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Drunk strip poker

This is a story loosely based on my real experience.... While in university, on a Saturday evening, a group of us friends and classmates settled down for a session of heavy drinking and fun in an accommodation that we were sharing. There were three girls including me and two guys in the group. The guys tried to get us to play a game of strip poker. The girls were reluctant at first but...Read On


Losing at Strip Poker with Three Women

Oh my god, what did i get into?

Well, last night was quite a night to say the least. Three girl/friends came by with wine coolers and tequila to do a little partying. The four of us have been very tight for over fifteen years. We are very special friends that can talk about anything to each other. I should have known they were up to something when they said the tequila was all mine and the coolers theirs. They know I...Read On


How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 05 [MMMF Strip Poker]

My hubby invited two more colleagues

Just a short recap from the last chapter. I was being literally painted by my hubby's old schoolmate, the artist for about several months. It was about three months after I had met the artist, my hubby and I were on the bed chatting and he asked, "Darling, do you remember you had met two of my friends, Simon and Robin? They had came to our place twice before just after our marriage,...Read On


Poker #1

First of a two part true story poker # 2 will follow soon if you guys like this one

Please excuse me if I occasionally falter on my grammar or spelling I am no writer this is the first time I have ever put pen to paper and been so honest. The basis of this story is completely true although some details may have been embellished slightly just to help with fluidity. It is the story of a period of revelation for me. It began several months ago when I combined a couple of...Read On


A little game of Poker

Two couples try some Stip Poker

Kim and Steve are a married couple in the mid 20’s. They have been married for 4 years with a very healthy sex life. The both enjoy watching porn but have never considered playing with others. Kim is about 5’4” with long blond hair; she is fit with nice but not big tits. Steve is 6’1” also fit with short brown hair. They live in a typical suburban neighborhood. Their back yard neighbors...Read On


Our Sexual Poker Games

Our sexual poker games and more about us

First off let me tell you something about us and warn you this isn’t a story of one incident in our life but one of several ways we enjoy our life.   My wife is a slender woman with perfect boobs, long wavy hair, a gorgeous ass and an amazing pussy.   We have been married for a little over three years and it has been fantastic for us.   In our prior lives we were married to spouses...Read On


The nymphs of summer

The summer started with embarrassment, but ended up as the sweetest summer of my life

Sweet! Wonderful! Finally we were here. And what brilliant weather! I stepped out of the back seat of my fathers BMW and was surprised by the heat that met me. The car's air conditioning had been turned down to an almost unnecessarily low temperature, and now the heat that I felt upon me was similar I envisaged to that of the desert. At home it had been a bit cloudy, but out here near...Read On


Poker game between neighbors gets out of hand

Poker game between neighbors gets out of hand

Mike and Keisha are good friends of ours, they live across the street. Linda, my wife and I talked about taking a trip to Vegas and we asked Mike and Keisha if they wanted to go along. They were all excited to go since they have never been to Vegas. My wife and I go out there every year, so we know the ropes pretty well. Mike came up to me and asked if we could teach them a little...Read On


Game Night

I used my hubby's game night to seduce his friends

When I heard about swinging, it sounded like a lot of fun to me. I brought up the idea to my hubby many times, but he was never interested. He's a very quiet, gentle guy, and I think that sort of thing just seemed too wild for him. I'd often mention while we were in bed together my fantasies of playing with other people, but he would just smile and get embarrassed. I didn't want to cheat on...Read On


A Trip to a Strip Club

A friendly stipper makes trip to strip club a night to remember.

A strip club has held a special place in Sam and I’s sexual fantasy world. During the first year we started swapping, we went to a strip club. We were treated very well, the club allowed us back to a private room for a lap dance. A cute stripper gave us both VIP treatment in the room where she broke many of the club’s touching rules. As we were finishing up she whispered in Sam’s ear that she...Read On


I used my wife as a poker chip and lost

Larry, who I worked with had been on me for the last month about doing a poker game at my place. I finally agreed to hold it at my place after thinking about it over several days. I hadn’t played in a poker game in many years. Larry had lined up myself plus him and a buddy of his. His buddy also brought along a younger gentleman named Rob with him so we now had had a table of four playing....Read On


Friday Night Poker

Molly introduces a new game where she is the winner.

My wife Molly and I play five card stud every Friday night with my buddies. This coming Friday is different though. A few weeks back, Molly mentioned how she gets sexually aroused watching us workout. The five of us are all in great shape. I tell her that we get aroused watching her and the guys cannot stop talking about how hot she is. After telling her, those beautiful hazel eyes light...Read On


The Strip Club

I've always wanted to be with another woman - would this be my chance?

