished she could have reciprocated the feelings to her brother yesterday, after the moment in the lounger that he gave her, but the moment was so intense, she had no energy after the orgasm he gave her. Her body had been spent and to tell the truth, all sexual energy had left her. Today was Friday, however, and for the first time in less than a week, she intended to be sexual with...Read On


His Sister

Older brother returns home and ends up making sister feel better

I’d come in from out of town and have been here for close to a few days now. Seeing as I’d been out of town and working there for over two years, I hadn’t realized how much had changed in that time. First, the two older siblings of mine, who are younger then I, now were either in college or living on their own. My youngest sister, Sara, now 19, was going to college locally, but she was...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 9

As Melanie swallowed, the delightful burn slid down her throat.

Melanie looked at her father and smiled as they stood listening to her brother and mother. She began to think that there could be more to just having her father to herself. She knew that would also not be fair to her mother since they were still married. Her father had been dipping into her mother longer than he had been with herself. Now her brother had just done so. “Daddy, come on. We...Read On


Brother and Sister help each other out.

This is my first story, its kinda short I know but give me any pointers or comments you like positive or negative. So this story is bout the night my relationship with my sister changed drastically! First off some intros, my name is John, I'm 18 stand at about 6'5 and weigh like 210 pounds I'm on my high school football team so I'm pretty muscular and in very good shape. my sister is...Read On


My Brother's Birthday Surprise.

Happiest birthday ever for my brother, Dan.

It was my brothers, 21 st birthday. I was 19 and just about to start college. I had been trying to think of what to do for him for his birthday. I loved my brother and I thought he needed something special. I mean anyone can get you drunk on your birthday. I was still coming up with nothing, when his girlfriend, Anna, approached me. “I am planning a surprise for Dan’s birthday, and I...Read On


Behind Brother's Closet

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Emily discovers what her brother hides...

“Don’t go into your brother’s closet!” This same sentence, I first heard from my mother when I was sixteen years old. I was visiting my brother for the first time, he had moved out when I was twelve. She would always repeat the same words every year. I never knew what they meant, until four years later. At the age of twenty-one, I found out my brother’s deep, dark, secret… “Emily!” I...Read On


Scrimshaw and His Sister

A humorous Victorian romp, a tale of a horny sister who lusts for her brother.

[My thanks to for all the delightfully dirty Victorian sexual slang.] It was a dark and stormy night upon the blasted moors of Nether Scrotum as detective Scrimshaw and his sister, Amygdyla, who swore that she had never known a man in the biblical sense, meandered from one tussock of sawgrass to another in pursuit of clues to the whereabouts of one Calcium, a...Read On


Winter Wonderland

A brother and sister find a new lust with each other.

Friday Afternoon: Winter Break “Oh god, not again!” James said in frustration, as he notices that the PS network is down yet again. “What’s wrong?” his sister Sam asked while walking into the living room, and looking in the movie case bending over in front of him. He glanced at her then did a double take as he noticed that she was just wearing a tank top and her tiny black lacy...Read On


My brother wants it just as badly...

I discover my brother's true feelings for me.

For my 16th birthday, I had asked to repaint my room. After a long discussion, my parents decided that it would be a great idea. That evening, I could not sleep in my room. My brother has a bunk bed that we shared when we were smaller, so for the night it was decided that I would sleep there. My brother always slept on the bottom, which left me with the top bunk for the night. A little...Read On


Sister's Sexy Workout

A very sexy workout outfit finally gives an aroused brother courage.

For years now, I have been attracted to my younger sister. It’s not only her gorgeous looks but she is so warm and just a great person to be around. I think she feels the same attraction to me as we always have a great time together. As we have grown older, our sexual feelings have become more bold and stronger.   I’m the 28 year old brother of a beautiful 19 year...Read On


sister snaps that started it all

sister discovers her brothers love of her lingerie and incest fantasy

My name is Nathan, I’m 18 and am about 6ft 2”. I weigh about 128 pounds. I’ve all ways had a thing for women’s underwear (not wearing it) I love the way it looks on women. I have I 19 year old sister. I’ve always thought that she is hot, she has one of those figures that looks great in anything that she wears. She constantly wearing these tiny mini skirts that make her gym sculpted ass...Read On


Cocksucking College Sister 2

He attempts to escalate relationship with his sister.

