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Just A Fantasy

My three special submissive men.

It is all an illusion what they all think of me. They read all my stories and think they know what they can see. Then they view my pictures and it makes them all horny. I can make them come running like puppies it’s so very corny. I am so much more complex than they will ever figure out. It takes so many months of contact to see what I’m about. Maybe I will want you and may be I won’t....Read On


White Boss Becomes Submissive to Black Men

I am a powerful business owner who discovers my need to be submissive to black men and suck them.

It is difficult to understand how influences earlier in our lives can come back to affect us as adults. In my case, I was a small, nerdy guy in high school with low self-esteem. My only saving grace was my intelligence and good grades. In my senior year some of the popular, athletic guys befriended me and asked for my help with their studies. I was smart enough to know that they were just...Read On


A Submissive Start

My (fictional) first experience being submissive

I come to your door. You've left me a voice message saying that I should be wearing black thong panties, thigh high nylons, a short black skirt, a see-though bra... this is how I'm dressed. You've told me to knock on your door, remove my glasses, and shut my eyes. I'm standing there, at your door, glasses in my hands, with my eyes closed... wondering what's in store for me. You told me...Read On


My Submissive Neighbors

submissive couples enjoy being dominated

This is complete fiction, a brief tale of a submissive couple and their dominant Black neighbor. She was on the bed on her knees, hands handcuffed behind her back, blindfold and dog collar in place, just as I had instructed her. Her husband was on his knees in his blonde wig and red lipstick, on the side of the bed, I could see her pussy juices glistening on his face from him getting her...Read On


The Male Submissive - Part 1 of 2

I was trained by call girls to lead a life submissive to women

In the early 1970s, as soon as I turned sixteen, I was encouraged by my classmates at school to make an appointment with a call girl to savour the delights of sex. Under no circumstances were my parents to be told. I rang the number provided, went directly to the address with my five-pound note and was received by a grinning maid who considered that I seemed underage and asked to see "the...Read On


Submissive Lover, part I

James finally test his control over his lover

James had been slowly grooming his latest lover to follow his every command. A powerful man by appearance James was tall, looming over a full foot taller than Sarah’s 5’3” frame. His face was angled, muscles rippled over his chest and arms giving him a “don’t fuck with me” body language. He was used to being in control and wanted his lover to enjoy being submissive. When he met Sarah she...Read On


Teenage Girl Loves to Fuck Older Men

My thirty-seven year old neighbor is my first lover and I end up fucking him and much older men.

There have been stories in the news recently about the importance of kids having stable homes with loving mothers and fathers. I was blessed with just such a home, except that my parents were both very busy with their careers and related social events with other adults, and had little time for me. I know that I was loved, but not enough for them to pay much attention to my personal life. ...Read On


Ode to Young Men

all youth is not callow.... ;-)

Young men freely speak their desires, their tenderness, their arousal. Unlike more “mature” men they have not that wariness of the expectations of women, that fear of committing themselves by momentary sentiments. They fearlessly walk out on the ice expect it to hold their weight. They hold out their hands and invite even more “mature” women, who are wary and...Read On


School Girl with two older men

A school girl has rough sex with two older men in a car.

I had just turned sixteen in the previous week and I was feeling slightly left out. It seemed like all my female friends had lost their virginity except me. They would all sit around during break and lunch times in high school discussing their sexual experiences whilst I sat quietly next to them and listened. They all expressed how good it felt, and often told me that I was missing out....Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 2

What the heck am I doing? Did I just agree to be submissive for the evening? Where did that come from? Okay, well actually I know, it came from the perfectly placed hands on my body and the nervous tension coursing through me. “Did you like that?” I open my mouth to answer but I can’t. I can’t say anything. It’s happening again, my head is dropping and I’m starting to roll my shoulders...Read On


Rough Men on the High Seas

Jack planned to share his vacation with his wife her girlfriend, then he meet two huge roughnecks.

Jack, his wife Mary, and her girlfriend Riya were all looking forward to this vacation time together. Time away from the stress of work was getting to be a rare commodity and Mary planned a special trip for the threesome. Mary had scheduled a trip on a small motor yacht cruise through the Indonesian archipelago; she thought it would be the perfect setting to share her husband with Riya. ...Read On


Wonderful Joys of Threesomes

How much passion can you get with two men and one woman?