It's been a fantasy for as long as I could remember. Yes, I still loved men - but as I got older and more secure with my own sensuality, I desired a woman's touch. I certainly didn't want to give up men. I didn't even consider myself bi or even bi-curious. I just wanted - for once in my life - to feel another woman. My man had told me many times that one of his fantasies would be to watch...Read On


Ace of Spades

You could feeling the sexual tension as M slowly dipped her hand into her panties

What had started out as some fun flirting on the Internet ended up far more than I had bargained for! We have met innocently enough in the chat room, some good-humoured fun, and a little bit of gentle flirting. You don’t come in here for anything serious or mind blowing, or at least that’s what I thought. The chat had become a little bit more intense, still fun and flirty but I...Read On


Strip Club Fantasy

A stripper drives us to lose it...

You and I finally have a night to hang out. I texted you to see if you wanted to grab a few drinks. You've been busy and a little stressed. I want you to relax and have a good time. I’m thinking you need a night of no worries. To be honest, I don’t really care about the drinks, I just want to spend time with you. We meet up at a bar and order a pair of 'Jack and Coke's. It’s cool outside,...Read On


Helen 9. Helen and the Strip Poker Game.

Helen Plays Cards

Helen was finding it hard to make ends meet, what with college and her day-to-day living expenses. She had had to take a job as a cleaner in a private house. It was a bit “upstairs downstairs,” but what choice did she have? Her employers where only too aware of what a beautiful mansion they owned... the woman was always going on about it; as for her husband, he was hardly ever there....Read On


Two married friends discovered they may be bi

Poker game leads to much more between buddies

I have known Tom for many years. I have always been attracted to him, always wondering what it would be like to suck his cock. I have had opportunities, like the time he was staying in my house and I came out of the bedroom, he was in obviously jerking of because he very quickly acted as nothing was going on when I entered the room. I pretended as if I hadn’t seen anything. Another time...Read On


Watching at the strip bar

Each dancer's body is feast for my eyes

As I walk into the dark strip bar my senses are assaulted. The guys look normal, but all the girls are in lingerie. The music is too loud to be enjoyable. It can take a few minutes to adjust your senses. The scent of perfume and cigarette smoke is strong. There are various types of strip bars, the type I prefer is where the girls keep their panties on and give lap dances. Looking around,...Read On


The Poker Game

The poker game will never be the same...

This was just my luck. The doorbell rang and when I answered it, there was Lori standing there. Lori was 19, 5'4", 135 pounds and had very nice C cups. Plus she was always horny and now she was standing there looking very nice in her jeans and a t-shirt waiting to be invited in! What tremendously bad luck. It was about 11 a.m. on Saturday and I had picked up my other girlfriend Charlene...Read On


Poker Night

What made this poker night different

The guys were over for the monthly poker game and this month was my turn to host.   De and Karen were in back bedroom watching some movie while I lost nickels and dimes in the kitchen.   Sometimes I think we traded the same change around every month, but this way no one really minded loosing, as even the “big” winner was likely to only get 7 or 8 dollars.   We did it for the chance...Read On


The Open Door Part Three

Poker wife wants Cyndy to teach her about toys and anal sex

What was I thinking? How could I have let my husband and his three friends have sex with me on their poker night? I know what I was thinking: lust, sex, desire and more sex. I didn’t think I had it in me to be so horny, so wanting and so needy. I wanted to be used, but also wanted to be in control. I don’t think that fits the definition of a slut wife, because I was in charge of all the...Read On


Poker Night

Her husband's poker night leaves her neglected...until later

Tonight is yet another poker night with the guys. You always feel neglected when he has these games, and it has become a weekly ordeal. After all, your insatiable sex drive can't be tamed alone. Your attempts at seducing the men that visit seem to have been in vain. Short of prancing around naked or blatantly saying it out loud, you aren't really sure if there's anything you haven't tried. ...Read On


An Offline Encounter, the Second

Eric and Rose meet up at a strip club for their next tryst

Violet stood before Eric as he sat in the lap dance section of the club. Totally naughty things were going on behind her eyes, he could just tell. She crawled into Eric’s lap seductively, her long waves of blond hair spilling onto his chest, and he reached out to put his hands on her thin waist, running them up to her small breasts, directly over her soft, pink nipples. A rush of...Read On


Sucking Cock at a Titty Bar

I become friends with a black man at a strip club and suck his cock in my van in the parking lot.

I am a bisexual, married white man in my 50s, and I have been reading and writing cuckold, creampie and bisexual stories for years now.   This all started for me when my wife lost all interest in sex when we were in our late 40s, and I turned to the internet to find porn for my sexual enjoyment.   One thing I noticed in my reading was that a majority of the cuckold and bisexual stories...Read On


The Open Door Part Two

Cyndy turns the guys' poker night into a 4 guy - 1girl event

Four weeks. I counted them off as they went by. Why? Because every fourth week my husband and his friends played poker at our house. Each week they rotated to a different home, but I knew that none of the other wives would put on the show like I did. I will never forget opening my eyes and realizing that my husband Jimmy and his three buddies were standing in the hall watching me fuck...Read On