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Topic Agree/disagree
Posted 07 Apr 2012 15:04

Totally agree love with the right person is the ultimate feeling

Being honest and open about everything in a relationship is best?

Topic Best place to hide porn
Posted 06 Dec 2011 17:14

Get a computer and hide it on a hidden partition of the hard drive that only you know the password to, there aren't many family members who can access hidden files unless they are trained in computer security or digital forensics.

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 06 Dec 2011 17:05

just under a year my wife has been working away for her job in a foreign country and i have to say it has been the hardest thing ever since losing my virginity

Topic why do girls have to shave their pussys for guys!!! ?
Posted 06 Dec 2011 17:02

I Shave My Pussy For ME!! It Just Easier Than Having To Trim It And Keep It Neat. I Dont Have That Much Hair To Start With So I Just Shave iI Bare Every Few Days In Shower.

And No One Seems To Ever Complain Either.

I don't believe that girls have to shave for the guys i agree with what Nikki703 said she does it for herself not for anyone else

Topic Which do men prefer? panties or au natural?
Posted 06 Dec 2011 16:54

I personally would have to say panties it just they wait they curve to suit the womens body and when, its the last thing they remove it is so darn exciting