Cunnilingus Express

two strangers get to know eachother on a train...

  After a long night out partying I decided to ditch my friends and catch the train home.   While waiting at the station I spotted a cute guy checking me out a bit further down the platform, and smiled at him.   Before I could see his reaction I turned around to see the train coming around the bend. I stole another look at the guy before I boarded the train but unfortunately he...Read On

Group Sex(1)


The pool of sexual desires

what to do when your boyfriend falls for your best friend.

  It was one of those hot summer nights... my best friend Tanya, my boyfriend Andrew and I were enjoying a few drinks in the pool.  A week earlier I'd intercepted a raft of steamy text messages between the two, so I knew they were keen on each other. As dusk set in, I saw Tanya's hand reach out under the water and she very gently rubbed his cock. Andrew responded by snaking his...Read On



A suprising menage a trois

2 friends have some unexpected fun

My best friend Chris and I would get drunk every now and then and most times we ended up fooling around with each other.   This one time we were at his parents place and we started getting a bit frisky just after his parents had gone to bed for the night.   We made our way upstairs to his bedroom and I thought I’d try something different. So I stripped him off and handcuffed him to...Read On