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My Little Temptation

I think she was sent from the devil himself to tempt me.

There she goes again. Now I know she is doing it deliberately. She has been sent here from the devil himself just to tempt me. Why else would my wife’s 18 year old sister be doing cartwheels in front of the sliding glass door to my office, in a bikini no less? She graduated high school last week and her parents offered to send her wherever she wanted to go and she chose to come stay with...Read On


My Little Temptation 2

Ben finally gives into temptation.....

It was official; I was in my own personal hell with no chance of freedom. I sat in my office with my head in my hands. I had been sitting in my office with a constant hard on, for the entire four days Sara had been off work. Unfortunately, the only plans the girls made was to stay out by the pool, and that was what they did. They stayed in their little barely-there bikinis, torturing me. ...Read On


Good Things Comes to Those Who Wait - Chapter 2 A Night to Remember

Billie Jack has sex with Clarisse's foster sister and Clarisse get's it on with her brother in-law

As it turned out, Clarisse had been a foster child herself, but I didn’t discover that until her former foster sister invited us out to their lakefront home for the fireworks on the lake. I had never met Clarisse’s sister and brother in-law before, but they had invited all of us out to their lake front home for dinner and the fireworks display on the water. They told us that we could spend...Read On


Finally Doin’ It With Di

After years of fantasizing about my sister-in-law, the stars align and it finally happens.

One spring afternoon, I dropped by my sister-in-law Dianne’s house to drop off several items while out and about. She was home alone doing various things around the house. As is often the case, we sat down in the living room and chatted a bit about what was going on with our families and diverse other topics. My wife was gone on a business trip, Di's husband was out on a construction...Read On


Sis-In-Law Teasing to Sis-In-Law Pleasing

Teasing leads to more...finally...for a sister-in-law and her sister's husband.

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt sexually attracted to my wife’s two sisters.   This story is about my first experience with the oldest of the two, Cecilia.    Cecilia is tall, has long dark hair, long legs and smooth olive skin. She is model beautiful and has a very sensual, mouth, with full lips. Ever since my wife and I began dating Cecilia’s always enjoyed teasing...Read On


For the Weekend pt2 - A quiet night

John and Kenny go at it again.

Soonafter John and Kenny finished cleaning up, Lacy returned home. They all talked for a little bit and decided to go out for dinner. Conversation around the table is nothing unusual, just small talk between bites. John can’t help but notice the flirtatious looks Kenny sends his way when Lacy isn't watching. He tries his best to avoid her, but it’s too much. His mind wonders about earlier...Read On


For the Weekend pt1 - Fun in the Sun

A kind gester turns into fun times.

John and his wife, Lacy, lay in bed sound asleep. It is already high-noon, Saturday and they had slept though all their alarms. Usually, this isn’t an issue, however this weekend was different. For the first time since they started living together (which was only a year ago) they are having a guest spend the night. They are awoken by pounding on the door. "WAKE UP GUYS!!!!" John hears...Read On


What about my sister?

How will I explain this to my sister?

The doorknob turned and I closed my eyes. He walked in, stripped his shirt and the sound of him unbuckling his belt made me open my eyes. I knew it was wrong. I knew I should have told him to stop, to tell him the truth, but the lust I felt for him was unbearable. He opened the covers slightly and I could feel his eyes on me. My half-naked body was right there, ready to be devoured by him....Read On


Step sister

Lust for step sister

This story takes place a few years ago. When my father recently met a new woman from an on line dating site. Her name was Debbie. She had two children of her own Austin and Abbie, Austin was 12 at the time and Abbie was just a month or so younger than my self. A few months after my father and his new found love moved in together. I had my own room in the the attic. I didn't care for I...Read On


A Weekend with my Big Sister

Jordan discovers her sister loves her in a way she didn’t realise

Platform two was almost deserted, just me and two others sharing it with the empty crisp packets and sweet wrappers that were blowing like tumbleweeds in the brisk breeze. I got on the train to Marylebone at around four in the afternoon. It was a Friday, so the carriage was packed as usual. I didn’t really mind as I was going to London to see my big sister for the weekend. Georgia is ten...Read On


Sister Surprise

My sister surprises me

I was bummed when I got home. I shouldn’t even have been home early, but my practice had been cancelled. I was going to be so bored this afternoon. I started to walk to the kitchen to get a snack, when I heard noises coming from upstairs. I crept up the stairs, and realized they were coming from my stepdads room. The door was open just a crack and I peeked in. Was he cheating on my MOM? I...Read On


Sister's Stay Threesome

Brother and sister are joined by the sister's best friend.

