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Me and my Step Sister continue our fun

more stories about me and my sexy step sister.

Me and my Step Sister Continue our fun This is a continuation of the series The First time with my Step Sister. Please read those stories first and it will bring you p to speed with where we are at. Me and my step sister Lori had had several encounters together and had gotten use to one or the other coming in to the others room for a little fun at night. This had brought us very...Read On


More Fun with My Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 1

More sexy fun with my hot step sister and my step mother

Everything seemed normal around the house after the wild weekend I had with my step mother. About the only difference was I looked at her differently now. Before she always turned me on and I loved to look at her, but I tried not to get caught. Now I wanted her to see me undressing her with my eyes, and I also noticed how she looked at me when no one else was around. We had always had a...Read On


Step sister brings home a friend

Another hot night with my step sister and this time she brings a friend

Step sister brings home a friend If you have read First time with my step sister and me and my step sister continues our fun, then you will know how all this started. Me and my step sister Lori had been having sex together for a while and had gotten to the point we would tease each other as much as we could. It was still nothing but good sex to both us, and we had not even considered it...Read On


First time with my Step Sister pt 2

my step sister, the next time

First time with step Sister Pt 2 You should read first time with my step sister to keep up with where this story is going. A little re-cap from part one. Me and my step sister had just had mind blowing sex for the first time. She came into my room and seduced me. The rest of the story continues from that. The next day was like every other day around the house. Me and Lori were not...Read On


First time with my step sister

This was the first time with my step sister and how all the wild sex got started

The First Night with My Step Sister Let’s start out with a little information about myself back then. I was a very popular guy in school; I was good looking, well built, I was a jock. I had my share of fun with other girls at school, some moms and now my step sister. If you like this story I will continue writing and letting you in some of my hotter encounters. My Step Sister Lori was...Read On


My Favorite Brother Chapter 2

Their back!!!!

I awoke into darkness. I couldn’t really wrap my head aroundwhat happened until I felt my brother adjust next to me. It suddenly became very clear. I just had sex with my brother….. and I was ok with it. Suddenly I heard the front door open and kids ran in. “Oh shit!” I thought as I jumped up and ran to my closet “Whoa, hey what’s the rush?” Ryan said as he woke startled “Carson, Ryan are...Read On


My Journey Into Serenity - Chapter 1/3

Serenity is no longer Jim's sweet little sister, but he gets more than an explanation why.

This story is in no way related to my "In The Arms of Serenity" story; it is completely stand-alone. I should be happy... but I'm not. My eye doctor says I've got twenty-twenty vision. My next-door neighbour's daughter has got a bit of a thing for me. And on top of all that, I've recently gotten into a relationship with quite a beautiful girl who's about to graduate high school, just...Read On


My favorite brother

A brother and sister find love.

My brother and I have always been close. We grew up in a small suburban town where you know everyone and everyone knows everything about everyone. Secrets are hardest to keep when you live here. It’s amazing how we’ve kept ours so long. I’ll start off with telling you a little about me. My name is Carson, I’m 5ft. 3in., with super long, down to my butt, dark brown almost black hair. I have...Read On


My Journey Into Serenity - Chapter 2/3

Jim struggles between his love for his sister, Serenity, and his ex-girlfriend, Becca.

This is a continuation of an ongoing series called, "My Journey Into Serenity." I'm in heaven. I'm swimming in a sea of one-hundred dollar bills. Naked women, like feathers, started floating down from the cloudless blue sky. With their soft hands, they started rubbing me in every possible spot while saying, "I love you, Jimmy," at the same time. All of sudden, the sky turned red and the...Read On


An Incest Birthday

My first story, comments are appreciated

Ever since I can remember, I and my twin sister were like best friends. We've done everything together since we were kids, go to the movies, play basketball, and go to the mall, anything fun we did it. We tell each other everything, there’s nothing we don’t know about each other, and at least, that’s what we thought... Let me start by describing us. My sister Rita is 5'2, blue eyes, blonde...Read On


The Incest Travails: – Part 1 - Naked Temptation

Young Danny Sneaks into Older Big Sis

My half sister Kim has always slept naked, even when she was a little girl.  When I was younger I didn’t really pay it any mind.  My parents always slept naked but my mother always wanted me to wear my PJ’s until I was about 10.  My sister always resisted and would go to bed and get kissed goodnight in her PJ’s on   but would strip them off as soon as the lights went out.   She...Read On


The Swan, Part I

Brother teaches sister about sex

THE SWAN (Part I) My name is Logan and I buried my twin sister the other day. Her name was Sue Ann and she was 8 minutes younger than I was. She always said it made her feel safe to be the younger of the two. My pet name for her was “Swan” and people would ask why I called her that, and we would both smile and say it was private. Some people would guess it was perhaps a childhood name because...Read On


The Tangled Web - Chapter 1 - A Shoulder to Cry On

A badly behaved boyfriend brings a brother and sister together on a hot summer night

