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I am not 'available' in anyway whatsoever, thank ya kindly

I have been on Lush for a long time and made many friends. I enjoy the banter in the forums most and that is usually where I am found :)

I have a perfectly wonderful relationship with someone I will claw your eyes out over :) Its true! Ask the ones before...or just ask IanCraves!

I do not want get anyone off or a play partner, thank you though. I love protection, respect, care, love and leadership, in that I am not a whore, I am His whore.

~*~*~ How IanCraves did the Impossible ~*~*~

Write to her about her
Write to her about you and her
About what you offer that she wants
Ask her what she wants
Ask her what she likes
Show her you've read her stuff here
Show interest
Ask her about life
Take your time yet show passion and interest
Respond if she does without a "shit sorry, I was busy"
Tell her if you're disappearing for a few hours in the middle of talk
Ask her how she likes to feel special
Lay your jacket over her shoulders metaphorically if she's cold, lay your cape over puddle
If she's interested, be the fire to her oil, ignite her
Discuss life with her vs telling her
Don't ignore what she asks as if she hasn't said anything
Hold her if she's struggling and respond with a statement. Re open with a question
Be flamboyant and witty, don't be a wet blanket.
Listen to what she doesn't say
Be real in your desires and intent
Pursue her with passion, take her down, hunt her, make her feel wanted and desirable yet with respect.

I can be cynical and cautious but He proved me wrong and gives me Real, In Living Color...I get to touch Him...panty puddin everyday! x0x0x0x

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
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28 Mar 2017 14:05
Do NOT send me a friend request without a proper introduction...we are not cave people!

I also have a low tolerance level for disrespect, lying, idiocy and ineptitude ... be warned. Class may sound like it has ass in it yet it doesn't, so stop trying to tap mine and talk to me.
Favorite Books:
Here are just some totally RANDOM things about me:

I hate snow
My favorite book is To Kill A Mocking Bird
I wear flip flops year round
My hobbies are gardening and painting
Sex is good...a good thing
Im not a big fan of sweets
I love surprises
I am good under pressure
The ocean is my therapy
I need to feel wanted
I prefer to not have cum on my face
I am loyal
My children are my biggest fans
Im over qualified
I know the difference between a clip and a magazine
Panties are my obsession, I have over 200 lovely pretties
People say I sing well
Favorite Movies:
A Bit Of BDSM 101 that Ive wanted to share (Q & A over 3 yrs I think)

People into BDSM are mentally damaged
- Actually we are shown to score slightly better than vanilla folks all in. It isn't a pathology either and we haven't all had awful childhoods.

We are better at communicating
- we are human, therefore we communicate with the same hang ups as in every day life. Some things we have to negotiate, define, strategise and discuss. These do not mean we communicate better.

The dominant is in charge/
The submissive is in charge
- It is pretty mutual guys. Things are discussed and adapted and BOTH have the right to call halt at ANY time an this should be without issue

BDSM is always sexual/
BDSM is not sexual
- up to you...I personally love a good mind fuck

Submissives have low self esteem
- Well some do some of the time and we all have at some point maybe, and so have Dominants.

You have to do what the Dominant says
-No you don't, see it is always a choice

A Dominant doesn't do chores
- Again, a negotiation surely, it is about the relationship? Depends on life circumstances and situations.

BDSM participants are at it like rabbits
- human again, plus relationships are just that, people. We often reach the end of the honeymoon phase and the things we loved about that person annoy us! We end up having less sex...hills and valleys :)

BDSM is relatively new
- Paleolithic times have images of BDSM, it ain't new. No idea we have is new or original sorry....well the remote control egg maybe!


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pumping gas!

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cant say that this place has ever got under my skin to that point

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I am crossing my fingers Ian doesn't shave those sexy as hell whiskers!!!

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Eviction effective TODAY!


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I am anxious for tomorrow!!!!

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....sign this power of attorney 😎

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dead beat dads

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Not jumping to sell my DNA... no

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The amount of tequila I've had....

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