As I wrote in my previous stories, my foxy 19-year-old sister, Amy, was staying at my house after breaking up with her boyfriend. She was taking her time about finding her own apartment as we were enjoying each other sexually for the past two months. My stacked blonde haired sister was draining my balls dry and I loved every minute of it. I just couldn't get enough of seeing, feeling...Read On


My litte sister

naught little girl

I live with my mother and my sister. Dad works abroad so is away a lot. When he is home you certainly know it because he goes straight for my mother. Mum is 50yrs 5"4 and a sexy size 12. She is your typical MILF, big juicy tits and a big round coffee colored ass. Dad is well built 6ft tall with a big dick. I have heard and even seen him taking on mum. He filmed her once on a digital camcorder...Read On


My litte sister

naught little girl

I live with my mother and my sister. Dad works abroad so is away a lot. When he is home you certainly know it because he goes straight for my mother.   Mum is 50yrs 5"4 and a sexy size 12. She is your typical MILF, big juicy tits and a big round coffee colored ass. Dad is well built 6ft tall with a big dick. I have heard and even seen him taking on mum. He filmed her once on a...Read On


My Sister Gill part 3

I spend another weekend with my older sister Gill and discover a new side of my sexuality.

It was 1980. I was 16-years old and somehow had found myself in a surreal set of circumstances. Over the last two weeks I had managed to end up having sexual relations with my older sister Gill. She was 23 at the time. Gorgeous body, great looks and in my eyes the fittest woman I could ever hope to meet. She was married to Tony. He seemed completely oblivious to what was happening – or so...Read On


My Dear Sister

The lust between a brother and sister

It was around four o'clock; I was just getting home from work. I walked into the house and found the lights off. Nobody was home so I went to my small bedroom and began undressing. It had been a long day. As I was undressing I heard a faint noise at my door. I turned around to find my sister staring at me. Megan was two years older than me, but from the time I was born she would follow...Read On


My Naughty Sister

True love between Brother and Sister

  John was 25 years old. He had a small loving family with his parents and his elder sister. They had a small house and he and his sister used to sleep in one bed with him. His elder sister's name was reena. Reena was 28, very fair, white skin, 5’5”, 36 - 24- 38 and roundish faces with dimple cheeks. She had beautiful eyes and wore skirt and T-shirt. She had boys chasing her day...Read On


Forbidden Sister Pleasure

Summer of Lust with My Sister Emma

It was the hottest summer I could remember. My sister and I had been hanging out every day at the lake. We swam every day, and then took off our clothes and lay in the warm sun. We hung out every day. Sometimes we took our friends with us and sometimes we didn’t. My sister was very beautiful. She looked like me only a bit more voluptuous. She had beautiful legs and a heart shaped ass. She...Read On


sister snaps that started it all

sister discovers her brothers love of her lingerie and incest fantasy

My name is Nathan, I’m 18 and am about 6ft 2”. I weigh about 128 pounds. I’ve all ways had a thing for women’s underwear (not wearing it) I love the way it looks on women. I have I 19 year old sister. I’ve always thought that she is hot, she has one of those figures that looks great in anything that she wears. She constantly wearing these tiny mini skirts that make her gym sculpted ass...Read On


Pregnant Sister

Heavily pregnant Shirley is sexually frustrated, but her sister is eager to help.

"Being pregnant is a pain in the ass!" sighed Shirley, patting the seventh month swelling beneath her shirt. Geraldine cast her younger sister a sympathetic look. Up until now, Shirley had borne her first pregnancy with pride, taking even the early stage morning sickness in her stride. But Geraldine could understand why she was suffering from this sudden onset of the blues. In the past...Read On


The best Sister-In Law

At hot true experience I had with my sister in law

So I met my girlfriend, now wife Kristina, in college seven years ago. My wife has a great personality and is very beautiful, and has so much natural beauty and a curvy body. Kristina has two sisters, one is two years older, Amber, and Sarah, who is four years younger. Amber is not as beautiful as Kristina but has larger tits which I would not mind seeing one day. Now back to Sarah, when...Read On


My Sister My Lover

Love between a brother and his younger sister

My young sister Sally and I had spent a somewhat lonely life after Mom died as Dad spent a lot of his free time with his new girl-friend. At first, we managed to cope sexually, me having a steady stream of girls who were more than willing to let me feel and finger and fuck them, poor Sally wasn't so fortunate. She was a pretty girl and, by the time she turned sixteen, had a fantastic body...Read On


Buddy's Sister

A drunken night leads to an encounter with my friend's tight little sister.

This story takes place about a year before my wife and I met. I had graduated college, and was hanging out back at home with a buddy of mine named Carl. I had met him at college, and he had flunked out. The last semester of my college year, Carl and I had spent pretty much every night out drinking, and that is precisely what we were doing at home as well. The only difference was that now, I had...Read On


First Time with Sister

how it came about that i fucked my sister

i apollogize for spelling as I was in a mega rush:(   so a little about myself, I am 18, I like to play soccer so I am quite fit, I am 6 foot tall have black hair and blue eyes. I have been crazy about my sister for a long time but ill get into how that happened later.   My sister is 24 with long brown hair she is quite small, I guess around 5ft 2in, blue eyes, she doesnt have big tits,...Read On


Sister's Return

Older sister returns home and haves sex with 18 year old brother

She’d been across the country close to nine years now, vowing never to return seeing as daddy did things with mommy’s best friend, but seeing as now her parents are no longer married she decided it was as good a time as any to come home. Daddy moved away. It was only Jessie and Peter, and Peter was about to go away to college. About to turn 19 in November, Clarisse felt she had to see...Read On