Chapter 1: July 1998 - A Shoulder to Cry On. A sister discovers just how close she and her married brother secretly want to be. This is the first Chapter in a comprehensive revision of a series I wrote under the male pseudonym JGUK years ago. In those days I was less confidant about my writing and thought a masculine name would reduce the amount of unwanted attention I would...Read On


Doing Sis A Favor

After her help with my problem, I help Sis with hers (a sequel to The Morning I Ran Out Of Tissue)

For days the feeling of my cock in my Sister Michelle’s mouth haunted me. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. The way she had solved my little problem with the tissue shortage had been completely unexpected, and totally marvelous. Funny, I had grown up with my little Sister and my Mom running around nude half the time, showing me and Dad all their considerable charms, and even felt free...Read On


Right at Home

Ashley gets closer to her brother

Ashley’s family wasn’t the closest family in the world. In fact when they were around each other, they treated each other like strangers most of the time. Her mom was a sad excuse of a mother who never pays attention to anyone. Every time she comes home she’s drunk, high or both. Her dad was rarely home. He would leave for weeks at a time and never said where he was going. Ashley believed...Read On


My step brother wants me

You don't always like the people in your life, but sometimes you find the one you like.

My name is Rachel. Life sucks a lot and your parents get divorced. I don't know why. But shit happens I guess. And sometimes you get a step brother or sister out of a divorce. They are pretty much just given to you, and you don't always want them. Like my step brother Tim. I got him 2 years ago when my mom remarried another guy when I was 17. Now I'm 19 and he is 18. I have black hair and...Read On


Sibling Shower

A brother has a fantasy about showering with his younger sister.

Sibling Shower By Reeb   My younger sister Amy had been living with me for the last couple of months. She had a big fight with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay so I agreed to let her move in with me until she got back on her feet.   Amy is nineteen years old, stands about five feet four inches tall, with blue-green eyes and sandy curly blonde shoulder length hair....Read On


Step Sister Walks in on Me (part 2)

Read the first story because in this one the surprise is not what I was expecting.

“Carrie who the hell is that?" “Kevin, I told you it’s your surprise.” I was really panicking since both my step sister and I were fully naked, after pulling out of her pussy to take a break. “Oh Kevin, you think you’re taking a break? Well you’re going to be fucking this cunt of mine the whole day.” “Carrie seriously, who’s at the fucking door?” Carrie got up quickly and ran...Read On


Morgan's First Time with Her Brother

A boy realizes he wants his sister.

I slammed the front door hard; I was pissed, my parents were leaving again for NYC. I knew their job was difficult and they worked for an important business firm. But I still didn't want them to leave me alone again to babysit my sister! I hated it when my parents made me babysit her. I'm seventeen and would much rather hang around my friends, staring at girls at the mall. My sister is just a...Read On


More Fun with my Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 2

I finally got my step sister and step mom together

More Fun with my Step Sister and Step Mother Pt 2 Over the next couple days I could not get what my step mother said off my mind. The sexual tension around the house was at an all time high. The flirting between me and my step mother was almost continuous. Anytime we were alone for even a minute she would rub my dick through my pants, or lick her lips while looking at me. I knew she was just...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 6 – Incestuous Play With My Brother

I never thought I'd find myself sucking my brother's cock - or have him licking my pussy

I apologise for the delay since I last posted a chapter of this story. However, I have now written the final four episodes, so I’ll post them regularly over the next couple of months. Also, since most people have probably forgotten the events of the previous chapters, these are summarised below: On holiday in Devon with my parents and my brother Matt, we make friends with Abi and...Read On


The Cabin - Chapter 1

Sharing a bed with my sister turned into a late night mess

Chapter 1 Every year my mother, sister and I all went to our grandparent’s cabin in the woods just after Christmas to remove ourselves from all the materiality in the world now. Don’t get me wrong, we were materialistic as well, we just like to reconnect with nature and remind ourselves where we came from. Our great-great-great grandfather was a frontiersman in North America during the...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 4

comments and feedback are greatly appreciated

If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. “You had sex with mom?” Rita asked surprised. I was still in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe I was deceived like that, but at the same time, I was a little turned on at my mom’s boldness. Rita was the splitting image of mom, except mom was 35, 5’8, 120 pounds, and had a 36C bust. “I swear I thought it...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 5

As usual, comments and honest opinions are greatly appreciated.

If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. I woke up to the most perfect sight imaginable, my little sister lying next to me. She looks so beautiful when she sleeps, with her hair pulled back, that big smile on her face, her cute little button nose, I was head over heels for her. I watched her sleep for ten more minutes until she finally opened her eyes....Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 3

The next chapter in my story, comments are greatly appreciated

If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. Aunt Lisa, our mom’s younger sister, was staring us directly in the eye as we lay naked on my bed. What a way to get busted. We were so busy trying not no get caught by our parents that we forgot our aunt always comes to visit us the week of our birthday (only one day out of the week though, and its never...Read On