Tiffany Harris entered the lantern lit house as it was Halloween and everyone was in Halloween costumes. She wore a tight skinned black dress that clung to her slim figure. "Hello, anyone here?" She asked, walking into the lit sitting room. Tiffany thought it was very strange that no one was there as it was Halloween. Suddenly, a black gloved hand covered her mouth and she was...Read On


The Arranger

I knew then that I wanted the strangeness of other men, their different bodies, voices, even colours

I placed the ad in an “affairs website”, feeling bored, uneasy, and unsatisfied at home. My husband tried his earnest best to satisfy me, and it was not unusual for me to come twice, three times, even more when he went down on me. He was a considerate lover, but I felt there was something missing. Looking back, it was a sense of adventure, even danger. I wanted something other than...Read On


Musings From a Submissive

Who you are is nothing short of wonderful  You let me be my independent self We wrote each other for hours  Yet still I remained ambivalent  Then I heard your voice:  Confident, nonchalant, humorous  A smile danced across my face as I listened to your every word And as we talked it became quite clear,  I would be yours, and only yours Even when you command, By no means harsh...Read On


Making Of a Slut

Submissive slut pleases her man

I love for my woman to be a slut while in the bedroom or if we are in a sexual situation. I’m into fucking, not making love. I have found some women love to be a whore in the bedroom and treated as such, no matter what their true lifestyle (in fact many of them are the farthest thing from being a true slut in their life). These are the women that I’m attracted to sexually and enjoy being...Read On


Threesome: Me and Two Hot Men

I'm Tessa. I'm 19 years old. I have long legs, long blond hair and size B titties. "Hey, I'm bringing a friend tonight, just so you know," Jack said into the phone.  "Yeah that's fine. Does your friend know that it's just going to be me and you?" I asked.  "Yeah, he's cool with whatever. I can't wait to see you. I know tonight will be amazing," Jack said. I hung up. three hours later,...Read On


Batting clean-up

On-call pussy licker gets a mouthful

**My first attempt at writing a story, thoughts/comments are very welcome and appreciated** You just just had sex. It could be your husband, boyfriend, one night doesn't matter. He fucks you and cums in you but you don't get off. He pulls out, and has to go somewhere and do something, so he puts his clothes on and leaves you, his hot thick cum starts to come oozing out of your...Read On


Ms Marca / Mother and I Part 3

Marca do you think I'm too small to make a woman have a good orgasm, I mean a real woman like you?

  Ms Marca / Mother and I   Part 3   I was surprised that we were already out of the marina and heading into the ocean. When I got up top side, Eric immediately stopped talking to Thomas, walked over to me and gave me a long, wet kiss.   Squeezing my ass and then gently pulling the back of my thong up my ass. I could see both the Captain, who was up...Read On


High society

She's a beautiful, willing submissive

Time frame is winter, late 70's I was sitting on the bed, watching Libby in the bathroom, leaning over the sink, applying the last of her makeup. Not than she needed makeup. She was a truly stunning redhead, with large, copper ringlets falling to the middle of her perfect ass. Still. the dark eye makeup brought out the gold flecks in her emerald green eyes, and the glossy, red...Read On


Active Duty in the Airport Hotel

I sucked two men's cocks in an airport hotel when I was in the Navy.

This is a true story of an experience I had when I was 20 years old and in the Navy, traveling to my active duty station in Norfolk, VA.   It was 1970, and after completing basic training, I had visited my parents in Portland, OR before traveling to my active duty assignment.   There weren’t as many flights available back then as there are today, so I had to stay overnight at Chicago’s...Read On



A Mistress talks her submissive to orgasm

Sometimes words can be more arousing than deeds but not always. She is tall and not always happy about it. Many tall women wish they were shorter just as shorter girls wish they had a few extra inches. Few people are entirely happy with their bodies. But to the submissive, lying on the bed, the tall, beautifully dressed woman was a dream fulfilled. Not that at this particular moment...Read On


How My Wife Was Turned Into a Sex Crazed Milf

How my wife goes through menopause and is turned into a sex crazed milf with two young men.

It had been two years ago when my wife began to go through that ultimate change that most men hate. She had hit that dreaded fifty and the changes of menopause had become quite apparent. I certainly wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen as I watched our sex life dwindle down to almost nothing. It started off slowly as I began to notice small subtle changes in the bedroom, but as...Read On


Beautiful Submission

A submissive woman does anything to please her master.

Beautiful Submission By Murry Davis You wonder what plans your Master made for you tonight. You know that you will do whatever he commands you to do. Since becoming his willing slave, you have never disobeyed him. Tonight would be no different. You walk into the bathroom to prepare. You know your Master will want you clean and fresh. You slip out of your silk gown and let it...Read On


Heaven for Men

Jayna offers a Masseuse and Personal service to men from her own home.

I suddenly got a hunch for hiring a personal service from a female masseuse one day. I had not been to or invited one to my house for quite a long time. Obviously we all know they don't come cheap but I just received my annual bonus from work so i thought I would treat myself. I looked at the personal service adverts in my local newspaper and a few other magazines. Most of them all...Read On


Leslie's Submissive Lesson Part 2

Leslie's Submissive Training

Leslie’s Submission Training Part 2 by Woffen     Chapter 3: My Next Lesson   Joe and I retuned home. It had been a wild night. I had never felt so sexy in all my life. Joe was quiet but I could feel his dominate presence. I knew I dare not speak. I leaned against him all the way home with cum oozing out of my well fucked...Read On