Cocksucking College Sister Ch. 02 Summary: A brother attempts to escalate his sexual relationship with his sister. Note: Obviously it’s better to read part one first, but here is a summary in case. In part one Anthony accidentally gets his cock sucked by his sister at a gloryhole and again a second time at a sorority party. Note 2: And again, thanks to Estragon and...Read On


It's All Over For My Sister

Things got interesting got interesting when my sister wanted to improve her tan.

My freshman year of college was over and the main thing I learned was how little money I had. So, it was looking like I was stuck one last time going with my parents on vacation. I really wanted to go with a couple of guys from college as they went west for the summer but the funds just weren't there. This being the case, it was off to my parent's cabin on the mountain lake that they liked...Read On


I let my brother take my virginity

I let my brother make me into a woman

My brother was always the mean one in the family. He was a bully, standing 6ft with well toned muscles. He never worked out, yet he had huge muscles. He always just sat home watching TV and football whenever he felt like it. He was 20 years old, with no job and had refused to go to college till he was 21. He had promised ma and pa, that he would definitely go to college, put them out of...Read On


Helping my sister out

My sister was upset after an ugly divorce

So let me start with a little background. My name is Andy. I’m the youngest of 4 with 3 older sisters. You might be thinking because of the category this is about some massive ffmf with my three sisters but it’s not. Actually my two younger sisters are butt ugly and for lack of better terms, bitches. My oldest sister, Jen, on the other hand, she’s a pretty good looker. She has always taken...Read On


My sister and I masturbate then fuck

Sister and I commit incest

At the time of this account my sister, Irene, and I were in our forties. She is a year younger than me. She had divorced her husband when he had gone off with another woman. A month or so after that my wife was killed in a car accident. So Irene and I now had no spouses. She bought a house in the village where I live and we often visited each other in the evening when we not at work. I...Read On


A night with my sister

Me and my twin sister have a nice night together fucking

This story happened a while ago we are now 23 but she is still as hot as ever. So me and my sister where extremely close now I was still a virgin at 16 almost 17 I was 6'8" with curly brown hair and a 9" dick my name is Jacob and I was a bit athletic but definitely not a body builder and I did not have many girlfriends and the ones I had never when very far. But enough about me you...Read On


My Sister, the Flirt Part 1

A sister takes her flirting too far...

My sister had always been a flirt. She flirted with my friends, my girlfriends, even me. Not that any of us minded. Sarah was a vision of beauty. She had bright blue eyes, a stunning figure and a great ass. Her tits were a little larger than average, and she kept her hair dyed a deep red. She didn’t mind showing all of this off either. Tight jeans and tight tops kept her assets on display...Read On


The Awkward Brother

Read what a brother and sister do without any parents home.

This is my first story, so I would very much appreciate any advice that can be given. Be easy though :) "I'm home!" I called while opening the front door after driving home from school. "Hey! Dad's at work and Mom went to an old friend's house or something," my twin brother, Matt, replied from the kitchen. "Shit, really? I needed to talk to one of them about my car, it sounds like its...Read On


Me and my sister

my curiosity gets the better of me...

My name is Chris (I've changed the names due to anonymity) I am 18 years old. I'm about 6ft tall, stocky/overweight, dark brown hair and I have a pretty impressive 7.5" penis (not made bigger for the story!!) And so it begins.... It is 1:40am on Wednesday 1st June 2011 and I have just been awakened my the sound of moaning in the next room. Silently, I crept out of bed and noticed that...Read On


The loss of my virginity to my brother

My sixteenth birthday had finally arrived. Today I was ready to celebrate with my family. I was livi

The loss of my virginity to my brother My sixteenth birthday had finally arrived. Today I was ready to celebrate with my family. I was living at home with my mum, dad and my two brothers who were older than me. With mum and dad away, it was just the three of us alone, mucking around as we usually did. My big brother Paul was 20, and a really nice guy. He was a gentle soul, who happily gave...Read On